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  • Quote from rewrite: “Quote from Battlesmurf: “Re: cp box- $365 shipped, powder coated, etc- ready to install. I could always bring one down next time I'm bothering my mom to save a little bit, too. I have (2?) left I think, I'd have to check. ” It's not a today or this week thing, but I do need to do it sometime. Thanks!Quote from Battlesmurf: “re: trackball panels. Alberto might make them too? ” He may, but when they're well under $100 on YAJ, it's almost silly to buy new panels for 100ish or m…

  • Quote from rewrite: “Quote from Kavas: “If you read up you can see there's plenty of interest in a custom panel, maybe for trackball ” Aero trackball panels pop up on YAJ pretty often. Pretty sure the one that was up there the other day didn't even get a bid. Recreating them would be something, but you'd still have to source the trackballs and at that point you'd be out way more than just buying a panel off of YAJ. Quote from Battlesmurf: “Also- I can get doors fabricated. Probably around $175 o…

  • Does anybody here need grommits? I might bulk buy if I can get enough interest and just ship it first class. $20 for a set of 4 is silly- we might be able to get them down a couple bucks. Also- I can get doors fabricated. Probably around $175 or less- I'd need a door to send my guy though. We've done aero table, mini cute, Egret 2 parts, among other things. PM me.

  • Price is very good for what you're getting fyi. I've fabricated Mini cute parts, aero table parts, egret 2/3/awsd parts- and often times it's not really worth it unless you *really* need them for how expensive they are. I have to sell Egret 2 doors at around 170 shipped to make it worth it. That's a door. This is a kit to use better monitors- that even the "better than old monitors" are like $2k from Taito. Easy choice. Grab a cheap ass Vewlix with a shitty monitor, flop this and a new monitor i…

  • Quote from jassin000: “Quote from Battlesmurf: “A sidetrack: A lot of the cabs post FC don't have instruction space LED/light up move strip areas. I'd toss some money towards the project for drop in kits for cabs missing them, (I.e. Diamond Black- probably Orange and Blue as well?) ” ALL Diamond style cabs lack illuminated parts (ie marquee/move strip).Taito only designed the illuminated move strip to fit into the control panel of the F, FC, and original L (optional for L, it didn't come stock l…

  • Do you have pics? If it’s anything after an FC they’re probably busted lol

  • RE: F monitor banding. Washing out the Flor. tray, cleaning the bulbs (carefully), and cleaning the different layers can make a difference. I've done this on a Darius Burst, Several Fs and and L so far. I got semi creative with that diffusing layer. I tried degreaser and bleach soak- I figured if I was going to damage the plastic, I'd just get a monitor bracket and put something else in there anyways. I probably dropped the brown about 20-30%. Is it worth the time? Depends on how bad it is, I gu…

  • If you guys do source those grommets, I'm in for some as well. I need them for some Sega Swings. Re: your coin door- have you considered pulling the coin return and plug for the 2nd coin return?\- hit them with a wire wheel or wire brush and some anti rust cream? I've seen rust pressed against fresh paint/powder coat before, it'll stain, if that matters at all. Re: leg levelers. McMasters I found the right type for the vewlix cabinets. If you take yours to a hardware store and find the thread ty…

  • Superb! A sidetrack: A lot of the cabs post FC don't have instruction space LED/light up move strip areas. I'd toss some money towards the project for drop in kits for cabs missing them, (I.e. Diamond Black- probably Orange and Blue as well?)

  • They should t be flopping around in there. It’s supposed to be a welded nut- but Taito cheaped our with the weld job. Three bolts for each leg- take it to a local metal shop or send em here.

  • M12 1.75 thread, 3in or so (though the pads are thicker on some). Non swivel type works best. Expect to pay about 5-10 /ea depending on type. I have some suggestions for those missing feet, just message me.

  • Re-welded some black diamond feet (most from the new shipment last year were damaged). I am short one leg. It's an odd thread pitch- anybody have a good lead on where to get these or compatible legs? Thanks!

  • Help: Vewlix C monitor fans

    Battlesmurf - - Monitor Help


    Quote from jassin000: “Quote from ekorz: “What's the better one? How much was it? ” The New New LCD Taito sells I believe has the lowest lag in the entire family.It also can do 1920x1080, removes the fans and consolidates the separate PSU. Same price as the New LCD sold for, 1400$ before shipping and fees. The version I have, the New LCD (was replaced by New New) can do 1920x1080 but actually has slightly more lag than the Sanwa model. So while I think it's better, if lowest lag possible is your…

  • I purchased it direct from Sanwa (w/ amp board).

  • Sanwa JLK GF2 AT joystick Looking for a connector to mate to this joystick. Anybody know what type it is- or better yet- where to purchase one? Thanks~! @awbacon1

  • Interested when orders open for it!

  • Yeah- The L overlay is pretty good- the F one just...well... I'm telling Taitotech that I'm going with other companies from here on out for Vewlix panels, not that it matters to them.

  • That's just it- I bought mine from Taito. The F overlay/panels are noticeably different quality than the originals.

  • Quote from jassin000: “You can order a two player panel from Taito right now, I don't see what the issue is. I have ALL three of them (F, L, Nesica)... ” After doing this, I can suggest that others hold off. After the panel, the overlay, the install, they're $400 ish each and the quality isn't as good as old Taito- not by a long shot.

  • So- my friendly neighborhood PCB repair guy is moving, the other is not taking orders. Who are the go to guys for PCB repair these days? I'd prefer USA, but I don't mind shipping if I have enough to justify it. I have stacks of Kaneko crap, tons of oddball boards that sit in a tupperware box. I'd love to get everything cleaned up and working. Thanks!