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  • Home Arcade System

    rewrite - - RGB's lab


    Quote from hoagtech: “I have put in almost all my gaming time for the last month playing Gameboy on a black and white RF TV hooked up to a framemeister. ” This is still on my to-do list. It looks stupid amounts of fun. My local thrift store's had a black and white TV sitting there for well over a year. Once businesses open back up I'm going to snag it.

  • Home Arcade System

    rewrite - - RGB's lab


    Quote from jassin000: “Its not about the OSSC, its the arcade PCB you are using. ” I mean, really it's about the monitor you're using What model did you end up going with for the LG gaming monitor, anyway?

  • Quote from brizzo: “His ban pre-dates any talk about modern systems and was due to his behavior towards other members on AP. ” Ah, were all those from fake accounts then? It's hard to keep track of what happened when. And really, who cares? Quote from brizzo: “The reason for banning him and his perception of why he was banned are two different things. ” Totally believe that.

  • Quote from portholio: “It is his claim that this entire feud stems from the fact he published information on how to create bootlegs others were selling for profit. ” I mean, that's semi-sorta true anyway. Android was selling conversions of drives for Ring hardware at a steep price. The Lindbergh multi was also being sold on here. Both platforms he tried to publish info for on here. Whether that's got anything to do with banning or anything else, or who cared about whose profit or whatever else, …

  • Quote from skate323k137: “ But with that said I wish nobody any harm and lord knows I don't want legal action taken against the site. DS, if you do have true legal concerns with Sega just let me know man, but I've never seen them go after a forum. You gotta be bootlegging beatsaber cabinets or something for that kind of action. Most of the immediate injunctions I've ever seen were for high dollar bootleg purses. Definitely not our cup of tea here.” Out of curiosity, what constitutes high dollar …

  • I'd have to assume yes. We're working with different chassis here.

  • Well you've got me. I vote test the PSU out of the casing and see if everything still shocks or not at least.

  • Quote from djsheep: “I kinda miss my OL2 actually, I might eventually get it again. It was just such a long game that took hours to play through! Does anyone have a PGM3 setup? Was always interested to see more of that. It’s a pity just one game came out for it. ” OL2 is so good though! PGM3 is so weird. I'd like one but I have no idea what cab I'd be able to play it in, plus I already have the game on PGM2 so it's hard to justify..

  • @djsheep I think a few folks on here have most if not every title. I'm only missing KoF myself.

  • Quote from djsheep: “Colours bear no difference internally. ” Cool! I've not opened and compared them. No one sells games without motherboards, so they've all just stayed paired here.

  • Quote from djsheep: “PGM2 motherboards are interchangeable between games. They do not need to be matched and are not locked to any games. I have had multiple revisions and tested extensively between different games. ” But not between colors: right?

  • Quote from Pixel Krisis: “Why would a PGM2 mobo ask me to power cycle every time I turn it on? ” The battery is dead, that's why. Here's a guide to replacing it:

  • Can you show me which you're talking about?

  • Quote from RdCrestdBreegull: “What do you mean by 'fully working setup'? And there are only five arcade games that I want so I don't think there'd be anything much simpler than this. Also I don't have the money to get the other four games right now because this is the cheapest one. ” Almost any non redemption game would be an easier project than this. I mean the guy I mentioned before who has almost every part of this machine for sale on eBay. Could buy the cables, PCB, etc etc etc from them and…

  • Quote from Report2Marty: “ugh.... just floating and taped off.... ” Now we've got a start!

  • Quote from Report2Marty: “lol... could it be that I don’t have the earth ground “grounded?” ” Where's it go now?

  • That is... Hard to follow. Okay, so surprisingly all I have are: - The power cable has been grounded to the base of the cabinet. - From the rear, right side of the tube is a black cable that comes off of the tube, it should be attached to the neckboard of the chassis. If the tube wire is connected my two guesses are... - Maybe your PSU is shorting against the metal case after all? - Or some of that monitor wiring is not so securely connected (looks like a good bit of electrical tape). If the tub…

  • Let me dig out my E3. They're 95% the same cabinet. Can you post some pics of the monitor chassis mounting from the rear access panel?

  • Quote from RdCrestdBreegull: “Sorry guys for making this seem like a big deal but you gotta treat me like a little baby. ” Maybe start with a simpler project. Or buy the fully working setup instead.

  • Quote from Report2Marty: “Sure thing! Also, it’s the damn “universal” wei-ya as well... ugh. But, one thing is bothering me though. The guy I bought it from was convinced the monitor not working was an issue with the power supply. I say this because when I did the monitor swap I noticed that screws were missing from the PSU shielding. So, each time I would go to turn the cab on or off, I would get a little shock, same for when I would press the test or service button too. I decided to surround t…