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  • Home Arcade System

    ekorz - - RGB's lab


    Quote from The_A_Drain: “Thanks, I'll give it a shot nudging it slightly higher than 5v. ” Use a multimeter if you’re going to try this. First the chips need 5v but the measurement on the HAS is at the jamma edge. There may be small drop-off from there, which is why someone would suggest increasing voltage. And we’re talking like 5.08v showing at the jamma edge, to show 5.00v on a chip. Find a chip on the pcb, look up the pinout, and measure the voltage on that. If it’s under 5v you can tick it …

  • Quote from aimbuster: “@Kundi That looks sweet! And I've never seen a KI pcb without a mounted SSD. Who did those chips replacement? ” Looks like a variation on this, which is easy to source: KI2 DOM (Killer Instinct 2 Disc on Module)

  • Can anyone ID this PCB?

    ekorz - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Lotta info on this pcb (I think) MSTREET-6 Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition Bootleg: Restore & Upgrades including some links out to shmups for more info

  • I have one of these for trade currently, if anyone wants one but doesn’t want to risk it. Swapping over a Konami custom is not easy. Mine used a broken donor for the sound pcb, if that makes you feel better! Will put it up for pure sale at some point. edit: traded

  • Or send him a pcb, then he won’t be able to stop himself from figuring it out

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “to me that sounds like way more than just probing for the pin out. lets make this easy. ” well I’m saying that’s his best path to a DIY solution, with the tools and knowledge at his disposal. you’re offering a DIWT (do it with twisted) step by step solution, i don’t think I’d bet against that!

  • The file you need is dependent on the version you want to run. I'm not sure why but the files seem to differ between the 4p and 2p romsets. There is also a difference between asia and everywhere else, but that makes sense since this is the audio cpu code.…drivers/simpsons.cpp#L393 The romset you're looking for has the filename here:…drivers/simpsons.cpp#L634 in the first column e.g. simpsons, simpsons4pe, simpsons2p etc. No matter the…

  • Simpsons PCB Missing eprom

    ekorz - - Other Hardware Support

    Post will burn and ship you any chip. the file itself is in mame and available across the web in pretty easy to find places. Some members might be able to burn them. Under different circumstances I could. Someone may reply. Also I think you mean 6G

  • Wow. That’s rough, the manual doesn’t address the mystery pcb or any of the pins on the main pcb. I do hope you get this working. Recently I converted a redemption game to jamma, but I had a manual complete with pinouts and a decent amount of experience at this stuff. Props to @rewrite and @twistedsymphony for leaning in, but I do have to think... Non jamma Redemption Separate mystery pcb Trackball io Unhelpful manual... I would definitely be trying to find a complete cab at this point... someho…

  • Quote from rewrite: “Using the right tool always helps!…f9rhdgvPrdEgaAsnBEALw_wcB If you're not careful with a flathead or something you can cut traces under the eproms trying to pry them up. That being said, being very careful I've used eyeglass screwdrivers in the past without an issue. You just need to go slow, lift only a tiny bit at a time and alternate sides, while being very mindful of where the tip likely is as you don't want to scrape the PCB under the epr…

  • @jassin000 give it the business!!

  • Got mine in yesterday (so about a month in transit to USA). I will admit I didn’t pay close attention to the dev thread, and when I was pinged to order my sentiment was more “oh that looks neat, I’ll read up on it when it gets here, I’ll buy to support the effort” than anything else. Well this was basically plug and play, and looks amazing. It’s really a must-have for this multi. Excellent work!

  • ST-V Stereo Audio + Kick PCB (EVERTEN)

    ekorz - - Sega ST-V


    Mine arrived, works great! Thanks again!

  • Quote from Horris: “I’ve never used twitter but this came up when I was googling for something the other day, so I created an account and following it, I now take it it’s not genuine then? Is there a genuine one I should be following? ” There isn’t an official Twitter for arcade projects. Individual members have twitter handles that they put in their profiles though, as well as some moderators. But as a forum, I’m curious what you would want/expect it to tweet about. Not to diminish them, but if…

  • @KalessinDB I have a hack with the red label, but mine has the 40 character roster. Can you snap some pics or video of your title screens and rosters? Curious what the difference is.

  • I usually just plug in a pcb and go to its test mode. That does mean you need to find the cab's test wiring and hook it up, or use a pcb with a test button on it, or jump the test to ground manually. But once I'm in test mode, yeah I just push the button and see what fires. You could tone each line with a multimeter (buy one anyway) but if they were grouped intelligently I'd expect you to be safe, as in no power/video/audio lines are being run into your control panel.

  • Kick Harness for HAS 3.2?

    ekorz - - Capcom's CPS2


    HAS uses a 6 pin JST-XH connector for the kicks. I’m pretty sure it’s been that way for all revisions. #26 here

  • @16bitgium those chips are for the jed files included in the first post. You do need to have them programmed. Other instructions may refer to them as GAL or PAL since on an original board it’s a PAL chip I think, and most people are used to using GAL16V8 chips as replacements. Nice find actually, I drive myself crazy sometimes trying to get a GAL to behave, as they are obsolete chips usually sourced from overseas. These are new and fast, and in stock (at mouser last time I checked). I bought lik…

  • When I saw connections to that pin I thought it was a factory error of some kind for sure. Like they expected it to ground or something. Anyway it sounds like we're saying we can rip off the Gunbird 2 components and just install the circuit the same as Strikers. I may just give that a try for fun since I have almost all the components needed already. Just have to decide to buy a YAC or see if I have one on a scrap board or something. Or just borrow one from a working Strikers for a little bit...