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  • Ah right, I forgot to make it clear (for posterity!)... this was just a little joke repair log for April fools day. hope you all had fun!

  • it's worth listening to those chimes when you boot. 7 tells you the dongle is fine, 3 tells you it's not (and maybe you need to clean it, or it's damaged). Sometimes I can only count 6 though since the audio starts up so fast.

  • can you hear the 6 or 7 chimes when you boot up? Or only 3?

  • Your jumper is on 246+ mode currently. If you move it to cover the middle and left pins it’s 256

  • See, I’m not sure because video output and gun function are very coupled. If you change the resolution you may get it to display, but I’m fairly sure the guns work anymore. Maybe someone else has experience with this but I’d be trying to find a mid-res monitor for that. Or I’d buy a Saturn to play this... which I did

  • I don’t have one of these so I’ll be light on the details. Closest I’ve come is hooking up a Jurassic park to a blast city, which is arguably easier. 1. I doubt it needs the metal case, ground is ground. You may have to add grounding but that’s fine. 2. Your wiring is in the manual, last page - it identifies all the extra pcbs. 3. I don’t think that PVM accepts medium resolution 24khz, and that’s all the board puts out. You’ll need some downscaler and that’…

  • Quote from Darksoft: “I just banned katrina. Thanks for info. ” Ah, keeping her all for yourself, you rascal!

  • Well that burned interface board is clearly a problem but you could convert it back to Killer Instinct just to make sure the rest of the board is OK. Whatever blew that thing might have blown other stuff too. sadly I don’t think that chip’s code is dumped, so you may be stuck using it for KI1 or hunting down a replacement anyway.

  • @SmokeMonster the wiring schematic makes it look like the pcb has amplified stereo, not line level. Is that what you’ve found? I never owned the filter board or cab and can’t make sense of the actual “jamma” pinout for the audio (manual). But here’s the schematic, those pins wired right to the speakers (and there is an amp on the sub board) a25aSQE_d.jpg If that’s the case, and @Foreezy you’re putting speakers in your build, you could just wire stereo speakers direct and power them with the boar…

  • @SmokeMonster did you make a jst to rca adapter for this board, to show him? My guess is he’s using the supergun’s 1/8 inch headphone jack, which is getting sound from the jamma edge Edit nevermind your tweet is the first hit in google!…tatus/1081241928862175232 @Foreezy make one of these for stereo! Pinout is on page 61/62 of the manual here smokemonster modified his pcb to accept a particular connector, but you could just ta…

  • Also show me some audio wiring? I don’t recall that the jamma edge supports stereo on this pcb, it may only come directly from the audio sub board. I’ll double check on mine later though.

  • Just posting to say I wholeheartedly support this project and will get out my primal rage board sometime soon to see what troubleshooting I can come up with. In the meantime I’d recommend verifying every piece in the video and audio chain to make sure it’s the pcb. Also there is an audio setting in the test mode, have you adjusted that?

  • Quote from ShootTheCore: “Great repair! You're turning into a Psikyo expert!! ” Don’t miss the Psikyo pièce de résistance. Worth a good, slow close read... today especially.

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “I'm confused now... What was not the issue and what did you not fix? ” I know the feeling, I’m constantly confused!

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from ekorz: “Game. Fixed. ” Hey, this is MY pattern sentence! ” Your royalty check is in the mail!

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Nicely done. I'm going to follow your lead here on my Haunted Castle PCB. It's OK on the circles front, but the damn game is too hard and sort of sucks. I'll start with the caps then then move to the RAM... ” Honestly if the game is too hard I think just swapping out the CPU for a slower one helps a lot. Sort of makes it “dumber” you know? Might want to do that first.

  • Woah, is that dumped @SmokeMonster? Would be fun to make one for sure!

  • Lucky Moron PCB Repair Episode 3: Strikers 1945 II (or: Measure Once, Cut Anyway) Even though I know about The Glitch now (awesome stuff @Hatsune Mike!), I still suck at Dodonpachi and can't even 20cc it, so it was time to put that board away and load up to some good old-fashioned Psikyo shooter goodness. Drop me some P's! Upon plugging in my pcb though, I was greeted with a horror of horrors. An affront to the senses. A crippling, game-breaking error. This travesty should be obvious to even the…

  • Home Arcade System

    ekorz - - RGB's lab


    Quote from zwooky: “If you happen to have a spare retro-access cable I'd definitely be interested. Don't really wanna mess with the etim one. ” It’s an etim but I can assemble it if you want.

  • Home Arcade System

    ekorz - - RGB's lab


    @zwooky I probably have a spare, maybe retro-access maybe the etim one. I can take a look and figure out a price if you want