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  • Broken CPS3 board?

    ThePhantomnaut - - Capcom's CPS-III


    Hey I recently got a CPS3 board but after some install and play tests, it just seemed to stop functioning. When booting up the system using a Superbios cart, I get a blank screen. The previous installs were with legit New Generation and 2nd Impact carts. I went back to trying to install those carts. Unfortunately, I got a mostly static garbage screen upon bootup, It even happens when there is no cart inserted (probably normal even if it was a working board). No transition to the CPS3 bios loadin…

  • Hey there!

    ThePhantomnaut - - Introduce Yourself!


    Hello! I created an account in 2018 but didn’t really make use of it until the beginning of this year. It’s mostly due to a friend of mine, who is also is a member here too, been getting stuff like the Minigun and a CPS2 set. He also snagged me a CPS3 setup to kick off my own arcade journey. Hope to learn the latest tech and snag a couple of em too!