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  • Vewlix F Restoration

    rewrite - - Project Showcase


    Magic erasers are super fine sandpaper. If you're not gentle you'll either dull or remove the finish layer.

  • Like @psykom1 I doubled up the H1 and L1 and set the jumper for it. Aside from that I've ticked all the boxes in your notes. This is where I'm at this morning. And now: Thanks to @caius repair logs I learned sprites are in 000 - > 030 which gave me an idea where to look. I'd noticed when the original roms were desoldered that the roms are wired in series (address line 1 of eprom 1 goes to address line 1 of eprom 2, etc) and took the multimeter to them. P…

  • Well, I figured out almost everything. The game plays proper, the backgrounds and title screen are good, and the sprites themselves are good but their palette seems off. And of course no sound (but that's because no decrypted sound roms yet). RAM and ROM say OK on boot. Between @ShootTheCore 's post on jumpers, and @8bitforlife double-checking for me I know those are correct. I did search through the mame driver to see if "sprite" or "palette" pointed out where to check, but …

  • Can you please knock me up to 2 diy? It's fine if that puts me further down the list. I just got asked by a friend to do theirs and figured we'd save on shipping.

  • Why just some of the pages? Are the rest even more irrelevant?

  • @twistedsymphony I'll give it a go!

  • So I got handed an MT2 to convert to UC. MAME file names don't line up with this ROM board. Anyone able to tell me which ROMs go in which locations?

  • Quote from aoiddr: “Whoops, meant to type that and ended up with a bad typo. ” I knew it had to be a typo, but I didn't want OP coming back and trying 5.9v and seeing what happened!

  • @aoiddr 5.09 not 5.9. Please don't put your PSU over 5.10 as a general rule. 5.9 is going to kill just about anything plugged into it.

  • I just popped back in to "trackball panels". Didn't know the goal was CUSTOM trackball panels! That should be fun!

  • If you've cleaned both the sockets and the eproms, I'd take a look at the solder joints for the sockets. If those look good, or get reflowed and still it acts odd, start following traces, I suppose?

  • Quote from ArcSys101: “The board is very clean Maybe im gonna give it another good cleaning in the jamma edge ” Try cleaning the supergun JAMMA connector too. Can't hurt anyway!

  • Quote from BlinG: “The black compound that leaks is a really sticky adhesive. I am sure that is whats holding it down to the frame. You might have to wedge something in between and gently pry it. ” It makes a REALLY fun sound when it let's go too...

  • Quote from Battlesmurf: “Re: cp box- $365 shipped, powder coated, etc- ready to install. I could always bring one down next time I'm bothering my mom to save a little bit, too. I have (2?) left I think, I'd have to check. ” It's not a today or this week thing, but I do need to do it sometime. Thanks! Quote from Battlesmurf: “re: trackball panels. Alberto might make them too? ” He may, but when they're well under $100 on YAJ, it's almost silly to buy new panels for 100ish or more, then track down…

  • Quote from Danexmurder: “Oh man, they're super dirty. I pulled a few last night to look and could barely get them out of the sockets. They all looked really corroded. I'd hoped that re seating them would do the trick. Any advice on pulling the eproms without bending the legs all to hell? ” Using the right tool always helps!…f9rhdgvPrdEgaAsnBEALw_wcB If you're not careful with a flathead or something you can cut traces under the eproms trying to pry them up. That be…

  • Oh, it's an eprom. I hadn't looked to see what RFJ-09 was. Take it out, spray the socket with electrical contact cleaner and use a toothbrush on it. Then clean the legs of the eproms and reseat them. Worth a shot before reflowing. They could very well just be dirty

  • Quote from Kavas: “And here I am still using the free multi meter I got from Harbor Freight with a coupon ” That's an excellent option too! I just mentioned a price-point because I've had people who just spent 1600 bucks on a cab tell me they "don't want to buy expensive tools"....

  • Quote from Kavas: “If you read up you can see there's plenty of interest in a custom panel, maybe for trackball ” Aero trackball panels pop up on YAJ pretty often. Pretty sure the one that was up there the other day didn't even get a bid. Recreating them would be something, but you'd still have to source the trackballs and at that point you'd be out way more than just buying a panel off of YAJ. Quote from Battlesmurf: “Also- I can get doors fabricated. Probably around $175 or less- I'd need a do…

  • May want to post over on shmups, there are a lot more in-depth PVM setup guys there. May be settings you can change, or a particular Extron box that can help you in terms of sync. As far as the chip you pushed down on to get things working better. Grab a magnifying glass and start looking at the legs on the chip and see if you can find any that are lifted, crossed, or have poor solder joints.

  • Quote from Danexmurder: “Catzoo, what did you do to fix the sync? ” Arcade monitors generally have H.Hold and V.Hold adjustments. YMMV with PVM's.