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  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “Drop in replacement? Same pitch pins, physical size and resistance as original? If so I'd like a few... Do you have a picture of them? I found them on AliExpress but don't fancy ordering from China right now. ” I second this, are they drop in replacement? I ordered some recommended in another thread but they were anything but drop in.

  • Quote from rewrite: “Please, for the love of all that is good, buy a $20 multimeter before your cab shows up. It's an absolute necessity in this hobby! ” And here I am still using the free multi meter I got from Harbor Freight with a coupon

  • Quote from Battlesmurf: “Does anybody here need grommits? I might bulk buy if I can get enough interest and just ship it first class. $20 for a set of 4 is silly- we might be able to get them down a couple bucks. Also- I can get doors fabricated. Probably around $175 or less- I'd need a door to send my guy though. We've done aero table, mini cute, Egret 2 parts, among other things. PM me. ” I might need 1 grommit for something unrelated to the Aero City that I think this size might be good for. …

  • Quote from jermz1: “@Kavasdo you where I could source them? ” I do not. I have all of mine. You could try Ace Hardware / Rockys for something similar. Otherwise you might have to search online.

  • Kavas' Sega Aero City Restoration

    Kavas - - Project Showcase


    Quote from jermz1: “How was the condition on the plastic/rubber grey washer things behind the crt mount. I seem to be missing 2 of them. ” Mine were fine. There should be 4 of them. Edit: Be sure to check your monitor. When I took my monitor out, two of the grey washers also came out.

  • Kavas' Sega Aero City Restoration

    Kavas - - Project Showcase


    Quote from 8bitforlife: “would anyone know a source to buy the screws for the glass? mine were kind stripped when i took them off so i think i should replace them. ” I would like to know the ALL the screws on the cab! You need to be careful when dealing with those 4x screws for the glass. I almost stripped one of the holes itself when trying to put the glass back on. Only part on the cab where I had that problem.

  • I also purchased most of all the locks I need. I have 5x 5380 Sega locks on the way from Japan. It came with 1 key. nvDOV3p.jpg Those combined with the 2x CP tangs I already have, and the 2x bent style tangs that I think are for the main door and coin mech door? 2KEs64Y.jpg So I think what I am missing is just 1 tang for the coin box door, which I think is the strait looking one seen here: s-l1600.jpg If anyone can confirm if that is indeed the one that I am missing, I will keep an eye out for i…

  • Quote from hoagtech: “Looks amazing. Those ridges should be able to come out with light heat from a hair dryer and the squeegee. Were your cones ripped or were the joints broken off the speakers? 8bit had to reattach his. ” I have looked these over a dozen times and I see no damage on the cone or the speaker itself. I surmise it must be the coil within that has melted or something. I only guess it never worked to begin with, or when I turned it on for the first time using my IGS PGM, I was so co…

  • I received the 4th leg leveler I was needing today. Mine only came with 3. It's not original but it works fine. I went with this one here. Q5Aj8Ri.jpg It is nice and long unlike the original ones so if you wanted to make your aero just a tad taller you can. The aeros are rather short and you may bump your knees depending on how tall you are or how big your seat is. I only tested the back left side and it went all the way in so there is tons of room for play, not sure about the front posts though…

  • Quote from benime: “Quote from Kavas: “ is now out there for you to take the gamble on. I haven't even met the guy and I am only going through my coaters. ” Yeah sorry, I'm out. I don't want to plunk down that kind of cash without a prototype or some kind of example of the work we could expect. ” I agree. I wouldn't even begin to show cash until a prototype is made. I kept thinking you could just buy a aero city for 550 but then again unless your picking it up your in for another 500$ shipp…

  • So they got back to me about the doors and repro panel. The panel with the bend and stud is $125. I am not sure if this includes the cutouts or just plain metal like @bagheera369 wanted. Still for $125 it seems good. Thing is these are hand made and he is using my panel as a template. He would need 50% of the cost upfront to start producing. I think a prototype would be in order but I haven't talked to them directly. Let me know what you guys think. The coin door panel would be $200. I "think" t…

  • Motherboard No Sound

    Kavas - - IGS PGM/PGM2/etc. support


    Recently had a board with no sound. I re-flowed the capacitors and it came back to life.


  • Quote from The_A_Drain: “That's amazingly kind of you, and super appreciated! Let me know how much you need for it and postage to the UK and I can have it paypal'ed in seconds. ” And welcome to this community!

  • Candy bartop project

    Kavas - - Project Showcase


    At that size you could make it like those neo geo minis

  • Price? I'll take 2 depending.

  • Pm sent as well. 2,3,5,8 are what I'm after.

  • Order placed. Just in time too, nearing the end of my aero restore.

  • Was wondering whatever happened to this. Was in for just the cave shooter labels.