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  • I usually just plug in a pcb and go to its test mode. That does mean you need to find the cab's test wiring and hook it up, or use a pcb with a test button on it, or jump the test to ground manually. But once I'm in test mode, yeah I just push the button and see what fires. You could tone each line with a multimeter (buy one anyway) but if they were grouped intelligently I'd expect you to be safe, as in no power/video/audio lines are being run into your control panel.

  • Kick Harness for HAS 3.2?

    ekorz - - Capcom's CPS2


    HAS uses a 6 pin JST-XH connector for the kicks. I’m pretty sure it’s been that way for all revisions. #26 here

  • @16bitgium those chips are for the jed files included in the first post. You do need to have them programmed. Other instructions may refer to them as GAL or PAL since on an original board it’s a PAL chip I think, and most people are used to using GAL16V8 chips as replacements. Nice find actually, I drive myself crazy sometimes trying to get a GAL to behave, as they are obsolete chips usually sourced from overseas. These are new and fast, and in stock (at mouser last time I checked). I bought lik…

  • When I saw connections to that pin I thought it was a factory error of some kind for sure. Like they expected it to ground or something. Anyway it sounds like we're saying we can rip off the Gunbird 2 components and just install the circuit the same as Strikers. I may just give that a try for fun since I have almost all the components needed already. Just have to decide to buy a YAC or see if I have one on a scrap board or something. Or just borrow one from a working Strikers for a little bit...

  • you should just get a vendor to burn the chip in that case.

  • Same chips, the program roms hold the region code. I’ve never swapped these specific ones myself, I’ve never had a reason to. Just to make sure, though, you need to make sure you are using appropriate replacements. what chips did you order? Are they the right voltage, 5v? Do they have the same pinout as the mask roms you’re going to pull, or are you going to have to make other modifications? I hope you have good flux and a steady hand! I’d certainly do ergheiz first, as a test run

  • If you’re gonna pull those, might as well dump them! I wonder what’s different on FTL3

  • There is only one revision for fighting layer that’s been dumped. FLT0/VER.A But the good news is you can change the Hit Color from green to red from the test mode Game Options sub-menu. In general, the main program roms decide the region, so you could identify which chips need changing by looking at the mame driver here. For example on Ergheiz you would change 2e and 2j

  • so exited! 2 for me... one set for the egret that I have, and one set for the egret I want to have someday

  • @xtrasmiley It was easy to hear the buzz in a cab and with a supergun, for me. @rewrite you can test if your audio sounds like crap too

  • Looking at that page4 diagram they look fine then, I think. It shows 2200pf for those caps (CSH, 222K) at 5v, and 360 ohms for the resistance, and 361 is installed. That matches what’s on the board. I’ll have to see where pins 15 and 16 go since they hit vias in my photos. They should have caps on them too. Weird that the ones I changed could have such a positive impact then! The op amp datasheet had a few curves driven with CL (thought that was input capacitor) at either 50pF or 100pF, which is…

  • I've been working with Psikyo boards a lot, and recently noticed the audio quality differed greatly between the two PS5-pcb-layout games, Gunbird 2 and Strikers 1945iii/1999. Gunbird 2 suffers from what seems like video interference. This issues has been mentioned before on AP and elsewhere, but I wanted to pull this into its own thread since I've made some progress to improve it. While recapping both boards I noticed the audio sections were populated differently, Strikers routing to a Yamaha YA…

  • Deathsmiles 2

    ekorz - - Taito Type X


    It's not supported but I'm pretty sure you can get it running. try turning off the "GameExit" feature before you launch it

  • ST-V Stereo Audio PCB

    ekorz - - Sega ST-V


    fine price for a usa buyer. Shipping just the components from digikey would cost me $9 in shipping alone!

  • Thanks for working on the FC compatibility! Can’t wait to get one!

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Guys, check out this new case. I don't know the seller, but the pictures look great.…=66491&p=1409053#p1409053 ” You mean this one: "The Arcade PCB Case" for Irem M72

  • Wow. Nice case! but I can’t imagine it fits the multi as-is. If you end up doing a design to accommodate (name plate, room for the multi pcb, either accommodating the game selector or leaving room for the dip switches) then like those above I’d be interested.

  • It’s a known bug? I can play this cart without issue. How do I reproduce it?