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  • Bump up old topics, Niko, I cannot create a full image - dd show a read/write error... Tried to copy each partition separately, but second(sdb2) always show this read/write error (only 2.4 GB is copied). Now there are only files copied from hdd (two partitions):!s18BwQyJ!cr46YxwXdUB…t4tmxB7wOej8gJn4-qNYkMRrA

  • Quote from Niko: “Hmm can you make an image of your drive? You might just need to clear the cache off the D:\ partition. But sometimes game specific data is stored there so lets have a look at it before you start removing stuff. ” So it's a systemic problem after all? Why is the cache full and why can it affect the work? I have copied folders and files from my hard drive - TypeXsys, Program files, Windows, encrypted game files, etc. If need a disk image - I can do.

  • Can I run games from my hard drive in the emulator to change my game settings?

  • Hi, I'm new, we have a Taito Type X2 "Real Puncher 2" gaming machine, and have strange problem: "start" and "select" buttons do not work in the Continue and in the Test mode(settings). If run a new game then everything works.. Buttons start working only when a new game is played! If you go in and out of the Test mode, then start a new game - buttons work (only in game, not in menu). If you skip the Continue and start a new game again - buttons work. If during the Continue of "Insert coin" then a…