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  • Lindbergh on Naomi Universal PSU

    nem - - Sega Lindbergh


    SUN PSU outputs either 2A or 4A on the +12V rail depending on model. That's not enough for a PC. Lindbergh PSU is 10A on +12V.

  • I would inspect the holder and the solder joints. Test with a multimeter.

  • Toei A292 Chassis

    nem - - Monitor Help


    The HOT is being overdriven. Your B+ could be too high.

  • I added 'optional' before unique to drive across the point that all the games can be played with one screen, but have additional elements if you wire them up to a second screen. That was my (somewhat badly worded) original intent of the thread. I then deleted a ton of games from the list. Stuff like Darius is super cool, but the second and third screens aren't optional at all. There's a list for them, but this isn't it Anyone want to contest any of the games on the list or can think of others th…

  • Reporting Twitter Fake Account

    nem - - Forum Support & Help


    Quote from brizzo: “His ban pre-dates any talk about modern systems and was due to his behavior towards other members on AP. ” As someone looking at it from the outside, both you and MetalliC did dogpile on him pretty bad before any real vitriol from his side.

  • Since the subforum is 'Jamma and pre-Jamma', maybe that's where we should draw the line? Otherwise you can add stuff like MaiMai, IIDX and all sorts of other junk to the list. Quote from JoeAwesome: “nem, how did you wire the Hoops harness? Do you know the AUX connector so I can make my own (or ask to be made )? ” I'm not sure what the official connector is. I'm guessing it's JST RA, but I could be wrong. This said, it is standard 2.54mm pitch, so you don't have to use the official connector. Pe…

  • The Hot Gimmick games I took off because they use a mahjong panel. Maybe there's merit to listing them all, just under different categories? Is Backfire! the Data East isometric rally game? That's cool! That and World Rally 2 definitely interest me.

  • Cleaned out the pinouts to make them more legible. If someone wants to figure out the missing things from Dig Fight (coin switches, etc), I'm happy to add them in. Quote from twistedsymphony: “That is a huge disappointment, I've had one of these PCBs for a while and I'd been meaning to build a 4P harness to try out those modes. was looking forward to some interesting 4P battle game play :-/ ” No kidding. I thought it would be like Battle Lode Runner on the PC-Engine. Nope. Even sillier is lockin…

  • Guitar Hero Arcade

    nem - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Looking good! The CMOS battery on mine died and the game booted to a "CMOS low voltage" error, "press F2 to skip". Swapped in a new battery and everything runs great again. Didn't have to mess with the BIOS settings at all.

  • Quote from JoeAwesome: “Sorry, nem. I should’ve shared it earlier. ” Haha, no worries. I honestly thought I had looked everywhere for a pinout.

  • Quote from JoeAwesome: “Here’s a German pic of the kick harness pinout from NTM at the Neo Geo forums: ” Son of a bitch. Oh well, at least it was pretty quick to figure out.

  • Cyberball by Atari can output to two screens as well apparently. Anyway, Hoops two screen is seriously impressive. It's the kind of implementation I thought Dig Fight would have. Basically it's like two boards linked together. You can have standalone games on both screens at the same time or you can challenge the other players on the other screen. Some pics:…3909422d4539ef9cdeb380193 IO check on both monitors.…3909422d4539ef9cdeb38019…

  • Didn't feel like doing any real work today, so I decided to tackle this. Armed with some very basic knowledge of what parts are responsible for what things and a multimeter, I figured out some of the pinout for the two games. Lode Runner: The Dig Fight…3909422d4539ef9cdeb380193 CN7: * * 1 * 9 * * * 2 * 10 * * * 3 * 11 * * SPK- * 4 * 12 * SPK+ * * 5 * 13 * * VIDEO GREEN * 6 * 14 * VIDEO RED * VIDEO SYNC * 7 * 15 * VIDEO BLUE * GND * 8 * 16 * (VIDEO) GND CN8: * * 1 *…

  • EPROM Burning Service List

    nem - - Other Hardware Support


    I can burn chips for anyone local. I have a Xeltek Superpro 610P. It does all common chips. I have some chips on hand, but best to bring your own.

  • X the Ball arcade game help

    nem - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Nope. Time to pick up a multimeter and follow the instructions laid out by @twistedsymphony above.

  • Quote from digitron: “My Astro doesn't use an isolation transformer, just an AC noise filter. ” I don't know of a single Japanese chassis that needs an isolating transformer. I'm not saying there isn't one, I'm just saying your standard Nanaos, Toeis, Sanwas and Toshibas will not need them. I don't really mess with Wells Gardners, I have a few, but I actively hate them

  • CPS2 I/O Interface

    nem - - RGB's lab


    Probably mentioned by this point, but an easy way to consolize an Atomiswave.

  • Monitor question Toei 14 tc-hv141

    nem - - Monitor Help


    It looks like you have your gains maxed out and the cutoffs at the lowest setting? Set all the pots back to the middle position (brightness, contrast, cutoffs and gains), and turn up the voltage on the flyback (of the two pots, it's the lower one, possibly has the text SCREEN next to it).

  • I had my doubts, but wow, it looks really nice! Congrats! I could see your hands getting tired because there doesn't seem to be any space for your palms. Do you notice that? Also, for the buttons I would have gone for an arc that's more curved outwards to the right. But I'm nitpicking, super Impressive effort.

  • Marquee art size question

    nem - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Quote from ABTmRw: “The cool thing about TGM3 is that someone modified the game files so it can be displayed in widescreen which works better with the widescreen Vewlix monitor. ” Oh wow, I had no idea. That's cool!