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  • Lets talk Taito Type X3

    samplehunters - - Taito Type X


    Quote from Niko: “The main thing to note between FastIO and JVS is some or maybe most (haven't checked many) X2 JVS games have a 20ms (~1.4 frames) delay on input polling for compatibility. ( Not all JVS I/O boards are created equal! ) You can see this implemented sometimes when games use ReadFile() in a blocking manner. When using my FastIO2JVS library this delay is mitigated because I'm able to return from the function after passing the data instead of waiting for the timeout. ” Quote from Nik…

  • Friend, all the info is on the 1st page of this thread. Have a look at this picture. Fast-I-O-Taito-Type-X2-X3-Jvs-Arcade-copy.jpg

  • Quote from Bonky: “Yes, but it's ok I have looked into the vewlix schematics and it's : 1 - 12v 2 - 12v 3 - GND 4 - GND My fast I/O come to vewlix cabinet. ” Are you sure? from…1972480/ Untitled-1.jpg

  • Usually still play it a few times a week. I think it launched much earlier in Japan though. I remember my cousin importing it several months before it was available over here and then complaining about not being able to save his progress in Sonic because he didn't order the VMU!

  • Finally received mine today! Only complaint was that they didn't include any plastic standoffs. Had to make my own with a modified PCB foot. My only concern with the clone was the connector that they used was the wrong size (they used a longer one and cut it off to fit) but it mated fine with the Dreamcast side so no worries! Overall, it was a positive experience, was going to do the HDD mod and now I don't have to! 96w17q.jpg Also, this happened last week. Won't be waiting on it but if it ever …

  • Ah OK I see. Wish I could be more help but I sold my X2's a long time ago. I just know that Device Manager is devmgmt.msc in the system32 folder. Have you tried dropping a copy of cmd.exe into the Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder? I'm sure you'll sort it out eventually!

  • Sorry if it sounds super obvious to you already, but did you try changing the COM port number in Device Manager? Other than that, I wouldn't have a clue! win7-09.png

  • Nice work! Are you going to use RJ45 & USB breakout boards internally? I was going to do something similar but decided to go a different route (just installed the PCIe IDMAC board inside my gaming desktop instead). Quote from nam9: “Since I plan to wire everything internally, here is a rough pinout for the CN1 connector. I should be able to bypass the daughter board entirely. ”

  • Still not getting my hopes up but curious about what they could be sending me! 20zwuj5.jpg

  • I want to wait and see what random prize @PascalP receives first before requesting a refund! (Hoping he gets a GDEMU!)

  • Been a while since I've last gotten scammed so I think I'm due! 10ruvm1.jpg 1zn5110.jpg

  • Wow, that's an amazing job you did. You put a LOT of work into that! Holy smokes! I had the same idea in mind with my X3 but I'm in no rush to complete it. I noticed you used a dual slot PCI bracket for your DB15 controller ports, was that on purpose or did you not have a single slot bracket on hand?

  • I'm guessing TOP: JTAG header BOTTOM: S/PDIF iirc

  • Maybe it's LTC1098 Micropower Sampling 8-Bit Serial I/O A/D Converters

  • No worries. 5V is pin 4, GND is pin 7. I wired them to a Molex connector but there are other ways to power the board. EDIT: You can double check continuity with the SP485 chip where Pin 8 is 5V & Pin 5 is GND. LP4POWEXT12.B.jpg

  • Unfortunately, looks like that mobo is missing the header for the serial port. You can try connecting it to the serial port on the back panel instead. Then you'll just need to power the board, the 11 pin cable is normally connected to the Front Panel header but you only need to connect the 5V and GND. I used a 4 pin Molex adapter. Sorry I don't have the pinout on hand ATM. Good luck!

  • Your CPS2 Setup

    samplehunters - - Capcom's CPS2


    Quote from FrancoB: “I originally wanted to mount the LCD in the front of a spare case I bought where the three plugs are but there isn't enough clearance unless I wanted a gap in the case which I didn't want to have. I decided instead to mount the LCD in the top of the case. ” Beautiful mod! That's unfortunate that the LCD doesn't fit in the front of the case as that spot seems ideal. I don't own a Multi but perhaps shaving down the LCD PCB would make it fit, or maybe it could be replaced by a …

  • I don't own an ST-V but it was a very nice read.

  • Quote from winteriscoming: “So is TTX2 strict about I/Os for every game? Stock Sega Type 1 wouldn't work for anything?” I read somewhere, a long time ago, that the Sega Type 1 I/O wasn't compatible with the TTX so I never bothered to test it out until recently. At first, the game recognized the I/O board but not the inputs. Then I read a tip from andygeezer on AO: Quote: “ Do a loop cable from pin 1 to pin 3 on the 60pin connector, otherwise inputs will not work. ” tried it with SSFIV and it wor…

  • Quote from mountainmanjed: “First, the hitboxes won't appear like that they'll appear like you seen in the hit test on the cps1 sf2 versions or what you see in my avatar from Alpha 3 Sample. Secondly the code for them is gone will have to be redone since debug tools is one of the first things to go.” Thanks for the reply. Being able to see the hitboxes in SF2:HF via dipswitch was very cool and it would've been neat to have that in SSF2X / HSF2 as well. I saw a video of your training mode version…