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  • Hi! Can someone can bring the location of the dip switchs and selector pins on the first version of the multi, the lighter green one, thanks a lot!

  • Here is the mesasurements for my second revision multi. Starting from bottom board without PCB feets total height without multi may be around 6cm high, with multi you could add 1,5 cm and it should be OK Let me know if you need more infos. Thanks!

  • Hi! i was thinking about building one but yours looks really great!!! Please add me to the list for the multi version! I can manage to give you measurements but i have the latest version so im not sure about the dip switchs location on the first one. The height should be the same for both about 1.5 cm higher than a standard M72 board. Thanks

  • Quote from ShootTheCore: “Looks to me like your EPROMs still aren't programmed properly. BuyICNow is reliable - I've ordered chips from them repeatedly. They are a bit slow though. I can program the chips for you for just the cost of shipping. I'm located in the US though. ” Oh that would be great! Thanks a lot!!

  • Hi, i wanted to let you know that i reprogrammed the eproms, this time in correct order with the TL mini pro. Now games seems to be located in the right dip switchs banks but i cant get one to work fully! I attached some pictures: Some games are starting OK but the only one that seems to have no graphical bugs (Dragon Breed) miss the music and some sound effects.…

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from tym01: “I am using a Tl 866 mini pro 2 with an extension for the bigger than 512ko eproms so i must program 8 times for one 27c322 ” People often get lost while changing the bank to be written with the TL866.To me the EPROMs are incorrectly burnt. ” I think your diagnostic was right, i rechecked the instructions for the mini pro but they were contradictory: 2 way of setting the banks dip switches on the same page... so i asked the seller. He confirmed what i th…

  • As mentionend in the installation instructions latest pack are sent with the new gal and mcu included, i ordered it recently so 4.2 should be fine and no Gal replacement on the top M72 board. Sorry i am getting a bit confused

  • Sorry do you already sent me the latest mcu? If not i need to burn 3.2 set that would be the solution right?

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “The multi kit comes with a gal and mcu that both must be replaced on the motherboard. I think you confused him. If you bought an update mcu and gal then only the kit gal needed to be swapped. But on first multi install the motherboard gal must be swapped as You told me i should be OK with 4.1 should i try to burn the older 3.2 set ? ”

  • I had some troubles programming the eproms, i often get errors while programming them... i bought an UV eraser and am able to empty and use some of the ones i thought were unusable, still i verified each one for the multi with the software and compared the files manually ans they looks to be ok, but maybe they arent because of faulty eproms as Yippikaye suggested above... I am using a Tl 866 mini pro 2 with an extension for the bigger than 512ko eproms so i must program 8 times for one 27c322 I …

  • Ok i will try burning each rom again to see if can get any improvement... Thanks for your advice i ordered a cheap eprom programmer plus cheap eproms from china so... could be my problem Thanks for all the help!

  • I have done all this and still have graphic glitches, i restored the pcb to its original state and it is working perfect, i purchased the eprom programmer for this project so it is my first attempt to burn eproms, i maybe have some bad eproms... I assume my programmer is working as it should as i can hear perfect music and gameplay. I am gonna try to program the eproms again just to be sure... Thanks again for your help it is a very frustrating situation for me

  • I purchased the kit recently, tried to restore the original Gal and swap the one on the multi but i get nothing but a blank screen with a few tiles... Thanks for your help

  • Oh ok i replaced the one on the A board ner the MCU so i should swap this one with the one thats on the multi and replace my original Gal? That must be my problem! I am gonna give it a try thanks a lot!

  • Thats what i thought, thanks... so my jumpers are set correctly, i am will reburn the chips and see... Thanks for your advice!

  • Thanks for your reply! There is nothing in that pin hole, some reflection maybe. I will try reburn the chips one after the other see if there is any improvement, i didnt knew that they could be bad even if read good by the programmer... I still have some doubts about my jumpers setup, i am ok with them according to the installation instructions on the first page of this thread but i noticed you suggested to move jumper 3 from B to A and it is already on B on the instructions so maybe it has been…

  • I have already checked for the good location of eproms and pin alignement, here are the pictures of my installation: Thanks!

  • Hi everyone! I have been able to burn the eproms for the multi M72 kit and i fail to complete the installation, the games boot with perfect sound and i can put a quarter and play but every games graphics are totally messed up and inverted! I attached photos of Ninja Spirit with the problem i have double checked the jumpers, the eproms, the pcb has 5V at the edge, the connections to the PCB and everything seems fine to me. I have burnt the latest V2 for black boards …

  • I will try to contact him, thanks!

  • Yes this is great, it'll do it for the multi system 16b but it was more a general question because i want to do know where to buy quality eproms in europe without having to wait 1 month for the order to arrive.. I need them for the multi irem m72 actually cause i ordered this one without eproms included and like i said ive had troubles with ebay china 27c322, still need two as i ordered 20 and needed 8! Plus i wanted to have fun with neogeo MVS converts, cps1 or such Thanks a lot!