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  • Quote from hackcell: “How do I order one of these namco connectors thru the JNX website? ” For this adapter I’m waiting on parts still. But you can either message me here or at

  • Just keep in mind that for CMVS multitaps will only work on units built with onboard controller ports

  • JNX Namco X Kick Harness Adapter

    XianXi - - JNX Island


    This is the Namco X, it is made for people running dedicated Namco System 11 & 12 game cabinets and want to play other non-Namco fighting games. The Namco X plugs into the stock Namco 48 pin kick harness (Looks like a mini Jamma harness). The adapter supports 6 button fighters as well as the Stereo Right audio channel (Special loom required). Each adapter comes with a 2ft loom to plug into the 10p JST connector to terminate to the kick harness you prefer like CPS1, CPS2, Midway H1, STV, F3, etc.…

  • Need an MVS Repair Man

    XianXi - - Neo-Geo MVS and AES


    I am completely booked for repairs but I have some repair requests from customers that are desperate for a repair due to quarantine boredom. Probably good to post your location as it’s good to know as many as possible.

  • It mainly comes down to how valuable the cart is. If it has 4 x 32mbit Vroms and one is bad, you’ll need an SOP adapter since you can’t use a 322 to replace it as they only run in 16bit mode and audio is 8bit. But of course it could be something simpler like bad trace or PCM and rarely corrupt M1.

  • I'm gonna try my other laptop in case this one is acting weird again.

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “How are you powering the kit? ” With my arcade power supply 5v line soldered to the pins indicated in the instructions. Quote from Darksoft: “In the 1st post of this thread, there is an EDIT by me with instructions about how to properly do a Bootloader UPDATE:…_Firmware_Update.pdf/file ” That's the exact instructions I've been using.

  • Quote from Darksoft: “Quote from XianXi: “That’s after a successful write. That’s why I’m confused with the black screen. Now after programming it, I can no longer connect to it. Says something about “try to connect with reset mode”. ” And you said that the VERIFY Romset verifies well for you, right? ” This is what the log says when it's done: 09:21:44 : Device ID:0x414 09:21:44 : Device flash Size : 256KBytes 09:21:44 : Device family :STM32F10xx High-density 09:21:52 : [sd_bootloader.bin] opene…

  • Quote from xodaraP: “Sounds like it’s working but read is disabled. You don’t need to read the existing flash you need to write a new one - or does that error appear when attempting a write? ” That’s after a successful write. That’s why I’m confused with the black screen. Now after programming it, I can no longer connect to it. Says something about “try to connect with reset mode”.

  • OK so got the Discovery, installed it on the PC, downloaded the drivers and software. It connects to the programmer, removed the jumpers on the discovery, connected the 5pin harness connecting to J4 using the pinout supplied. After bypassing and programming the bootloader, I powered it on back on the multi, I just get a black screen but I did notice that it erased the flash.img file from the SD when it booted but now that's where I am, black screen no matter what game I try to load.

  • Custom wooden Naomi MvC 2 Case

    XianXi - - Project Showcase


    Jesus that's beautiful asf. Nice job dude

  • Is it a Konami Classic to JAMMA adapter?

  • Are the last group of 75ohm resistors pulldowns or in series?

  • Quote from xodaraP: “No, you remove ALL wires, then update firmware then connect new wires. If you had the old reset wire connected during the flash you may have corrupted the bootloader and will need the discovery programmer to reload it ” That's exactly what I mean, it's the way it's worded. Saying "It's not used anymore" just sounds like "after the update, just use the 4 new wires only". It should read: "Remove SWD5 before updating as no wires are to be connected during the update. Once the f…

  • Quote from l_oliveira: “Quote from XianXi: “I'm about to lose my shit today. For some reason with nothing changed, I now get no video. The LCD displays that a game is playing but there is nothing on screen. Only wire that's ever been connected in this whole process has been the SDW5. Tried booting it a few times and flash.img is still sitting in the folder. Should I blank the card and start over? This was a fully working multi before adding the two files. ” If you update the firmware you have to…

  • Quote from Darksoft: “what is the name of the firmware file? Flash.img? It should also be deleted Repeat the process again only with the new Firmware and see if the file is deleted. If that's the case then you can install the wires. The only problem comes if you upgrade firmware WITH the cables installed. If there is no firmware files in the microSD, then nothing will be updated and you'll be OK. ” I'm about to lose my shit today. For some reason with nothing changed, I now get no video. The LCD…

  • Will it delete the flash file even if its the same firmware already on the hardware? Yes, flash.img

  • ok so I put both bootloader and flash in the root, Booted it up, didn't see a new firmware message though but it loaded up the last game flashed. Let me know if that's correct before I boot it with the 4 wires added on this Rev7. I wasn't sure if I had to use a blank SD or just use the same one with the Game folder on it. Oh and bootloader deleted itself on the SD but flash is still there.

  • Open the zip, usually the rom files have extensions which are actually the rom's location on the PCB. Just compare it to the original rom list and then burn the new ones.

  • I think I have some of this RAM.