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  • @evilsim - can you try using the LCD selector and cable from the working kit on the non working kit or vice versa and post results?

  • Given your issue absolutely on the main larger PCB with the FPGA on it.

  • Can you load a decrypted game or nothing at all?

  • Factory PSU with regulator disabled ftw. - Don't need a bulky laptop PSU - It's an original tried and tested Sega design - You dont need to buy anything additional - If you sell it to someone who wants to run an optical drive it is easily reinstated

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from xodaraP: “And you have an encrypted 68k on that board you will need to replace too. ” There is no game using both Z80 and 68000 encryption.He only has to replace the 68000, the Z80 should be fine. ” Indeed except he asked about that Z80 being suitable which I assume means he either has a missing Z80 or he's mixing up the Z80 and i8751 That's why I mentioned both not installing the Z80 in the i8751 socket and 68k replacement

  • Quote from mR_CaESaR: “Where are you at? I'll give you a whole 12 if you want - it's just not quilton. I'll trade for a cps3 ” That's a bargain in the current economy

  • Multi kit isn't able to read from SD card. Look for bridges on the FPGA from when you soldered the key writing wires.

  • Taito F3 bad Color RAM

    xodaraP - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Palette RAM is Fujitsu MB8421 next to the priority mixer custom. Unlikely that this RAM has actually failed, look for bad/broken traces.

  • Quote from segasonic91: “It says CPS-III "included" or "attached" system. It says operation is confirmed but not exactly what operation they performed. That is a weird one! Could it be an all in one CPS-III? Sort of like a FamiTwin? ” Operation confirmed means it works as a DVD player and probably played a disc ok when they put it in

  • That's correct. The Sentinel had the switch for TTL/75R and uses a Genesis cable. But for the minigun people argued (jassin was one of them :P) that mini DIN 8 is what everyone uses, that's the standard etc so that was used instead. You have to protect people from themselves and someone would absolutely have blown up their equipment by running TTL sync through it. The external booster isn't a design flaw, it's a necessity.

  • Taito F3. Get your cart here

    xodaraP - - Taito F3


    Quote from Thchardcore: “Does anyone know the answer to my problem or know which RAM is the color RAM? ” Color (palette) RAM will usually be close to the JAMMA edge because it's part of the output stage. According to the MAME driver, the custom TC0650FDA is likely a priority mixer, and is right next to the palette RAM. My guess would be the colour RAM is the pair of MB8421s These are very unlikely to have failed unless someone has run way too much power through the board in which case that's not…

  • Quote from jassin000: “Quote from xodaraP: “Even though the connectors are BNC it's component not RGB lol ” Interestingly enough... My 14L5 PVM labeled its back panel "component in" but it would also accept RGBs-in on the same connector(s).But yea I think you are right about that device, it appears to ONLY be a player (not a recorder). ” My PVM has "RGB/YUV In" and a switch on the front to change input colour space. Also has a 16:9 switch in spite of being a 4:3 monitor that I assume squashes 16…

  • Yep that will be perfect, don't put it in the i8751 socket though And you have an encrypted 68k on that board you will need to replace too.

  • It's not a recorder and the connections are all outputs except sync. Even though the connectors are BNC it's component not RGB lol

  • IC16 is an SRAM and that error message is a common fault. From the testing I have been able to do, I've found it means the "main system" custom has or is failing. I have 2 S32 motherboards here with IC16 BAD, one has no sound and the other freezes randomly. The "main system" custom handles power and IO so it makes sense if it's failed that the errors will differ depending on the manner of failure.

  • I like it! The only question I have (not sure if this has been thought of or could be easily fixed on your design) Some of the 6B games (VSav is probably the best example) have issues when button 4 is connected via both the JAMMA edge (which is where D&D needs the button 4 connected for 1P/2P) and via the kick harness simultaneously. Is there a way for your board to determine based on the selected game whether to disable pin 4 on the JAMMA edge?

  • It may have been in the same cab, but there's no SCSI connection on it so it was never connected to a CPS3 system Pretty cool it has BNC ports on it. It's absolutely enormous.

  • It's perfect the way it is, provided you're running it through a PVM without terminated jacks. The colours when I bypass the 75R output resistors are absolutely beautiful. I have 75R terminated BNC to RCA connectors on my PVM and a consumer CRT. The sync is ever so slightly off. Couple of resistor changes (so I'm using it properly terminated) and sync will be happy and I'll use the correct pads and away I go. Through the component converter it's fantastic.

  • Quote from RGB: “Quote from Frank_fjs: “I think this PCB is incorrect regarding all (RGBS) output voltages, in regards to resistor values. I also believe it assumes a 5Vpp signal from the MVS PCB which isn't actually the case. ” Yeah, judging by the resistor values it assumes 5Vp-p on all signals. You could get away with incorrect values for colours, but the MVS' CSync amplitude is actually ~4Vp-p, so with a voltage divider consisting of 9K53 and 620R you end up with ~0.24Vp-p CSync - not enough…