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  • Is it possible to use 27C800 instead of 27C801? not sure if they are the same. I've bought several times at very good prices from QIAOMAER seller, almost always 100% good, only one time 10% chips were bad.

  • Not tested this with F3, but I think this circuit between the PCB and the Supergun will solve that issue:…mes-that-wont-stay-still/

  • I'd avoid using super glue (cyanoacrylate) on a PCB since the fumes are very toxic and dangerous if you (or the future owner) uses the solder iron there to replace the capacitor.

  • I've read this is typically fixed using epoxy. I'd search for these keywords: lifted pad epoxy

  • MINI DIN 8 to SCART Adapter

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    The Mini Din 8 cable from Kray Cables arrived. It oozes quality in every detail and according to the manufacturer the pins are gold flashed, a process similar to plating with a lighter coating seem to be gold plated. The strain relief is very nice. I'm using it with a TDK ZCAT2035-0930 ferrite and it fits perfectly. This cable can be purchased directly on Kray Cables website in this link. The manufacturer has confirmed the cable is the same. cable-minidin8.jpg conectores-cable-minidin8.jpg

  • ISL59885 application circuit proposed in the datasheet uses a 100nF decoupling capacitor for AC-Coupled input. Check out pages 12 and 13 (PDF):

  • I bought mine from ic-now at eBay, it's the same seller. The stickers are great! opaque and metallic. pegatinas-eprom.jpg

  • For those wanting proper EPROM stickers:

  • I suppose they send a Payment request to the paypal address given. Thanks! I was afraid of getting the payment request directly to the email address at the forum.

  • How are the users on the list contacted for payment? PM in the forum, or just a payment request to the email address? I have an issue with Paypal so I'm preparing to pay when requested. Is it possible to pay with a debit card not associated with Paypal? anyway if Paypal is the only method I can ask the favor to a friend, so no problem.

  • MINI DIN 8 to SCART Adapter

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    Great bang for the buck, that's for sure. I'm happy with the purchase. It saves you from soldering those tiny and close MD8 pins... at least for me, it's nearly impossible to use heat-shrink tube for every pin, so I first solder +5V and GND to make sure they are properly isolated. Once soldered all the pins (one or two doesn't have heatshrink protection) I apply Araldite epoxy and a new heatshrink to all the cables.

  • Hello from Russia

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    Welcome to the Arcade Paradise!

  • Quote from biggestsonicfan: “I'm not terribly comfy soldering SMT/SMDs or very tiny resistors/caps. Would there be a completely through-hole option, or perhaps a headered version for prefabbed arduinos to fit on top of, or is that unlikely? ” I'd offer help but I live in other continent so it's not viable. Maybe you can use the DIP version and solder normal resistors from pin to pin instead of the tiny SMD? anyway I'd consider using some aid like a magnifying glass - if you don't have physical h…

  • MINI DIN 8 to SCART Adapter

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    Not sure if this should go into an independent thread, but here I go... I've just received the blue DAP Audio Minidin 8 to Minidin 8 cable. Although it looks and feels good for the price after some use I can notice a cheap feeling. There is continuity between the metallic case at both ends. While using it I can't notice any difference with my homemade cable using a TDK ferrite (ZCAT 2035-0930) and Tasker C246 cable. The connector is better, though, and that flat surface on the top is really conv…

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “May I enquire as to the point of it? I've experimented with a similar circuit and found that it didn't "fix" any of the main known troublesome boards and broke a few boards that otherwise worked fine. Is there a particular board it's a mandatory requirement for? ” The main advantage I see is obtaining always the same signal amplitude and being able to select 75Ω or TTL using a jumper. Apart from that it seems that the Schmitt trigger turns the signal into clean pulses.

  • The voltage divider is similar to the one used in AV-Driver: I'm doing my tests with the common values 470R and 75R, next time I'll use R1=470Ω and R2=87Ω since (470+50)‎Ω in parallel with 87‎Ω to get 75Ω impedance (1% resistors)

  • I still need to tests more boards, but it seems to work fine. Since it's only 4k I attach the file to the post:…53f50ec375dd47d26436c57c2

  • I've done some successful tests with a 74HC14 used as RGB explained; all the boards tested work fine Accoding to my notes and if I'm not wrong, since the output impedance of a voltage divider is the equivalent of both resistors in parallel and 74HC devices have a typical output impedance of 50Ω, using a voltage divider consisting in R1 = 470Ω and R2 = 87Ω (1% tolerance) you get a signal of ~400mV and ~75Ω impedance.

  • Although the code compiles without any issue using Minicore, the provided .hex is really handy. This way I can test the firmware without turning on my Windows machine. Maybe you could add this to the documentation? this is the command line to burn the hex from commandline using avrdude: Source Code (1 line) I've just tested the RMAF .hex with three HSS-0101 official saturn controllers using Atmega328p (both DIP and SMD) and it works fine. Good job! It's maybe psychological after reading "Digital…

  • Home Arcade System

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    Just read the awesome manual: