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  • This thread will be of use to you, in sorting which parts.... The damage usually happens at the chassis, and does not pass through to the your tube **should** be ok. Get the chassis repaired properly first, and make sure you get a proper Iso for the monitor to run off of.

  • @oneleaf Hey..I got one of those older version 16b pcb's from you way back as well. I was hoping to still use mine, did you ever post the modifications anywhere, to get that to work, and with the reset line?

  • Those are both beautiful. I've had opportunity on both in Texas, and passed due to circumstances at the time...but only have seen one of each. Really wish I could have gotten the II, as I love the whole design of that cab. Congratulations on the score....very, very nice.

  • Quote from Hadouken Arcade: “Deciding the price was very tricky. Using a common price strategy equation wasn’t going to work since it’s a niche part for a niche hobby. If the price it too high, somebody will copy the design. So set the price so it’s not worth stealing my design to make profit off of it. On the side note, after getting disappointed with so many repros that people make, I wanted to have something that is worth the money and not a garage level quality. Well, I’m operating at a gara…

  • Never...ever....skimp on the cooling.

  • Quote from opt2not: “ took a queue from my daughter’s shows. ” Oh man...they nailed the spirit of that show, with the remake.........its a good way to put down the world for a bit....

  • Kavas, this is the one from the Aero city, and I had reached out privately to Xian and got one recently, which I think may have been his last one, or close to it.

  • yep...could easily make a dual 3" trackball, for segasonic, marble madness, or make an adapter and test it with Brizzo's spinner pcb, to use a trackball for things like Puzzle Bobble, Arkanoid, etc.

  • Quote from Kavas: “Not even a coin hole for the coin chute? How many would you need? The doors seems like it's for folks who ordered from KC but didn't get everything so it's numbers might be low. But a custom panel for trackball or other such stuff might be cool. I'll see what they say next week. ” Now that I think about it...Yeah...the coin slot and screw holes would be good...but not necessary, if it's going to drive costs up much. I'd need 5 I think....for my uses....just bare steel, with th…

  • Havent talked to anyone.....Like i said....I'm going to be making my own custom panels, using that full flat metal surround panel. That full sized panel, should hold a 3" trackball, or a Multi Williams layout, etc. The small central panels are too small for a lot of I'm using the larger size panel as the blank template, without the small panel cutouts.

  • we talked about the surrounds for the start buttons...but i need all of mine blank, and unmolested, with just the screw studs holes, no panel cut out...jsut plain sheet metal

  • Quote from Derick2k: “I remember those , bought 4 of them. So yeah, these brackets are a fair price. I compare them to buying TV mounts, the quality ones will cost in the range $100-200, sure you can buy that $30 one from monoprice and it will work, but like they say you get what you pay for. Also, if you dont want to pay, you can always hack together your own mount. @Hadouken Arcade already did the work for me, its a tested solution, with iterations and refinements, how much you think thats wor…

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “Quote from stt1: “Afaik, handling in Chicago is a big problem at the moment. One thingy I have bought from Ebay-seller has been sitting there since 8. April according to tracking... ” shit ” Yeah....anything that touches Chicago right now, via USPS .....prepare to wait. 3 weeks on a simple first class package with tracking.....tracking was never updated at all until it hit my texas sort facility. This is happening to a TON of folks.

  • I'm super excited for this....but wont order, until I actually get my cabinet....I don't want to take away from folks that can install it immediately. Soon though....I am so ready!

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from Darksoft: “I like it. @bagheera369 no worries. @Apocalypse is a good friend and he know I'm joking ” Of course I do ” @Darksoft Sorry....American sarcasm perhaps....I was referring more to the fact that, the "now now, lets keep things civil" was more of your line, being turned back on you in jest. Sorry it got least I thought it was funny.

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from Darksoft: “Which other nicks do you have in mind, if you could change? ” Darksoft, but there's a guy already using it. Dunno... I'd have to think about it seriously. ” Quote from Darksoft: “you mean Superman or Mr. Pancake? ” Now now folks......lets keep this civil........

  • Sega Megalo 410

    bagheera369 - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Definitely a possibility, if the proper size can't be sourced effectively....but I'd rather go original first if all possible.

  • Candy bartop project

    bagheera369 - - Project Showcase


    Jermz....this is beautiful work. I hope you have lots of luck with them. I have cabs a plenty, and no I cant throw $ at this...but I can throw support. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Sega Megalo 410

    bagheera369 - - General Arcade Tech Help


    I don't believe he's selling boxes *correct me if i'm wrong**....but I may have a pair of boxes for you. I will have to see.

  • Sega Megalo 410

    bagheera369 - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Cool...will check my spare set in the garage as well, before getting a final order from you, once you have it sorted! Thank you for this...if I can help in any way...just shout.