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  • Hi guys. You are incredible... Love this work. Please put me down for 2 when they are available.

  • Great. Thanks for the info guys

  • Great work... Does this works in a Vewlix C too?

  • i have two of the first released selectors Those could be fixed or i need the newer versions ?

  • Quote from nem: “Quote from glstar: “I also have some here, but better for you if you find some there in US ” He's in Denmark. ” So it's easier for some EU user sell him one if he needs. Quote from twistedsymphony: “correct. you cannot use a model 2 filter board on a model 3 main board. you must use a model 3 filter board ” Yes. But it's not really a big problem.

  • Quote from perjmolsen: “HI I need your help I have a Sega model 2A filter board, that I want to convert to a Sega model 3 filter board, so that I can use it as a test rig to hopefully find my video fault one one of my model3 video boards. As I can understand I need to change one of the three 5v inputs to a 3.3v input. But there is three 5v connectors at the 2A filterboard CN1, CN3 and CN12 witch one of this do i need to change to 3.3V? ” I don't think you can convert Model2 filter boards for Mod…

  • One multi for me too.

  • hi mitsu I just noted that you only added me to the list for one board but i asked two, so please add another one for me.

  • Quote from Solodus: “I recently picked up a Virtua fighter cab. I replaced the power supply and was able to get it to boot. The issue I'm having, is that the character models aren't showing up. Everything else shows up (backgrounds, menus,HUD) just no character models. Anyone have an idea what could be going on? ” Video or Cpu board….

  • Quote from jassin000: “Quote from glstar: “I didn't know that Taito Jvs had problems with some games ” I don't know the reason behind it, but the Taito IO reports less buttons than it actually supports. ” Like they do with Fast IO boards…….

  • Quote from jassin000: “Quote from glstar: “Seems to be better than the original Taito converter board too ” Better is subjective... Some might say it was better to have all official Taito parts inside a Taito cab.What is undeniable is the Sega JVS IO supports more games than Taito's JVS IO, we know of at least one on Naomi that should work but doesn't without patching (CvS2). ” Yes of course original parts are "Always" better, but i like his design more than the original cenverter pcb made by Ta…

  • Wonderful job. Seems to be better than the original Taito converter board too

  • TTX2 with Capcom JVS IO

    glstar - - Taito Type X


    Quote from BroadwayJose: “I currently have my TTX2 setup connected via Sega JVS IO. Works fine in my setup but I don't have access to button 6 through the Jamma edge and don't currently have a way to access the extra buttons via CN3 connector. Was hoping to use the Capcom IO instead but the system does not recognize this IO. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, since the same Capcom IO works perfectly with my Naomi. Is this style IO not supported for TTX2? ” Capcom IO works perfectly with the Tx2, but…

  • I tried it and works perfectly, using a single game per mame directory. Just want to ask a question, if someone knows why. In a few games i cannot have the coin to be recognized using the coin switch of the cabinet, but only using a physical button or the test button for example. Strange is that if i go into mame menu and go to where coin button is (key 5) if i try to remap using the coin switch of the cabinet, it recognize it as key 5 correctly, but then in game it won't work. I also check for …

  • Quote from West: “Cool @glstar. Glad to hear it's still in the works. ” It's in the works, also because i just received a wonderful forgotten worlds panel from alberto1225 and i want to have a good use for it

  • Quote from West: “Hey @glstar. Did you ever make any further progress on the conversion kit for regular Taito spinners that you posted at the beginning of this thread? It looked like you were making some solid progress a few months back. I'm all for the full reproduction that Derick is making, but for those of us that have Taito spinners in hand it would be easier and I'd imagine cheaper to go with the conversion you were developing and it looked like you were nearly there. ” Project was stuck s…

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “@glstar and @Derick2k I have a friend who is generous enough to lend some spinners for the cause as well, and they look like this. I think you guys are good now, but want to double check as there a few types of knobs out there and maybe you can use one of the original ones below for an exact match.………8648d98e021e15ff9a2e3c2f8 ” Those…

  • system 16b new XN1 card

    glstar - - Sega System 16/18/24/32


  • Cabinet is nearly finished. OjzrLYKh.jpg 72ODUe5h.jpg zI6uMj6h.jpg BjbzW0wh.jpg A little video of it running through the boards. I swap Fighting Vipers with Dead or Alive, since it's a better game. Stereo sound is working fine through the audio switcher. zI6uMj6h.jpg Neon has been replaced by Led. I just need to do recap on the monitor (a burn free MS8 26"). 85Vb8jCh.jpg Ipkq8Okh.jpg JnnilaUh.jpg CQ3z4L2h.jpg Very big project. Alot of times to do the cabling, build the wood …

  • Quote from biggestsonicfan: “I've recently acquired what turned out to be a Virtua Fighter cabinet (was sadly spray painted over and converted to a Dynamite Cop model2A cab) and I have some questions on restoring it in a similar nature to what you have done in this thread. 1. You have converted the VF cab to JAMMA, but how does JAMMA handle stereo sound? 2. How do you plan to manage all the components heating up now there is less circulation, or am I mistaken to think that's a worry. 3. The wiri…