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  • Even if someone has roms marked as erased in an auction or site purchase you can't really trust it, you pretty much need to own at least a cheap eprom eraser like: If you want to try a double size for your bigger roms after they are erased you can make their files at cmd prompt like: copy /b + doubled.bin You should be able to dump the roms you are replacing now though so we can see if it's an undumped hack.

  • Be sure to dump and post the program roms here before erasing them and reprogramming with the original code.

  • You have a modified/hacked board there with Turbo Ninja (unofficial hack like the "Rainbow Edition" was for Street Fighter 2). The first thing to do is dump those 2 roms in the pic and post them here so we can check if they are in mame, that could be an undumped revision. Then after that if you want rev 4 you would keep that daughter card and rom removed and then you would program 2 other roms with the rev 4 from mame. Do not reprogram those roms pictured, you would be throwing money away, that …

  • I like using a Jrok Sync Cleaner to fix problems like that: Although I didn't think CPS3 had a weird enough rate to need it. There is also a trick where you can sometimes fool it. Load it up with a board that works like CPS2, start your software recording, then just keep it recording while you power that off and replace it with a CPS3 game, power that up and see if it's recording correctly.

  • A dongle is a protection device that stops people from just copying someone else's hard drive so you have to buy a game. Generally it'll be a USB stick that needs to be plugged in in order for a machine to work or else it will do things like keeping on looping how you described. There's no way I can further diagnose your situation. It could be 100 different things like any component on the motherboard going bad. I'm just saying the first thing I'd do is swap the hard drive because mechanical har…

  • I don't have the hardware but the first things that come to mind is the hard drive went bad or the protection dongle died so the game isn't getting the feedback it wants so it resets itself. You could try using a disc image in mame to reinstall the game onto another hard drive or maybe on the web there is some cracked version that bypasses dongles.

  • That is one of the public perceptions of it but it's the best game IGS ever made in my opinion if you play the version/mode where you bullet scratch to raise the hyper gauge and can switch between plane types (final revision in expert mode I think is the combo). If you asked me if I could have only 1 IGS game on a desert island I would answer Bee Storm before the question was even completely spoken, but I'm not an IGS fan in general at all. I find them almost anti-innovative. Bee Storm could hav…

  • Wha? You still have that rom dump? If it didn't romident with the latest mame that means it's an undumped version so send to mame.

  • Progear exports are harder to me than the Japan version. That probably goes for all or most CPS2 games.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from Apocalypse: “Anyone with a spare encrypted Model2/Model3 game (supported in MAME obviously)? ” I have a Model 3 VOT 5.2A ROM board/security board I could let you borrow, but I'd need it back when you're done. took me quite a while and cost me quite a bit to obtain it in the first place. ” Can you post a picture of it so we can check if it is needed in mame or not?

  • Quote from yavuzg: “There is this PIC microcontroller which I don't know its purpose. May be to protect the bootleg from other bootleggers ” That probably is it. Some Street Fighter 2 hacks used a customized pal and the Mortal Kombat hack daughter boards used a pal on them.

  • If one of the pcbs is a bootleg you might as well call the whole thing a boot. Especially CPS1, this was done over and over. This might sound heartless but it's buyers' responsibility to educate themselves enough to know if a board is a bootleg or not by examining pcb pictures before buying. On some conversions if they got super sneaky like removing and replacing the original rom stickers that could fool anyone, but that virtually never happens.


    Muchi Muchi Spork - - Capcom's CPS-III


    AT93C46 is an eeprom yes. You can get them for pennies on ebay.

  • Pictures would be helpful. Yes go ahead and dump the roms before converting it. Personally I wouldn't bother converting it since it's already a good game and the center bootleg board could stop you dead in your tracks/force you to hack roms up just to get it to work, but do whatever you want. I dumped something like this a few years ago but it used a normal B board. I think it was hacked to use a different game's sounds since the original had different sound hardware but I don't really remember …

  • There were a lot fewer chips also on some of the segasonic games as well and there are differing jumper layouts on some PCB revisions with no clear way to consolidate. Someone would probably have to do a lot more hacking and documenting to take the science experiment element out of C2 hacking.

  • Hey you should try making a Ribbit set. That game is great and impossible to find now. Unfortunately I sold my C2 hardware.