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  • did you buy this PCB in this condition, or was it working and then one day burned up the cap? caps don't just burn up like that, that's usually an indication that power was hooked up wrong to the PCB and the cap just happened to be the weak point and lots of other unseen damage could have been caused.

  • Quote from midwaydj: “I found schematics for Lethal Enforcers 2 but couldn’t find specifically for this board. ” you're in luck, they're the same board the only difference between them is the ROM board, which likely is fine since the only thing it has on it are the ROMs and I believe it checks those on boot.

  • Quote from jassin000: “Well thats the problem with Naomi... You need to have different JVS IOs to support the different types of games for it. I don't have a driving, analog or a shooting IO, so I don't stock any of these games on my SD card. ” I'm sure 90% of the people using Net DIMM setups only care about joystick compatible games. heck most of them probably only care about CAPCOM IO compatible games.

  • Quote from BladeZX: “What is the best spinner to get for it that will work with other arcade pcbs that require a spinner ” Get a 4-gear Taito Spinner. It's what the original Arkanoid cabs shipped with and IMO it's the quintessential arcade spinner. It's also the most common in terms of real arcade spinners as it's what Taito Used on all of their spinner games and they made the most of them. Prices range from $50 for one that needs to be rebuilt to $100 for a nice rebuilt one. You can find them N…

  • Lets talk Taito Type X3

    twistedsymphony - - Taito Type X


    Quote from kazuo: “Not an argument against the effort, but something to consider - X3's won't stay cheap once a multi exists for it. ” they'll definitely go up in price but thats only because they're mostly useless right now and the market is flooded with them. most of them wont run unless connected to a server (like the NxL stuff) and most of the stuff that can run alone requires highly specialized hardware (like GunSlinger Stratos). very high supply, and very low demand Honestly, I'd suspect X…

  • I was trying to troubleshoot a cart that was loading all glichy and when searching around for troubleshooting info I discovered that the unibios has a CRC check feature for the program ROMs... GREAT! So I installed it, only to find that it borrows from the installed game to run the test menu and CRC check screen, so it was completely worthless because those features were all glichy and not functioning properly when running the bad cart. it did a great job at verifying my fully working carts were…

  • MVS that use a socketed bios are typically a: 27c1024

  • yeah there's a lot of variation depending on the iron, the tip, the solder, the PCB, the type of chips, and even the user's skill. Generally I'll use 360C for a normal pencil tip on most jobs, I'll go a little warmer for a thinner tip and a little colder for a thicker tip. If you're a skilled solderer you might go warmer so you can work quickly and you can do so because you're not applying heat for any longer than it needs to. If you're less skilled you might want to go cooler because you'll oft…

  • Quote from digitron: “Tim, is there a sound amp on the PGM? Sound quality in my Astro is pretty bad (playing DDP conversion), replaced the speakers and I'm pondering if somehow wiring an amp inline would improve the sound any? ty ” Nearly all JAMMA boards have a built in sound amp, it's part of the JAMMA spec so the only games that don't have them are odd-balls. additional amplification would likely make it worse. With that said... it's a Cave game, most of the time the audio quality on their ga…

  • Lets talk Taito Type X3

    twistedsymphony - - Taito Type X


    There are quite a few different images of LOV4: * LORD OF VERMILION RE2-SATE * LORD OF VERMILION Re:3 MAIN * LORD OF VERMILION IV 20 PLAN * LORD OF VERMILION IV 45 PLAN * LORD OF VERMILION IV MAIN * LORD OF VERMILION IV SP PLAN I wonder if those missing files reside on a server instead of the terminal machine. I think I've posted it before but I've kept track of the different TTX hardware versions in a spreadsheet:…-_u4C_G0/edit?usp=sharing maybe I never came acros…

  • Lets talk Taito Type X3

    twistedsymphony - - Taito Type X


    I only have 1 X2 and it doesn't even have a Fast IO. They're easily the most expensive TTX platform, likely because of the multi. you can get X3s on YAJ for under $100 all day I've got 4 of them because I was able to buy them for $40 a piece and Buyee was offering free international shipping. I think starting the work porting the X2 multi to the X3 would be great to just give people options, particularly since most Vewlixes have Fast IOs and an X2 with a Fast IO is three to four times the price …

  • yes I have one of the protos also, Hammy's been doing a lot of work adjusting the design. So anyone that has a v1.3 will need to be cutting traces and installing patch wires. Not to mention it's a DIY assembly. So yeah, v1.3 is only for someone patient who isn't afraid of doing PCB modifications themselves. everyone else should wait for V2.5 I know I'm looking forward to that version myself

  • nice to know there's an option, but man that's a lot of fine pins to solder Any idea if there's a similar option for the 32Mbit V-ROMs? (since they need to work in 8-bit mode so 27c322s wont work)

  • likely couldn't replace the C-ROM on this anyway since it's 64Mbit... unless someone knows of any 64Mbit DIP-42 EPROM modules available?

  • why would you port 2 of the games that are already on the system?

  • happy to work on the 3d printed stand offs as I'd like to have that myself.

  • what's involved with the conversion from MD to C-2? I have visions of a "sub-board that's just a MD cart slot" so many great options.

  • Quote from Mrhide: “27c4096 I've got so I will try these. ” don't just "try" them. verify the pinout first given how these two line up you'd probably be safe attempting to use the wrong one, but on some other scenarios that could lead to burning up chips and/or traces. just take a multimeter and check if the Vcc and GND pins go to Vcc and GND. altnatively the Address and Data pins should all be routed together between the EPROMs with the OE and CE not routed together. JEDEC27c4096.png eprom_27C4…

  • Interesting... looking at the MAME driver:…rc/mame/drivers/snk68.cpp it seems that the version without the daughterboard is not dumped! we could probably make it though. it looks like that section are the "880" "gfx2" ROMs given the rom sizes on the daughterboard and the fact that those 4 16-bit ROM locations are 40 pin I'd guess that those are either 27c4096 or 27c400, there are two different pinouts there and you'll want to use a multimeter to determine which pin…