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  • Quote from djsheep: “I have never seen the blue label one... If you get a minute, it would be good to see some video of it, pretty nuts it has 40 characters! ” Setting a reminder in my phone this time - I'm off for a couple weeks starting on the 30th... Was supposed to go on a cruise but HELLO COVID... So I'll have plenty of time to poke at shit next week Edit: the link you posted though... I think it's that one? The character select screen there is definitely 8 wide by 5 high...

  • @djsheep Better late than never... I actually forgot I said I was going to do this sorry. But here's the labels for the two hacks I have.…cba074de4f75085572c49e0b5

  • Who is ZPaul2Fresh8?

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    Holy shit dude... I just learned about your projects, and honestly they jumped MK up to "Must Have" level boards for me. Just bought a UMK3 board and when it comes in I'll be tossing some scratch your way for some chips.

  • Quote from flo_oh_oh: “Hi Guys, Which rom pack should I install on the MicroDS without install the "4 wires adapter for Multi-CPS2 Key writing Cable" , Old decrypted ones ? Thanks ” Yes. If you don't use the key writing wires, you have to use the "Darksoft CPS2 OLD Decrypted" pack

  • I'm going to try burning my own chips for the first time this week for my System 16B multi... if that goes well I'll be open to helping people. Also worth adding to the list of places to check - their prices are IMO super-reasonable and they're easy to deal with, I've used them for a couple things so far.

  • Quote from brentradio: “Is there a list somewhere of what the 37 hacks are? ” If nothing else, you can see the files on the Archive.Org Link -- the file names are basically what the hacks do.

  • I've got a gscartsw... Pro vs this: automatic switching. Con vs this: Alllllll those other options that are on this. Got me considering upgrading...

  • Quote from ShootTheCore: “My System 16 Multi arrived today, so I’ll film a How to Install tutorial video this weekend.…cba074de4f75085572c49e0b5 ” That will be awesome. Mine came in today, but I'm unlikely to have time to burn the ROMs and get it installed before the middle of next week, so... That reminds me, I gotta go find the ROM utility...


  • 837-7968 pcb

    KalessinDB - - Sega System 16/18/24/32


    I'll have to check my Spidey and see if I've already got one, but I might be down for one assembled on a no-rush basis.

  • WOOOOOOO waking up to PM that I'm up is the best way to wake up that I've experienced in a very long time.

  • Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

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    Quote from xtrasmiley: “I'm going to put my BT up for trade, so I'll point whoever gets it to this thread! ”…cba074de4f75085572c49e0b5

  • Regarding Custom Game Cases and their NGPC... I've been following his shit for years (I had one of the test-fit NES ones). Backed his Virtual Boy cases on IndieGogo and got them in a few weeks ago, they're really nice (and I actually bought out his old stock of red DS cases that he had put foam into to fake out a VB one too) NGPC games will fit in his existing Game Boy cases.

  • See I assumed that one of the spacers might've needed to go between them since I figured they needed to be spaced apart to make room for the ribbon cable based on the cutout for it -- but seeing that picture, maybe I'm the one that did it wrong? This is why I posted, since even the simplest shit could be done wrong and I am living proof of that Yep, redid it your way, that's definitely the right way. Make it idiot proof, they build a better idiot!

  • Alright, as promised, here's some pics and a quick review. First, the pics: It's beautiful as always. Was a little annoying getting the backing off of the part where the label was engraved, but there's no helping that - I ended up putting it under the faucet and very lightly scrubbing with a sponge, that seemed to do the trick. My biggest (only) complaint:(Hidden Content) is that I am a moron and put it together wrong the first time. Ignore all this shit. @meybarra is a wiser…

  • Quick update: Got mine yesterday but didn't get around to installing it, and I'm stuck at work till midnight tonight so it's not happening. But I'm off the next 2 days so I'll get it put together. Comes with 2 plates, which isn't necessarily 100% apparent from the pics -- a red under-plate and a clear top plate. Bunch of 3d printed mounting hardware, no instructions to put it together unlike the bottom plates, but it's easy enough to figure out (I took a quick glance at the pics to verify my gue…

  • Quote from Coyo5050: “I didnt even realize this existed would love to get one! ” He teased it way way back when the kit first came out, but for the longest time he only had the bottom board. I've been following his Instagram like a hawk waiting for these. Mine's expected to come in today, I'm very excited.

  • 8bitdo makes conversion kits to turn an original (or repro) NES controller into a wireless one, so you can keep the proper 2 button layout. Why they only offer it that way, I have no fucking clue. But I just picked up 2 of them from a forum member so I'm happy

  • I haven't done serious side-by-side comparisons, but 8bitdo has NES and SNES choices which are very strong.

  • Well that's fantastic news. Guess I'm waiting until 2021 Hyper Fighting is fucking cool but I can definitely wait another year or whatever.