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  • Got another sdd Samsung evo 860 imaged it plugged it back in to the pc said there was something the matter with the F drive asked to repair it. Repaired it works great. Not sure looks like F stores settings? So probably got messed up some how but it’s working now. Thanks for the input

  • Quote from Niko: “You might try a different SSD/HDD just to rule that out. Also ensure the SATA cable and power cable are fully and securely attached to the drive and motherboard. Typically when the graphics card goes out, you'll get some artifacting and or windows BSOD. ” Definitely a SSD issue tried to reimage swapped them out with a known working board same thing. SSD was brand new worked for a few hours.. guess I’ll pick up another not sure formatting and reimaging will help? Should have stu…

  • Yea I used that but I have 2 taito x2 set ups so I cloned one sdd I’ll reimage it today and try that out. I’ll report back soon as I try a direct image I also have an extra video card but Ill try reimaging 1st. Thanks for the feedback

  • A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Usukane - - Taito Type X


    Having an issue with my taito x2 if I have the I/O unplugged I get the cannot find I/O message. With it plugged in it gets to boot window then crashes to black screen. Is this a video card problem or should I try to reimage the SDD? Maybe something got messed up? Before this the fmv was slowing down/freezing. My best guess is a video card.. thanks for any input tried with capcom io and sega io

  • ordered type 3 from Yaton but idk when it’s gonna show cause of all the shit going on. Also the sega converter gonna build a k > j wiring harness and pull it through to the p2 side Thanks for your input @Derick2k

  • They do have have “G” connectors 2 of them 1 for each side I guess I could get that and wire a harness from 1 player panel to the 2 player side. Or do a custom harness straight from the sega type 3 to the “K” Connectors. Ordered the I/O gonna keep working on it

  • Also I don’t think this versus has that 60 pin connector so I don’t think I would need the adaptor? Would just need a 60 pin for controls from the sega I/O I’ll double check tomorrow

  • Say I could use the ones he sent? How do I power the jamma one I have a jamma harness laying around I could use. Does it pull from the jamma edge or one of the jst connectors. If not I’ll start Hunting for some sega I/Os

  • I can use for splitting video at least lol I'll keep buggin kc he said he may have this I/O hope so...

  • So just picked up a Vewlix vs (first time having a vewlix) I know the IO thing has been talked about a lot. was hoping this was gonna be plug and play.. never that easy lol trying to figure out my options for operating a single taito x 2 multi in there. KC sent me this jvs to jamma I/O I’m assuming I’ll have to rewire controls/service/test/coin with a jamma harness.. which I can do.. question is How do I power this board. Do these type draw power from the jamma harness or a jst connector? USB?? …

  • I noticed a lot of jumpers not sure what they do would they have any effect on something like that? I’m not super savvy with pc stuff.

  • Quote from Derick2k: “I have a dead one that I havent messed with yet, and one that has had the MB replaced with consumer version by someone else on the way, they claim the game drives/carts do not need to be modified, we will see. ” hmm ok if this is true would be nice I'll look for a consumer MB this week

  • Got mine to power on finally after getting a new power supply but having the same problems @twistedsymphony had.. nothing on vga out on the mobo and green light flashing on the jamma pcb just blinks. Is the mobo dead? Seems like a giant pita. I have a working original so don't want to modify my game carts .. was just trying to bring this one back from the dead. Any tips? Checked battery was @2.5v did a hot swap anyway with a new battery

  • Taito X2 won’t boot bad video

    Usukane - - Taito Type X


    :o sending pm now

  • Taito X2 won’t boot bad video

    Usukane - - Taito Type X


    Just wanted to get an opinion on this before I pick up a new video card. Boots to taito screen (with compromised video) then black screen with green lines. I’m am assuming it’s the video card. Anyone have a similar issue? I’ve reseated the card and tried multiple SSD does not ever make it to a boot screen. Hoping the mobo is still……b29a6e00c049e278c89eb3fa8

  • This is the original This is the one I’m thinking about picking up. Pretty sure this will work same specs from what I’m reading…Fulk%2Fitm%2F174131533213

  • Is there a good drop in replacement for the PSU? seems I’m only getting 5v out of my atx connector. I think it was bricked by having jamma and the power adapter plugged in. Checked voltages and that’s the only thing I can come up with. Any tips or model #s would be awesome hoping it’s just the psu and not the MB

  • Mine resets while playing sagat only if you throw a fire ball lol.

  • Cps3 low audio

    Usukane - - General Arcade Tech Help


    I am having an issue with audio on my cps3 board I have to turn the volume all the way up to hear anything both on jamma or external settings. I can barely hear it one of the caps broke off in shipping (1000uf 25v cap) and the potentiometer knob was broken off -.- I replaced the cap with a 1000uf 35v (was told going up was ok) and replaced the potentiometer with this part here..…irtualkey688-RK09K12C0A19 any tips or has anyone run into problems after changing the p…