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  • sega system sp

    MetalliC - - Other Sega Hardware

    Post…/dinosaur-king-manual.pdf see chapter 10 PS: Aurora is other (and unreleased) Sega's arcade platform, it has nothing with SystemSP

  • Quote from hackcell: “Is there a Samurai Spirtis 6 patched rom to activate red blood? ” no, there is nothing to activate, this game have no violence by design (at some point I've did research of this game's program code and data and found nothing)

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “He's been talking a lot of shit in the dumping union group. He might be talented it's not a reason to be so full of yourself and act like an asshole. ” lolwat ? Haze is not a member of Dumping Union, and if I not mistaken - never was. no idea how he was able to talking there...

  • Quote from stj: “be interesting if you ever find a diagram, ” hm... see or attached

  • Quote from Zebra: “and tilt it forward to aim up and down ” no, you can not do this - there is no such feature. Quote from Zebra: “I know of no other with 4 axis on one stick ” read game service manual, where is detailed drawing of gun - you'll see there is only 3 (three) potentiometers. you may also look at game service mode I/O test - there is only 3 gun axis: pitch (move forward-backward), roll (move left-right), yaw (rotate left-right). no 4th axis, at all, and out of curiosity - what makes …

  • Quote from Zebra: “It allows you to walk backwards while side-stepping without tilting the gun. You could walk back and left while aiming up and right. ” and that's exactly how works controls in mentioned earlier older games Gunsurvivor2 uses basically same rotary-stick thing, but analogue and have UZI toy put on top of stick.

  • btw, here is one more "similar looking" Sega's I/O board…c5cb0807e928d22a6ae6a7a0d this is photo sensor PCB from "World Club Champion Football" games series, not JVS too.

  • Quote from bobbydilley: “Surely this is a JVS I/O - it's got the USB B connector on it? ” 837-14633 - yes, it is JVS I/O with additional SH-4 CPU for some unknown purpose. 837-14438 at your photo - no, it is SH4-based dedicated hopper controller, it connected to NAOMI 1 CRX or Naomi2 SH4's serial port (CN8), not JVS. they looks a bit similar, but if you'll look at them more precisely you'll notice it is different devices.

  • @bobbydilley not exactly similar PCB, it is not JVS I/O, but dedicated hopper contol board. Quote from bobbydilley: “Does anyone have any ideas what the SD card / EEPROM might be for? ” I'd guess PCB was designed as kind of general purpose universal I/O controller, so it have bells and whistles which might be useful for various applications.

  • Quote from Zebra: “It's the only arcade gun I have ever seen with that design ” its not really unique, basically it is same rotary-stick as was used in number of 198x shooters (Midnight Resistance, Ikari Warriors, Jackal, etc) but, this time it is an analogue stick.

  • Quote from jassin000: “The DMCA says you cannot defeat protections regardless ” I'd guess it was more about using cracked games / software ? you don't need to crack or modify anything it this case. funny thing is, in the case of GD-ROMs dumping, GD-drive will still check disc's protection ring and let you access it (play or dump no matter) only if security check passed OK (e.g. if it is legit retail GD-ROM disc, not self-written GD-R)

  • perhaps it was the question about 100% legal way of making GDI backups and playing games ? obviously, it is not any problem to find TOSEC Dreamcast set, anyone can get it in a few clicks for example from

  • Quote from ZTylerDurden: “Is it really as straightforward as this process? ” yes it is. if the question was about GD-ROMs dumping (retail games) - step 3 is not needed. that manual is more for GD-Rs (prototype games) dumping, and not really easy because it is quite hard to find required official "System Disc 2" and they are quite expensive.

  • Decathlete decrypted

    MetalliC - - Sega ST-V


    Quote from MickyMac: “I wonder has there been any progress on getting Decathlete working ” nobody has been working on this => no progress

  • @spiderzsoft in theory possible "anything 2 anything", it is "just" a matter of will and invested time by some skilled enough (group of) people.

  • it also might be any kind of "undefined behavior" type of issue. for example, when game code may read some non-initialized RAM area, and read values will be hardware-specific (depends on RAM ICs model, vendor etc). or anything else similar to this. also, are you sure all the hardware components is in good and working condition ? especially PSU

  • nice, but... -ob option is not needed. moreover, it have no any effect if extracting to GDI format.

  • @Dreygor short answer: there is no sense longer version: these conversions suffers from significant slowdowns here and there, afaik that's the only problem. it is unknown why this happen and I have no ideas why. ofc, you may poke Darksoft, he in it's turn as usual will poke me, and it will ends with nothing (read above - no ideas about the cause of problem = unknown what should be fixed)

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Jeez man, $40k of your own money?!!? ” no surprise. here is one of similar examples - recently was acquired two last missing TGP CPU firmwares from Sega Model 1 games - Virtua Fighter and Star Wars. so, all Model1 games now emulated, no HLE-simulation anymore. as you may read in this commit discussion - it took more than year of work to "extract" firmware data from die shots, check for mistake…

  • Quote from Hammy: “and a real atomiswave fan would be enjoying a new game for his driving setup. 3 year ago. ” enjoy how ? you can not play original dumps on Atomiswave. original AW dumps are totally useless in term of practical use. the only possible way to play teh games for free - convert it to NAOMI and use CF or Net boot.