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  • Under Defeat HD+, anyone?

    ArcadeSTG - - Taito Type X


    Don't get me wrong. I am all in into original hardware. I was curious, that's all. I found this Under Defeat HD+ idea similar to Deathsmiles 2 on TX2. As for jconfig or tp, I didn't know jconfig supports it. I guess it's easier to use jconfig in the TX2.

  • Under Defeat HD+, anyone?

    ArcadeSTG - - Taito Type X


    My idea was the following combo: Under Defeat HD+ Teknoparrot JVS tool (to use JVS as keyboard)

  • Under Defeat HD+, anyone?

    ArcadeSTG - - Taito Type X


    Under Defeat HD+ is a Ringedge 2 game, which is a more powerful system than TX2, but the game is not that demanding (after all it is a Naomi game + HD). Maybe it is possible to have it running in The Multi. Has anyone ever tried?

  • Quote from corey: “I actually have a much further progressed server up for testing. I am just waiting on flybit to add full support for it in Jconfig. FF isnt supported in the version I have up at the moment as that portion wasn't written by me. Once I get some solid testing done and then do the extended functions in the back end I'll be uploading what I wrote to github ” Lovely, maybe I can finally use nesys cards! So far, they only work in the test menu.

  • Thanks for your reply! I must miss something, folder structure is ok, and even with config.ini file set to JVS the controls are not working. I am trying two versions of the game, one with the original game.exe (renamed from cvgame.exe) and another which is modified to support keyboard. My VLX has a regular I/O (not a fast I/O). To be honest, I do not plan to really play DS2 on the TX2, but I was curious about how well it would run with different graphics card and IO. What would really be the ici…

  • Quote from Magus Incognito: “Quote from ArcadeSTG: “- Deathsmlies 2 seems to be supported, but to the best of my knowledge that game does not support Taito JVS. So, do I have to modify the config file to make it work? ” Deathsmiles 2 all work on ver2.0, just turn off the game exit option on the Multi Menu and your good to go like on ver1.4 wink.png ” Thanks for your reply I give it a go with game exit option set to no. Unfortunately it did not work. the game starts, but the controls are not reco…

  • Long time without visiting Arcade Projects. I am glad to see your nicks again I am really impress by the last version of The Multi I have been playing with it all the day and it works flawless! - "support for patching games in memory" is there any place where I can get more info about this? - Deathsmlies 2 seems to be supported, but to the best of my knowledge that game does not support Taito JVS. So, do I have to modify the config file to make it work? - is there any way to use a custom exe nam…

  • It seems dnphamus13 has experience installing fresh OS in TX2. Too bad W7 is not an option

  • Thank you for your help The multiboot image is a windows XP. right? Ideally I would like to have a windows 7.

  • I am open to do experimentation, and your ideas are really good. but I am wondering if there is any protection that prevents a fresh install to boot. I don't know, maybe there must be somthing in the MBR, or the booting files must be in a particular sector, or the bios check someting... Has anyone done this before?

  • POSReady 2009 sounds good! and I am not affraif of the drivers, but my main issue is how to do the installation. I believe that if start the explorer, plug a ps2 keyboard and ps2 mouse, and launch the installaiton it is not going to boot, right?

  • Tthanks for the reply! I understand that the OS is installed in the HDD. Mi idea is to have another HDD with a fresh OS where it is possible to install newer versions of direct x or windows. This will enable to launch more PC ased games. The final result will be an HDD that automatically launchs the game BUT with a different windows running.

  • Do you know any way to install a fresh Operative System on Type x2? For instance a fresh windows XP or a windows 7.

  • I have created a new version of the comparison table. If you have information to improve it, please let me know: Taito%20Vewlix.jpg

  • Chewlix, what a nice name!

  • thank you very much Derick2k (and SNK-NEO-GEO)! Do you have any clue about the existence of a manual for the chinese vewlix (licensed by taito but manufactured in china). It would be quite interesting to sse the official description of the internal components.

  • Thnaks for the inputs! could any of you share the pdf of the diamond black manual? please.

  • Hi, some time ago, I did a Vewlix comparision table: VewlixComparisionTable.jpg Now, I plan to update it. BUT, I need your help. Is there more info about the panels of the diamond and diamond black models?. I understand that both of them accept a 1080P signal, but are they native 1080P panels?