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  • Drilling and adding screws is the best option. I would assemble it how you want, then hot glue the nuts in place from the inside to hold them in place!

  • My region free bios motherboard doesnt work with the Atomiswave files, but my normal bios motherboard does!

  • Maybe? He signed his messages on neo as Yu-Ting.

  • I purchased new drop in speakers from alberto1225 on the neo-geo forum. He probably still has some. They were $30 plus $12 shipping. You have to slightly modify the speaker box. There was picture instructions he provided too.

  • I have a blast city which uses a model 3 power supply. I think it's the same, just in a different case?? I have some infinikey boards and they work perfect! I had some PSU inconsistencies with the voltage causing games to reset randomly or not boot at all. I first cleaned ALL the connections with deoxit, which didn't seem to do much. Recapped it which helped a bunch, but still kind of had random voltage drops. Cleaned all the connection pins again, then after reconnecting, I decided to wiggle ea…

  • Quote from xlom: “My biggest issue with the elgato (and this may stim from the windows updates) is it doesn't seem to keep a stable 60fps (or 59.94 for that matter). Flickering effects that rely on stable 60 will usually either dispear for a frame or two, or become solid for a frame or two. My other big issue is since my CRT is mono, I like to listen to the game audio through the monitor option of OBS. audio will noticeably desync using this method in under 5 minutes. I've even tried disabling b…

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Are you getting audio from the stereo header? Because it will be garbled on the jamma edge if you enable stereo . ” Yes. Its a Blast City cabinet. Disconnected jamma audio, connected RCAs with a line output converter to the 4 pin on board stereo connector, switch test menu and on board switch both to stereo.

  • Sony ZN2 probz.

    ChicksOnLeashes - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Quote from twistedsymphony: “You are correct that NG = Not Good however just because a ROM is reporting as NG doesn't mean that the ROM itself is bad, the issue could be with any of the circuitry between the ROM and the main board. Obviously dumping and verifying the ROM is a good first step, but I think out of the dozens of PCBs I've had where a ROM reported bad in test mode, I think only twice was it ACTUALLY a bad ROM. given that multiple ROMs are reporting bad, and that there is a clear patt…

  • Hi! I came up on a couple dollars, so I acquired a Street Fighter EX2 Plus board from an ebay listing. The board was sold as "100% functional". The game seems to run fine, but if you preform a memory check, some roms appear as NG instead of OK. Does that mean "not good?" haha. the memory check freezes and I will have to restart the cabinet. Using a line output converter, I built a 4 pin connector to give it that sexy Q-sound, but setting the switch to stereo AND in the test menu causes the sound…

  • Quote from alexboogaloo: “Good to know there arent any problems using HDMI board like yours. Might switch to that in the future! Glad you were able to get the borders taken off! Did you do it following the way I said? When I stream, I use RCA game audio and a webcam that had a mic. If I have my phone or something playing In the background, i get a lot of feedback (that ringing mic noise) do you ever get that problem? ” The video output could be greatly increased by using better encoder. (is it c…

  • The mic setup is hilarious! I got the boarder thing fixed too! Thanks! Even if I had bought an arm thing for the mic, I don't know what I would attach it to. I didn't want to use a full wood arm so I opted to use the coat hanger wire because it can flex and move around if it ever gets bumped, not putting any stress on the top of the cabinet. I've put mini amps and fans in other cabinets before and have always attached everything to the power supply without any trouble. I really like these small …

  • My mic setup is pretty sketchy! Hahahaha. It's basically a xbox 360 Konami karaoke logitech mic that I found, hanging from an arm made of some wood, a push pin, and a coathanger, attached to the top of Mr. City by some skateboard hardware. Drilled a small hole into the wood then drilled a bigger hole half way down the smaller hole to get the hardware screw to work. It was the same threading as the original screw. Drilled an extra hole to put the original screw in the arm so I don't lose it! Dril…

  • CPS2 A board query

    ChicksOnLeashes - - Capcom's CPS2


    I think Undamned is eventually releasing a consolizing kit that lets you still use the A board in a cabinet too. If youre looking to consolize anything, Undamned also makes usb decoders that work like MAGIC. As for the unworking one, i would start checking with a multimeter if anything is getting any power. Ive been looking for extra A boards for a while now! ;^)

  • Cool! I made a setup almost exactly like this a while ago with a Jamma fingerboard and harness end, but was having trouble with getting sound from the harness for the longest time. First tried hooking up a separate amp, worked, but the volume was very high. Then tried a line out converter and maybe I just wasn't hooking it up correctly. Finally, I ended up making a RCA extension cable with a hacked in headphone jack similar to the ones you've shown. Really surprised it actually worked! The micro…

  • Oh, you can get the AV board separate! Thanks for the heads up! Question though... I stream from my cabinet. I built a jamma passthrough to steal the video signal from the cabinet to go to one of those CGA converter boards, then to a capture card/monitor/projector. Would installing the AV board let me have video output to my cabinet AND to an hdmi device at the same time!? <3<3<3

  • DIY UD-CPS2 Kit

    ChicksOnLeashes - - Temple of the Undamned


    I will take one too, please!

  • Just got my colors fine tuned! If Mukuro didnt make this thread, i probably would have put it off for longer, or never have redone it. Thanks! I think my problem from before was locating the R/B gains on a Blast City. They are next to the brightness pot and power switch inside of the control panel BEHIND the metal wall. Had to take the pcb off from the back, inside of the cabinet, to access these gain pots. Tried to upload a picture, but its too big i guess.

  • I had the same issue with missing red with no luck about a year or two ago. I remember following a guide with a recipe to reset the colors. Got the monitor looking reeeally good, but the dark red bars are still missing. Didnt really look into it much or ask after that, as i had a hard time explaining it. Just figure i would sacrifice a couple dark reds because I havent actually noticed it in game.