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  • Quote from AlxUnderBase: “Nice looking theard ! Head up for this . i'm sure Edward Randy can be converted . I feel it ! ” I had a look, memory map has a lot of differences, I also think a soft hack is possible but time consuming...

  • Quote from mypinballs: “I'm not sure if quoting the sound ids in the test is any use if its just a lookup table, as i guess they could be from any memory address?? Damn.. ” Could very well be. Maybe probe higher address lines while playing the sounds and try to identify a pattern. [EDIT] Can't you see in MAME where each sound points to?

  • 0x39 is the index of the sound being played but there's probably an equivalence table of pointers in ROMs. Above 0x39 you might be using higher part of ROMs, @Fluffy question also makes sense if the 0x39 sound is stored across lower and higher parts of the ROMs.

  • I have reproduced the Atari AVG custom chip (ref. 13179-001) used in the following games: - Black Widow - Gravitar - Major Havoc - Quantum - Space Duel - Star Wars Empire Strikes Back I know it's been done many times before in various forms, the novelty here is it's free (gerbers attached). I've used only THT parts, nothing to program, easy to source and socketable.…2cd4557306e743504757f16fb Only thing is I don't own any of those games to test it myself, so I'm loo…

  • Quote from bytestorm: “No display? The tests will blink the START (A21) lamp for every good RAM it finds, and blink the BRAKE (A22) lamp for every bad one. You can hook up LEDs with 330Ω series resistors to still have crude diagnostics. Please note that the digital in/out port also requires external power and ground hooked up in order to work. ” That's actually clever. But RAMs are only one part of the puzzle, and it's quick enough for me to rule them out not to bother burning diag ROMs.

  • I'm confused now... What was not the issue and what did you not fix?

  • Quote from ekorz: “ Game. Fixed. ” Hey, this is MY pattern sentence!

  • @ekorz I love reading your logs. It shows with some willingness to learn and put some effort you can achieve success. Want to learn Chinese? 2 attitudes: 1) Nah, too difficult for me, it's going to take me years. Result: in 5 years you'll still be sitting on your ass not speaking a word of Chinese. 2) Ok, I know it's difficult but let's start today. In 5 years you'll probably speak a decent level of Chinese!

  • Quote from modology: “On the bright side, whoever are waiting to buy their first house, this is going to be the good time if you can manage to secure your job in the long run, this is a time to buy as interest rate is so low right now. ” I've been studying real estate markets for a while now (~15 years). It's complicated to figure out if it's a good time to buy, real estate value isn't tied to interest rates, the real value is how much cost the piece of land then how much is construction cost. F…

  • @mypinballs I just had a quick look and audio CPU ROMs are twice as big (256KB vs 128KB) and are interleaved. What you show us (IC2/IC3 in 27C160 devices) are sample ROMs. If code halts then problem is more likely with IC10/IC23 and possibly the highest address line is missing. [EDIT] Ok it seems you already did the A17 mod. Were pins 30 tied to Vcc before the mod? Are other address lines going directly to the 68000 without any buffers in between? Oh, and since Cup Finals uses 128KB ROMs (1Mbit)…

  • KiCad really has a poor library. I have what you need:…2cd4557306e743504757f16fb

  • Quote from bytestorm: “Is it not booting with the memorytest roms? ” Never tried those ROMs (and I repair OutRun boards every week), are they supposed to boot even with all work RAMs dead? RAM is only one cause for problems amongst many others. Quote from bytestorm: “It's a powerhungry board.. does the diodes turn on showing you actually have powered the board? ” Definitely power hungry, my 15A PSU is at its limit! Like all Sega boards from that era, the diode is simply tied to Vcc through a res…

  • clean a yoke

    Apocalypse - - Monitor Help


    Your yoke looks pretty clean. What glue are you talking about?

  • Too bad it ended up being a custom chip...

  • Quote from euphoria: “hi : Are you still taking orders or was it a closed run? regards euphoria ” I backed out so maybe you can have my unit. Unless there's been more demand than initially planned and someone already took it.

  • Hi, There's no battery but a supercap instead. It may be faulty. Some replace it with one of higher capacity (1F) for longer holding time.

  • Quote from Darksoft: “That's a killer. I write everything like if it was a novel, so I can take it over again after some time... ” Maybe that's the main difference between you, the pro, and us, hobbyists. At least for me, I'm terrible at taking notes, etc. And on top of that I have a bad memory... Sometimes I start redoing something only to realise I already completed it months/years ago. It always makes my day.

  • Quote from Hammy: “And for those who think making a multikit from nothing is easy, or enjoy the hammy outtakes / comedy: all i can say is it's very frustrating! ” As someone said about my multis (no offense taken, cause that statement was true): "It's like automatic romswap". Yes but along the way you need to: 1 ) understand the hardware (how many banks/busses, etc) 2 ) pinout the connectors 3 ) decrypt/patch games 4 ) concatenate data 5 ) reproduce/RE PALs (S16), security chips (S24) and someti…

  • Short version: SOLVED Not so long version: - I trashed that MP board - I finally ended up reproducing the 315-5330 custom chip for a friend (with a handful of TTL chips)

  • Quote from MetalliC: “lolwat ? Haze is not a member of Dumping Union, and if I not mistaken - never idea how he was able to talking there... ” You're probably right, but other members keep reporting what he says there… If you're a member of DU you know what I mean. But enough drama, as DS said, back to topic.