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  • Quote from Trol: “What makes you think it's no jamma? Looks like a Street Fighter 2 bootleg to me. ” 99% chance it's a CPS1 bootleg

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “One person (not on Arcade-Projects) whom I know actually sits and waits, researches and tries to predict the next popular and soon to be in high demand arcade PCB; ready to pounce on any opportunity to deplete the market of said PCB so that he may stockpile and sell them at inflated prices. Drying up supply and artificially inflating pricing. The fact that it's premeditated really rubs me the wrong way. ” Let me guess, an Aussie with a first name starting with G?

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “I had the exact same thought, re keychain toy. ” I'm mounting one on a ring.

  • Quote from mugen_ketsueki: “This one…7892dff2b1bf2bb95bae60298 I got this randomly. Happened on my Samsho2 in slot 2. And one time with fatal fury special in slot 1 ” Happened to me many times before with OG carts. Mostly due to bad contact and maybe an oversensitive error handler in the UniBIOS with some games?

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “what makes you think pop'n bounce is a trackball game? it looks like it should use a spinner. ” I think I remember that game having a "paddle" option in the soft dips.

  • Looks legit thanks.

  • So I got a physical copy of Tanglewood but I didn't receive any link to the ROM file (that was 2 years ago IIRC). When you buy the Steam version you can simply extract the ROM file and use it on a flash cart so I assumed by having a physical copy (much more expensive BTW) you'd have the same opportunity. So I'm left with two options: - dump the cartridge if that's even possible (but it's going to be a pain, either I need to use the old Mega-CD dumping method or open the cartridge and desolder th…

  • Quote from brentradio: “So send me YOUR Paypal address. This whole thing was my idea anyway. ” Nah, I'm happy to cover shipping, I'm also very curious now. Don't worry it will benefit the whole community

  • Quote from thegreathopper: “live is the connection with the fuse, Hot is that an Americanism? Hot is live and Neutral is the other AC connection without the fuse. ” Correct but at the end it doesn't matter. Of course I still make sure to wire things as they should, only to discover neutral and phase are swapped inside the walls or at the electrical panel, sometimes both (double inversion so no inversion only wrong wire colours, may be even more dangerous).

  • Quote from brentradio: “Thank you @ack !!! Send me your Paypal info and I will pay for the shipping! ” I paid for it already.

  • Great news, member @ack is donating a full setup to the cause (slot, I/O board, trackball). Many thanks to him. I first need to get it running (it's untested and might need a bit of TLC) then I'll work from there. @twistedsymphony I still need the pinout of the cable going to the motherboard since it's missing in the lot I'm getting (but I guess it's a 1:1 connection and thus there's only 2 possibilities and by identifying power pins I could probably safely assume I got it right).

  • Quote from jassin000: “I thought the "lost" System18 game was Hammer Away. ” Despite your belief there might be more than one.

  • Quote from djsheep: “…ht-finally-be-coming-out/ Long lost S18 game from Wonderboy creator is to be announced shortly for modern consoles, released by StrictlyLimited. I wonder if they’ve compiled the game to run on original hardware/ROMs or if they’ve bastardised/modernised it for the Switch? Would be super cool if this was able to be played on the forthcoming Multi! ” Interesting but the article is full of errors. No you don't need the sound ROMs to compile the mai…

  • PCB Repair

    Apocalypse - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Quote from TheDeath: “Get a copy of "ON SEMICONDUCTOR TTL data book". ” Funny you say that, a couple of days ago I was doing some spring cleaning in my stuff and found those old books (TTL, RAM, etc.) I haven't used for years cause it's all in my head now. What a waste! I could use that memory space to learn a Shakespeare's play and impress people instead. Because truth is nobody cares you know what output to expect on that specific gate according to its inputs.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “it's a JAMMA pass-through in additional to that small ~8 pin harness with blue wires (CON1) that plugs into the side of the mobo ” That's the important part for me now. I imagine it would be connected to the data bus and few other vital signals. Can you probe it please?

  • First I need to understand how it connects to the motherboard. Can't simply seat on the JAMMA.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “ If you need any pictures or or probing of anything specific, or if you'd like to just borrow my PCB let me know. ” I would be worried of breaking it.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “There's a good pic of it in the mvs scans link I posted above, though it has a sticker on it. I can get a pic of mine later tonight to see if the chip number is readable. ” Thanks, our messages crossed. [EDIT] EPM7128 chip seems undumped but I think could be replaced for the trackball part by something like the µPD4701 plus a LS273 for data latching. You'd lose the outputs control of course.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Correct. I have a whole setup minus the original trackball. I'd be willing to loan you the IO board if you want to repo it. it handles not just the trackball but also the IO for the lamps, stobes, and air valve. There is also a secondary Relay PCB for the strobes/air valve. IIRC it uses an ASIC, has that been dumped? ” Could you please take a close up of that chip?

  • Irritating Maze requires a specific BIOS and an additional I/O board on the JAMMA edge to function properly. IIRC it originally used a MV-1B slot. I thought about reproducing the I/O board but never found one.