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  • Was gonna say that, they are a bit harsh but they are needed.

  • Did you remove the tweeters or cover them with foam?

  • Quote from tengugurl: “So I just got the multimeter out and checked the output side of the board (that goes to the monitor) and I got a zero, aka nothing coming out. Going to check the input ” I forget if the psu had an onboard fuse, if it does check that also.

  • Quote from Segasonicfan: “Great! Almost ready... ” Would be happy to test one of these

  • Quote from RandomRetro: “@Derick2k do you print them yourself or have a good source for label printing? ” Both, I usually test print at home with an LX900, but for the pro stuff I send it out. Specially stuff like the domed badges, or high quality labels with UV protection, die cut etc... A home setup for that would cost too much.

  • nah, should be fine, I will test them out, thanks. These will go great with some carts I have been meaning to get done.

  • If your LCD is definitely broken and cannot be repaired, I can sell you one of the ones I replaced from my cabs. Or you can wait a bit as there is a mounting bracket in the works to install a replacement LG monitor.

  • Quote from ack: “Looks like you can test it without having to jump the jumper. If you follow those 2 via on the backside, they go to 2 pins on the JP7 edge connector on the right side of the board. ” Thats right, video/audio/power/controls are all routed to JP7, I think they were planning to link up systems, etc..

  • You should have a 3rd PSU back there, mine is missing since I have the upgraded 1080p screens…118984175ab89f59ae0267c8d…118984175ab89f59ae0267c8d If you remove the back/bottom cover you should have easy access to test with a multimeter if you have power going in/out, at the proper voltages, if so, then your power supply should be good and there is an issue with your lcd. LIke adgenet says, most often than not, back lights/inverter are…

  • Quote from SmokeMonster: “Thanks!! I updated that post last night with a PSD that is the exact size, and a new PNG. Definitely print either of those and not the first one I posted. ” Thanks, did you leave enough extra for bleed over?

  • Can you guys chec the following? The instruction manual says you can output stereo through the jamma edge. on my board you have to enable the following jumper.…118984175ab89f59ae0267c8d Heres the manuals pinout for the jamma edge, so pin 9 should be the right right channel.…118984175ab89f59ae0267c8d I already decapped my MB, so cant test, anyone care to try? Im not 100% sure if the games themselves output stereo sound though.

  • Quote from SmokeMonster: “Quote from Derick2k: “Gonna get these professionally printed/cut, thanks brother. ” Could you print me off a spare set? ” sure can, ill let you know once I have them.

  • Do you have the original LCD in the cab or a replacement? Are you talking about the JVS PSU on the left front side of the cab? Or the one at the very rear right hand side? The monitor not turning on could be alot of things. Its own PSU, could be the inverted board, back light, etc... The first thing to check is if the PSU (if original lcd) at the very back right hand side of the cab is getting power and if is is it outputting power and go from there. Im not sure about the psu for the lcd, needin…

  • Gonna get these professionally printed/cut, thanks brother.

  • Quote from ekorz: “@xtrasmiley I moved all dips to On to get into test mode. Then I reset the defaults, I think it was the first option. Works now ” Dip settings for those that need it……118984175ab89f59ae0267c8d If anyone has the complete manual can they please scan and upload it, thank you.

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “Should be possible. Wanna be the guinea pig? ” Sure boss, I'll give it a go

  • Quote from ack: “Quote from Derick2k: “Some pics of Brizzo's multi cart. ” Can I use those 2 pics on the crystal system section of my site? ” Of course


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    Quote from brentradio: “Quote from JoeAwesome: “Quote from Derick2k: “That Royale with Cheese!!!!! ” What do they call a Whopper? ” Damn it! Beat me to it! I don't know, I didn't go to Burger King. ” I thought Burger King was a massive fail in France??? I havent been back there in ages so dont remember what it was, Le' Whopper

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “Quote from Derick2k: “Frank you think you can adapt the selector for use with the Crystal System multi by Brizzo?? ” I see a 4 way dipswitch but no separate header to access it. So it could be done but you'd need to de-solder the current dipswitch and solder on the selector PCB or alternatively solder some wires to the underside of the dipswitch and run a harness to an OLED selector device. ” Tagged you on the Brezzasoft thread not clogged up this one.

  • @Frank_fjs Some pics of Brizzo's multi cart. Maybe you can adapt your oled selector board to have pogo pins/etc.. to go over the switch pins solder spots? The switch is nice quality/feels solid so if we can leave it in place that would be nice, and would make for an easier install of the selector.……118984175ab89f59ae0267c8d I take it you need 5v/gnd/reset lines, so heres a couple of locations I found that shoul…