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Best wheel solution for initial d with helper pcb?

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Arcana Heart Full! Is there anyway to get Stereo Audio from this board?

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Can Teknoparrot compatible game dumps be made to run on a Real RingEdge system?

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Lindbergh Multi remove black border on top of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown?

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How would I setup a hard drive for use in a Lindbergh Yellow system?

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PS3 CECHE01 Shuts down with red blinking light

5 1,206


Is Soul Calibur II the only game that uses PS2 memory cards? Does anyone know anything about the format? Can one be cloned?

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Namco System 256 worked once and then mysteriously stopped working (no startup beeps), Help if possible

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Anyone know any way to get a Twin Stick controller working on Playstation 2 without modding it?

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Shin OmegaZOR Prime

Neo Geo Hyper 64 Fatal Fury Wild Ambition no video problem, please help?

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Need help with Nascar Racing (Hikaru) No Video

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Arcade Light Gun Games on a TV? (not mame) How is this possible? Does anyone know?

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Is it possible to Un-Multikit a Lindbergh Multikit/Multigame system?

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What kind of wires/ I/O boards are needed to run System 246 Racing Games?

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Hello, Gamemaster14 here.

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