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  • "CPU on CPU Bd is different so not that easy. And CPU is not available for purchase." So no then. D'oh Well.

  • So I have 2 Model 1 board sets, I was curious if a conversion on one of them to Star Wars Arcade might be possible. Anyone ever try doing this? Did that board feature any special extra hardware Virtua Racing didn't have? "Your list has 21 eproms. I could provide that $225 US." I spoke with someone that offers EPROM burning services, I don't know enough about the technical side to know if this would be wasted money or not. Anyone have a Virtua Racing wheel lying around for cheap? I see them on eB…

  • I figured since there's a more completed version of the game floating around out there someone here might have the CHD by now. I once pursued an attempt to purchase the CHD but that didn't pan out. The MAME version doesn't have a title screen, the more completed version does. I might remember incorrectly on that.

  • Got bored and pulled a seattle pcb off the wall to fire up B.I.O. Freaks, I have the old MAME chd I'm currently sticking on a CF card. Anyone recently happen to come across the more complete chd version? Someone was ebaying what was described as a more finished version of the game a year or two ago (though I seem to recall some part of it looking kind of fugly, the control panel maybe) for 1,500 bucks. I dig the test location/prototype stuff but not THAT much, hah.

  • I figured it was a pin contact issue on the ex-board. Ordered a 2 inch long 40 pin male to female IDE cable. Plugged the card into the cable, cable into the board, game is firing up without issue every time now. It absolutely refused to work if the cart was plugged directly into the ex-board. On the issue of cooling I run it with the top off with a fan setting on a corner. Works pretty good. I meant to put a fan inside but never did.

  • Anyone with this board, have you found Daemon Bride to be somewhat maddening on being able to get it to start? Years ago I had the cart, something happened to it. Just recently got it again, I constantly have problems getting the game to start. If I pop in Arcana Heart 2 it fires right up every time. And if you have zero problems with Daemon Bride, what the hell. If it's a pin contact problem with the cart it seems odd I would have had two different carts with the same issue. Holy crap I got it …

  • Quote from brizzo: “@CoolFox had asked me in passing for help with the BIOS password, but I assumed it was just a curiosity thing. Tonight he explained without it the system is frustrating/pain in the ass to boot!! Decided this was worth while to try and solve. Have past experience reverse engineering AwardBIOS but it's probably been a decade, lol. Good news friends, I got lucky. The password is: onestar7 Enjoy ” After about 6 years of plugging in a USB keyboard and hitting F1 to get games to st…

  • Wargods CF and Boot Rom

    Halaga - - Midway Systems


    I would buy one.

  • Wargods CF and Boot Rom

    Halaga - - Midway Systems


    Got my System 2x6 card, all these wonderful custom boards and whatnot. And still no boot rom hack a la KI/KI2. Maybe if we started a money pot? Or if someone needs a War Gods pcb to try out while attempting to mod the code to boot a CF card, well, I have one just sitting here that I can't play thanks to a pile of dead proper laptop hard drives.

  • I'd like to hop on the list of people hoping to get one after the initial batch goes out, please.

  • I don't think anyone mentioned it but a certain someone in Europe who has an arcade mod bios page, he had Primal Rage II coming soon listed for years on the main page. I just checked and it's still listed as coming soon, hah. I bugged him about it a few times, he said he had it running but the sound/music was an issue so he gave up on it. I bought a modded G-NET board off him years ago.

  • After receiving the multi HD the seller kept telling me I needed to try a different JVS, but after 3 different ones I kind of gave up on it, hah. Made me wonder if a Namco I/O was necessary but after reading other posts I guess it shouldn't have been. I dl'd the multi from the link above and will give it a try sometime later.

  • Hah, well, then never mind. I picked up an ORC pcb for 100 bucks so that was the easiest method for me. Hell, if everything worked with the same FFB then I might track down a USA pcb just to have to stick in the World cab. I just assumed different hardware design would mean incompatibility issues. Nope.

  • Here's the guaranteed method I went with.…-100-WORKING/162899672862 Though that audio board is the FFB which you need for the swap (PLD chips different). Well, guaranteed for a World to Challenge. I assume the USA cab harness is identical since the hardware is. USA uses a different size/design FFB board than World/Challenge so that has to be swapped, I don't know if the wiring is the same (from US to World/Challenge).

  • Years ago I bought a Type X multi HD, I plugged it all in (always gave an audio '97 error, I guess that was normal?), it wouldn't work with my Capcom JVS, gave an error I can't remember. Tried it with my Sega JVS, then the I/O in my Planet Harriers cab, never worked, always gave the error. I read the threads, maybe I missed it but does Joerg's multi (I assume it was his, I bought it off one of the regulars in here) work with the JVS? It's a moot point now I as lost the hard drive somewhere in th…

  • Just do what I do and watch ebay for boot chips n PICs, I got quite a few games for cheap that way. Pic is random blurry example of the chips I've picked up off ebay over the years.

  • Wargods CF and Boot Rom

    Halaga - - Midway Systems


    Random offer, I have a War Gods PCB with a dead hard drive that's been hanging on a wall for a few years, if anyone with the skills and an EPROM burner really wants to practice hacking it to work with a CF card and trying it on a real PCB I can loan it to you to try. I'd just like to have an EPROM with the "any ide" in it, hah. I have no idea if a real board is required or it can all be tested out in MAME. Just offering.

  • Random thing, Challenge and World use the same force feedback board, I just swap the game PCBs out in my Cruis'n cab. I think USA uses a different PLD chip on the force feedback PCB.

  • I've been swapping games on the Seattle hardware for years, California Speed in my Hyperdrive cab, Vapor TRX, Mace, Carnevil, Blitz, all easily swappable. Only booger is there's like 4 different CPU speed variants out there if I remember correctly and trying to link two boards (for racing games) is a crapshoot if they don't match. I've never had a game not boot on any specific board and I have like 8 or so Seattle boards floating around the house so I imagine I have several CPU speed variants, h…