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  • Sand it and paint it again, light coats and patience.

  • Namco Noir advice

    muckyfingers - - Namco System 357/369


    Quote from Horris: “Everyday I think of something else to do with these cabinets, I’ll be glad when I get it delivered lol, the one I’m getting only has 4 buttons and 2 blanks, to make this a 6 button are the extra wires there or will I need an extra wiring loom? I was offered a 2 player 6 button panel for £350 but decided I might as well keep it single player. ” the wires for the extra buttons are already there.

  • Namco Noir advice

    muckyfingers - - Namco System 357/369


    Quote from Horris: “Hopper by what I’ve found so far you have to wire your control panel to a brooks board which then goes to the PS4 I’m presuming, in that case won’t it be a pain to swap from PS4 to tx2 if you’ve got to change the wires every time? ” You can use these to swap the harness connectors as needed and not have unplug individual wires.…-/174106006223?nav=SEARCH

  • That’s awesome! Do you mind sharing the model number of the TV you used?

  • Quote from Geddon: “Quote from JoeAwesome: “Quote from thegreathopper: “pretty sure Ultra vs on the same cab is on my Multi X2. ” Yeah, same here. ” I’m not seeing the option on any of the versions on the drive image file for v2. Can anyone confirm and tell me where that setting is if it is there? I need 2p sf4 on my cab for sure. Looked at my old drive and I have some “patched” versions. Is there a “patched” ultra sf4? ” It should be in the service menu once you are in the game.

  • Button layout help

    muckyfingers - - Capcom's CPS2


    Quote from winteriscoming: “Quote from xodaraP: “Also keep in mind that some of the CPS2 games (Darkstalkers comes to mind but I think XvSF also has the same issue) do not function properly if button 4/5 are connected on the JAMMA edge and the kick harness. ” In these cases is it an either/or situation where the game/s accept an input from either JAMMA or the kick harness for 4 and 5? If I make a 7 button layout with JAMMA 4 as button 7, are there cases that still need JAMMA 5 that don't allow i…

  • Yes, but it’ll display 480i, not 240p in 15khz mode. You could use an OSSC in conjunction with your supergun and linedouble to 480p, that will look great on those monitors and you’d get scanlines as well with the OSSC scanline option.

  • Quote from arcadeaction: “Thanks to notsonic’s suggestion two posts above, I installed four of those Aura NS2x3-184-4A speakers in my Blast City. They sound great and fit snug. I used a hot glue gun to completely seal them in for good sound and I didn’t use screws. The case itself screwed back together nicely. The speakers are a bit better quality on paper than the originals, easily plug into existing wire with the same size tabs, and best of all are a solid solution at a good price. Photos show…

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from muckyfingers: “The MVS scans for MPE can be found here, and shows all the proper jumper settings ” I'm well aware of MVS scans, I linked to it in the post before the one you quoted. The scan's aren't useful for this conversion because 1. the Mask ROMs are a configuration that doesn't exist in an EPROM 2. the conversion is being done on a PCB set that is different from the original PCBs. so the jumper configuration is going to be different on a converted ca…

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “I've been working on trying to convert a PROG BK1 and CHA 256 to Money Puzzle Exchanger. Since the CHA256 board was barely documented, and I was having some graphics and sound issues I spent some time with a multimeter and figured out what all the jumpers are for. here are the results: If using 27c010 for M1 J2, J3 - jumped J1, J4 - open If using 27c301 for M1 J1, J4 - jumped J2, J3 - open If the Largest C-ROM is a 27c322 J9, J10 - jumped J5, J6, J7, J8 - open If the…

  • Quote from Misos: “Ok, so I salvaged 3 27c160 from a Kof 2002 bootleg that I had laying around. I've replaced the p1. Using unibios the game boots but crashes before you can do anything (expetion error handling). In rare ocasions it passes the intro but crashes afterwards. On the Unibios CRC screen the "ROm Region" checks as NG, the other roms checks as OK. With the stock Bios it keeps reseting. I replaced the p2 with a 27c322 but got the same result. I'm following this, do I have to change some…

  • Quote from carvd: “Still on the fence about what I want to do with the sound. I still have plenty of room left over for an amp inside, but not sure what route I will take. Tommy ” The stereo connectors on the side are line level out, you can plug them into a TV or a separate amplifier/speaker set. Or are you trying to power speakers directly from the Naomi? Anyway, great job on the consolization.

  • Quote from tiff_lee: “Quote from jimmyjames: “Just wanted to say my Namco Noir panel is great. I have to install it but the work is good. Panel is heavy and good quality. Good stuff. ” Alberto does Noir panels now? any pictures ” +1

  • Quote from rewrite: “Anyone happen to have the version of the XM29 service manual that has the important parts, like how to actually service it? The one on shmups and retrorgb is incomplete. If not, how about what a proper B+ reading should be? I recapped the entire monitor after six months of it sitting in pieces. Got it back together, triple checked all the cabling, and it clicks on but no screen static. Green light, no blinking, so it's not the fans. Power comes out of the PSU and into the bo…

  • Quote from DecepticonZero: “Man, I'm fucking old. ” I was working at Funcoland (later got bought out and became GameStop) when the launch happened. I was so excited when it came out. It’s still the only console I bought at launch.

  • Quote from NeoXbit: “Very weird, any of the admins got to the bottom of that issue? PS: I'm the real owner of that account. ” No, I’m Spartacus!

  • Quote from brizzo: “I solved the problem!!…d40a7884245d8bcbe4e38ca7f @Apocalypse a couple days ago I mentioned in pm that I noticed during debugging the flash id check that the bios was checking all possible banks to see if memory was present (I think it was just looking for data vs 0xffffffff (openbus?)). crysking is 48mbyte (3 x 16mbyte banks), and I had added topbladv (1 x 16mbyte) directly after it to optimize space usage. Set the upper address bits via the cpl…

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from brizzo: “Things are looking good so far! Started with trying to boot crysking, no luck.... ” You might want to also NOP writes to the flash chip. Commands sent are only valid for the Intel E28F128J3A chips:Read Array SCS/BCS 1 Write X 0xFF 1 Read Identifier Codes SCS/BCS = 2 Write X 0X90 Read IA ID 1,7 I also found a test branch which I think is related to chip ID that is never taken by MAME (replacing the JNZ by a JMP might help too). But I have patched it "on…