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  • Caveman ninja shouldn't be more than $150-175 tops. I bought one for $125 shipped on ebay, but the guy packed it like shit and it got dinged in the mail, took a hid to a side edge and destroyed a whole bunch of top/bottom traces in the process.

  • Quote from GC8TECH: “NOW that i no longer have a Job... I need to find some income for my family.... So i have decided to start selling some of my IGS PGM gear. AT cheap prices to raise funds i will need to live..... SO if ANYONE is looking for PGM gear.. just let me know. Tim. ” If you have a pimped out Rev14 MB and a KOV Vs Street Fighter cart, would love to buy them, let me know where to send you $$


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    Wow. Good luck to us all. Crisis creates opportunity. Im sure the wealthy will be making moves to gobble up the smaller guys in no time. Most small businesses cant survive more than a couple of months if that much. The layoffs, loss of income, loss of life, financial & psychological stress will have a trickle down effect into every facet of humanity in one way or another.

  • Im having SM labels printed, so will probably have a couple of spares. Hopefully they come out decent. Had to go with another vendor since Im only doing a very small order of 10 each.

  • NesicaXLive on Yahoo Auctions

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    I gotta check my drives

  • Quote from nem: “I like the slow loading! Reminds me of old videogames. Feeling warm and fuzzy all of a sudden. ” lol, looks like a an image being drawn on a a crt for a minute there

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “Quote from Derick2k: “Frank, let me get the 2 setups with the 8mhz crystals, if it bothers me it should be easy enough to replace the crystal and the caps? correct? I want the extra one to see if we can make it work with the brezzasoft multi cart ” At the time of ordering the initial PCBs I didn't accommodate the crystal and caps. So for these PCBs 8MHz is the only option. I've since redesigned the PCB with the crystal and caps. This gives you the option of leaving it unpo…

  • Frank, let me get the 2 setups with the 8mhz crystals, if it bothers me it should be easy enough to replace the crystal and the caps? correct? I want the extra one to see if we can make it work with the brezzasoft multi cart

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “$75 for the full complete kit. Consisting of the main OLED selector PCB, wired remote board PCB, wiring harness, 1 metre USB-C cable and IR remote. ” Looks awesome Frank, I will take 2x of these with the 16mhz crystal please.


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    Quote from beast1x5: “Im referring to my bosses being straight up Blithering idiots right now... Welp.. I've been documenting everything since the outbreak and the measures my division has been taking which is barely anything... If I legit die because of this covid-19 , my union and division are gonna get royally fucked ” Stay safe brother however you can. Our government/politicians are fucked up, they knew this was coming and yet did nothing to warn or prepare people. They should have shut down…

  • Quote from rtw: “They put right speaker on pin 9. While they state it is NC it's not really. Pin K/9 on JAMMA is the lockout coil, if you have one and enable the jumper I don't think it will be successful... ” I cant test it out, I decapped my mb already, waiting on replacements. I traced out he sicrcuits and the dac does have both traces for the L/R outputs going over to the amp. And the amp is not wired for mono output, so I think it does output in stereo, but again, is the games dont output s…

  • Was gonna say that, they are a bit harsh but they are needed.

  • Did you remove the tweeters or cover them with foam?

  • Quote from tengugurl: “So I just got the multimeter out and checked the output side of the board (that goes to the monitor) and I got a zero, aka nothing coming out. Going to check the input ” I forget if the psu had an onboard fuse, if it does check that also.

  • Quote from Segasonicfan: “Great! Almost ready... ” Would be happy to test one of these

  • Quote from RandomRetro: “@Derick2k do you print them yourself or have a good source for label printing? ” Both, I usually test print at home with an LX900, but for the pro stuff I send it out. Specially stuff like the domed badges, or high quality labels with UV protection, die cut etc... A home setup for that would cost too much.

  • nah, should be fine, I will test them out, thanks. These will go great with some carts I have been meaning to get done.

  • If your LCD is definitely broken and cannot be repaired, I can sell you one of the ones I replaced from my cabs. Or you can wait a bit as there is a mounting bracket in the works to install a replacement LG monitor.

  • Quote from ack: “Looks like you can test it without having to jump the jumper. If you follow those 2 via on the backside, they go to 2 pins on the JP7 edge connector on the right side of the board. ” Thats right, video/audio/power/controls are all routed to JP7, I think they were planning to link up systems, etc..