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  • Hey everyone- I’ve got a Namco Crisis Zone uzi that I am trying to wire up. Inside there is a shaker motor to provide the force feedback. Looking at the schematic (attached), it is not clear what the exact input voltage is. I see there is an 18v transformer, presumably 18v AC. The voltage enters a bridge rectifier and then gets smoothed out by a 22,000uF super cap. I am *guessing* the motor runs on ~18v DC (unregulated). Before I fry a rather expensive motor, I wanted to see if anyone knows the …

  • Happy new years to everyone on Arcade-Projects! I present to you another guide, this time we are going to make Golden Axe! This is probably the *easiest* System16 conversion that can be done. I intentionally started discussing System16 conversions with Golden Axe as it is very easy and users of all skill levels can jump right in! Important: This guide is for 171-5797 rom boards ONLY. It is the System 16B rom board that has a custom Sega QFP IC marked 315-5250 (see pic!) Golden Axe Conversion Gui…

  • My pleasure. Btw I edited my initial post. Pin 1 (WE) also needs to be lifted and tied to 3.3v on the replacement flash roms. This is important!!

  • So before everyone destroys a pile of PGM cartridges, please be aware pertinent information to make these conversions work was missed from the instructions posted. For starters, not all copies of KOV SH and KOV2 are compatible with the roms (which are readily available in mame). I have seen both games come on different pcbs and only one type is compatible with the roms available at this time. It is recommended to use a 5v to 3.3v regulator pcb, not just a regulator and ceramic cap combo (like us…

  • It would be great to see Air Duel converted as that one is also missing the MCU dump. I have two m72 board sets in the collection (Saigo no Nindou and R Type). I can help run some tests if needed. I’ve also documented the jumper settings for most games if that is of any use to anyone

  • Quote from rewrite: “So the real question is does anyone know how either of these work with the Cyberlead as it has an entirely different connector than either the 246 or 256? ” It likely does, the Cyberlead cabinet predates Namco 2x6 hardware by at least 5 years, maybe more. There's a chance the pinout is the same but I highly doubt it. Cyberlead memory card ports were intended for Playstation 1 era games (and PSone memory cards to bring data home!) I think Namco System 12, maybe some such as G…

  • list of repairers

    cpsystem3 - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Sharp Image Repair in Las Vegas, NV for CRT chassis repair (all models including Japanese candy cabinet chassis). They have repaired digital tri-sync chassis for me that other shops refuse to even look at (Sanwa PFX, Nanao MS2931). Best in the biz for sure. Its run by the lead tech from (the now defunct) Sharp Image monitors.

  • Quote from Darksoft: “I remember trying many things to add support but didnt work. It was somehow locked to Japanese BIOS IIRC. ” Yeah its for sure locked to the Taiwanese bios. On real hardware, the multi bios causes the game to boot to a black screen. In mame, selecting either Taiwan bios loads the game no problem.

  • Not to completely derail this thread... Guru sold my friend a Fire Shark, at the going rate price (which is not cheap). The board arrived with the custom Toaplan audio IC missing. The game was rendered inoperable, only possibility of repair would be to pull the IC from another Fire Shark board. It was sold as working. Sadly, from what I've heard from others, this wasn't an isolated incident.

  • @Apocalypse - that is one heck of a hack! Jeez. I've always wondered if it was possible to eliminate the custom Sega IC found on that rom board board. Do you possibly have a schematic or more info on what was done to that rom board? I have spare of that revision rom board, as well as some ideas on how to clean the hack up a bit and make it more discrete. Would be interested if you have more info.

  • @jassin000 Want me to desuicide that ticking timebomb for you? Or you gonna just let it ride into the sunset and deal with it then?

  • According to his blog, "The Guru" is planning on selling reproduction Trackball interface PCB's for the System32. Sega Sonic and Where's Wally are the only two PCB's that I know of that use the Trackball I/O. If I'm not mistaken, Sega Sonic's I/O is the only one that does 3 trackballs (Wally only does 2). Given the Guru's recent dodgy sales tactics however, I don't know if I can advise buying one directly off of him. Possibly if they are distributed through a 3rd party store it would be safe(er)…

  • Quote from jassin000: “Night Slashers! Love that death animation melting with the *sploooshy* sound effect. Quote from Derick2k: “Gonna have to wait till January so i can drop off that Jamma Kit. ” So... January meet up then? ” If I'm not on top of a mountain shredding (snowboarding), sure!

  • Sure - i just checked and have 5 blanks on hand. Hit me up when the MCU is here and we'll get it all sorted out.

  • Quote from ekorz: “Thanks for the write up. I'm midway through this conversion, just waiting on some sockets and chips to arrive, but I'm not 100% sure I got the non Jedec 40 pin chips. Will have to look, but I think I was missing that part. ” I should have spares on hand if you need. Be aware a lot of the Chinese "budget" programmers have trouble with these chips (at least in my experience with Willems junk).

  • Quote from ekorz: “Quote from cpsystem3: “…c-Socket-Pulls/1318285763 Just order the chip and come over my place when its here. Takes 2 seconds to flash ” Alright, if you insist! ordered! can we play some more night slashers too? ” Alright you twisted my arm

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Some notes from the other thread: Konami PCB Conversions possible? we discovered that 3K and 7K don't need to be replaced. the MaskROMs on QG are the same as TMNT2 Similarly the QG PAL16V8 is the same as TMNT2 as well. This saves quite a bit of annoying desoldering. Also it was recommended that for the 27c160 to use a 50ns chip as slower chips can cause stability problems (I don't know why exactly). ” That is true for factory conversions that Konami did (they sometim…

  •…c-Socket-Pulls/1318285763 Just order the chip and come over my place when its here. Takes 2 seconds to flash

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone on Arcade Projects. I present to you, the definitive TMNT2 conversion guide. Please let me know if there are any questions or if anyone needs clarification. Please do not make these to sell, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!! TMNT2 Conversion Guide 1.0 - by Cpsystem3 Game to use for a donor: Quiz Gakumon no Susume Difficulty level to perform conversion: 7 out of 10, experience with desoldering DIP via's is required Materials required: Eprom programme…

  • The Keycus would need to be patched out, they are unique to each of the System12 games. A regular rom-swap won't work.