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  • @mypinballs I just had a quick look and audio CPU ROMs are twice as big (256KB vs 128KB) and are interleaved. What you show us (IC2/IC3 in 27C160 devices) are sample ROMs. If code halts then problem is more likely with IC10/IC23 and possibly the highest address line is missing. [EDIT] Ok it seems you already did the A17 mod. Were pins 30 tied to Vcc before the mod? Are other address lines going directly to the 68000 without any buffers in between? Oh, and since Cup Finals uses 128KB ROMs (1Mbit)…

  • KiCad really has a poor library. I have what you need:…2e2f2dd48797cc42bcb0b5cf9

  • Quote from bytestorm: “Is it not booting with the memorytest roms? ” Never tried those ROMs (and I repair OutRun boards every week), are they supposed to boot even with all work RAMs dead? RAM is only one cause for problems amongst many others. Quote from bytestorm: “It's a powerhungry board.. does the diodes turn on showing you actually have powered the board? ” Definitely power hungry, my 15A PSU is at its limit! Like all Sega boards from that era, the diode is simply tied to Vcc through a res…

  • clean a yoke

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    Your yoke looks pretty clean. What glue are you talking about?


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    Quote from penrhos: “FFS : When McDonalds said they were closing there were queues down the street for the drive-thru just so they could get a last Big Mac. ” I heard the same thing happened in France. Mankind is doomed!!!!!


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    Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “Survival of the fittest including brains too. Natural population correction incoming.... ” As long as they don't take others with them in their fall... Quote from psykom1: “The "OK Boomer" generation is having a field day... until they get it too and there is nobody to wipe their asses or pay their bills.How soon everybody will come crying, and the swift finger-pointing takes place. Saw the irony in the "spring breaker" regret article posted recently.…

  • Too bad it ended up being a custom chip...

  • Quote from euphoria: “hi : Are you still taking orders or was it a closed run? regards euphoria ” I backed out so maybe you can have my unit. Unless there's been more demand than initially planned and someone already took it.

  • Hi, There's no battery but a supercap instead. It may be faulty. Some replace it with one of higher capacity (1F) for longer holding time.

  • Quote from Darksoft: “That's a killer. I write everything like if it was a novel, so I can take it over again after some time... ” Maybe that's the main difference between you, the pro, and us, hobbyists. At least for me, I'm terrible at taking notes, etc. And on top of that I have a bad memory... Sometimes I start redoing something only to realise I already completed it months/years ago. It always makes my day.

  • Quote from Hammy: “And for those who think making a multikit from nothing is easy, or enjoy the hammy outtakes / comedy: all i can say is it's very frustrating! ” As someone said about my multis (no offense taken, cause that statement was true): "It's like automatic romswap". Yes but along the way you need to: 1 ) understand the hardware (how many banks/busses, etc) 2 ) pinout the connectors 3 ) decrypt/patch games 4 ) concatenate data 5 ) reproduce/RE PALs (S16), security chips (S24) and someti…

  • Short version: SOLVED Not so long version: - I trashed that MP board - I finally ended up reproducing the 315-5330 custom chip for a friend (with a handful of TTL chips)

  • Quote from MetalliC: “lolwat ? Haze is not a member of Dumping Union, and if I not mistaken - never idea how he was able to talking there... ” You're probably right, but other members keep reporting what he says there… If you're a member of DU you know what I mean. But enough drama, as DS said, back to topic.

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “I'm sure @Apocalypse didn't mean that comment seriously, he is a very nice guy, and very talented, as is Haze. Maybe there is some behind the scene rivalry, but trust me, they have both contributed TONs to arcade preservation, and I respect them both. ” He's been talking a lot of shit in the dumping union group. He might be talented it's not a reason to be so full of yourself and act like an asshole. I'm astonished he had never got this dump in his hands, it's been floati…

  • Quote from Wall-Garants: “Where do I see the speed? in the programmer you don't have many configuration options. ” It's part of the reference printed on the chip.

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Looks like this guy may have found a TF AC prototype.…=66235&p=1403313#p1403313 ” Quote from Hammy: “I think it's this, but can't seem to get it running in mame right now and need to get a couple hours sleep! ” Had a quick look it's a match with the old dump I already have except the IC4 ROM was also included but never used (and is matching the known version). Quote from GMEGBLN: “Hey, I'm the guy who dumped the TF AC "thing". I genuinely do…

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “what's involved with the conversion from MD to C-2? I have visions of a "sub-board that's just a MD cart slot" so many great options. ” No it's not as simple as that, you need to read inputs differently and more importantly deal with the Z80 for sound (on MD the one and unique ROM contains also the Z80 code which is loaded in sound CPU RAM, on C2 the 68000 running faster doesn't need "help" from the Z80).

  • Quote from Darksoft: “Still, probably involved a lot of work....Any other game that could be easily ported to the C2? ” Any MD game up to 2MB. You could go higher in size by hardware modding your C/C2 board.

  • Quote from Wall-Garants: “I use a top3000 to record the eproms, this programmer records most of the cps2 eproms minus the Sony, when I use an eprom in the HSF2 and SSF2x 01 file other than the 27c010 12.75 the sound is faulty, in all that I converted happened that. ” Have you checked the chips speed?

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Looks like this guy may have found a TF AC prototype.…=66235&p=1403313#p1403313 ” Quote from Hammy: “It's either a proto or a hack of the megadrive version. It IS already dumped, but everyone assumed it was a patched set before looking at it. I did run it years ago when dumped and it seems like just a standard port of the MD version to arcade hardware. ” It's simply a port on C2 of the MD version done by a French few years ago.