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  • Nice How is that video out wired ? Is it the same pinout as a Mega Drive 2 RGB cable ?

  • Shouldnt be the "JAMMA IN (GAME)" side a female connector

  • Quote from Hatsune Mike: “Not a single unit has been moved yet. When I'm able to do so, they first go to internal members who wanted them first (probably ~12 or so). Then, as discussed, they'll go out in order from the list. Every week I get a handful of messages like "are they still there?? can I get mine now instead of later?? can I jump the list???? Actually can I get five??" and then some people ghost after making these requests when their turn comes up. Other PMs are genuine and well-intent…

  • @hoagtech Of course Im aware that it is a hobbyist project. All I wanted was an answer to one of my 2 PMs I sent Mike (and he read both of them) - if he would said it will take more time, the assembly is not done, the PCBs are not ready or whatever I would have not said anything. But it can be a hobbyist project all day - an answer to a PM would still be nice. And yes its not foul play but you know there is something called communication. PS: Im chilled out I just want a Splitfire .

  • Quote from KmanSweden: “Any updates? Is the batch sold out yet? ” That are damn good questions - I reached out a few times to @Hatsune Mike but never got an answer . I asked on the Shmups Splitfire Thread about being on the list first on December 26th 2019 - since then no answer / reaction to anything . I could live with a "hey stupid there are no units available anymore - fuck off" answer but getting no answer at all is really sad . And yes I understand there is a high demand for the Splitfire …

  • @Hatsune Mike Are there still Splitfire units available or are they all gone already ?

  • @Hatsune Mike Nice Money is here & Im ready to pay

  • @hoagtech Of course I will wait . I just wanted to point out that there is more demand than there will be units available .

  • @Hatsune Mike There are 125 units reserved according to the list and there will be 50 units available. That means that 75 people will not get a Splitfire . How do you decide who does get one & who does not ?

  • I have the exact same error on my Scud Race Cab but its not 7F, its 0F . So you fixed it by disassambling the steering cockpit from the backside and a gear had a missing cog and because of that the belt was off ? How did you fix that ? Replaced the gear ?

  • Please put me on the list for one of these as well. I posted on Shmups about one like for months ago but I figured why not put the request here in the main thread about the Splitfire .

  • Cheers from Germany

    dingsbums - - Introduce Yourself!


    Hi guys, my name is Marco and I'm from Germany . Me and my best friend (I'm friends with him to this day) played a lot of Arcade games on two places in our small town in about 1992-1994. These places were not really Arcades. One place was the entrance hall to a Yugoslavien restaurant and there stood two sometimes three generic JAMMA woody cabs. The second place was a room next to a pub and it was full with about 15 cabs and 2-3 pinballs. Games we played that I remember are Cadillacs & Dinosaurs,…