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  • Quote from mathewbeall: “I have the TO device - and it's great to use on my analogue. However - I would REALLY like an actual ODE for my Sega CD Model 1 - which is what my Genesis and 32X are connected to. Do we think *anyone* is working on this? Matt ” I want a real ODE for Sega CD too. Ideally one where it doesn't replace the mechanical CD-ROM drive.

  • Quote from aimbuster: “Does anybody know the Minigun's kick harness pinout? ” It should be silk-screened on the bottom.

  • [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    the Goat - - RGB's lab


    I bought two of RGB's JAMMA extensions (with Voltmeter and Plexiglas) a couple weeks ago. They are top notch. Maximum recommendation. That is all.

  • Quote from Soundmazta: “I bought it last December so I should have the new firmware and must only install the wire? ” Are you seeing the LED turn on/off when the game is flashing/complete?

  • Quote from The_A_Drain: “I'm also tempted to just not touch it incase messing with it gives the seller an avenue to deny a refund. The seller is not responding to messages at all, he doesn't care. ” Good point. Don't modify the minigun until you get the ebay situation resolved. Have you filed an 'item not as described' claim on ebay? If not, do so. Edit: You should always file an ebay claim as soon as it is clear there is an issue -- and the seller doesn't respond to regular communication. Waiti…

  • Kick Harness for HAS 3.2?

    the Goat - - Capcom's CPS2


    Can you post pictures of the kick harness you got? Also one of the kick header on your HAS v3.2?

  • I'm willing to burn EPROMs for other members. I have a TL866A and a Wellon VP598.

  • Quote from hoagtech: “@the Goat Are you pulling our legs? The thought of Gradius multi would make my year. ” Sorry, my statement was based entirely on @xtrasmiley note where be bolded the word 'Yet'.

  • 837-7968 pcb

    the Goat - - Sega System 16/18/24/32


    Quote from Apocalypse: “I could probably do a small run if there's enough interest (10 units?).Only thing is with the current situation shipping takes forever… Price? $50 fully assembled? Or I can send them as a kit and you do the soldering, at parts cost. @Mitsurugi-w interested in making those? ” If you do a run I will take two in kit form.

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Maybe there isn’t one because there’s no multi, yet! ” Upcoming Konami multi confirmed!

  • Quote from jeffpin: “Sorry, I lost some motivation the last few days. I had to put my dog down... ” You have my sympathy. I've gone through that a couple times. It is tough. Quote from jeffpin: “I had started working on another design for this that would incorporate a CPS2 kick harness. I'm hoping this can drop in without screws to where the original IO board is. I think this would also solve the issue for people with a case. The board would mount on the CN21 and CN25 headers and have a wire har…

  • Quote from Kavas: “Coulda sworn I hooked my F3 up to my Framemeister and it didn't work. ” Framemeister probably has the same problem as the OSSC. I just don't think it should be considered a fault in the minigun design.

  • Quote from Kavas: “Quote from the Goat: “Quote from Kavas: “While it doesn't do Taito F3 out of the box. . . ” Eh, my Taito F3 works fine through the minigun (v1.7). ” Wasn't an adapter needed? ” I use a CRT (Sony BVM). It accepts the Taito F3 sync just fine. People say the OSSC doesn't accept the Taito F3 sync. But that is an OSSC problem, not a minigun problem.

  • Quote from Kavas: “While it doesn't do Taito F3 out of the box. . . ” Eh, my Taito F3 works fine through the minigun (v1.7).

  • Namco System 12 boards have two VGA style outputs plus the standard RGBS out on the JAMMA edge.

  • I hope this becomes a reality.

  • It is simple but also really cool. I haven't gotten around to making a stereo cable for my ST-V. So I am interested in buying one depending on price.

  • Home Arcade System

    the Goat - - RGB's lab


    Quote from FakeNoose: “@RGB so I saw this component switcher the other day. He warns against superguns but then only references terribly built ones. What about the HAS? is it safe for such a switcher? (assuming you have the component hat or an rgb2component adapter) What about switchers in general? Are there brands or versions to avoid for use with the HAS? ” It is not a direct answer to your question about the gcompsw. But I use the gscartsw with my HAS without is…

  • I always thought it would be cool for somebody to make a wireless module and battery pack that fit where the cable plugs into the Saturn 3D pad. (hint, hint)