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  • Quote from brizzo: “odd they would lose the security chip that goes with it ” it's the same reason 90% of the Chihiros are missing the video AB cable, Ops pulling the machine apart to sell for parts don't realize you need both. you have a Model 3 game that stops working they pull the ROM board to sell and junk the rest, now you're missing the security board.

  • Name for JVS2JAMMA board

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    Quote from invzim: “I don't have a tri-sync myself, but from what I can gather about none of them can do high-impedance RGB with C-sync via VGA connector? Also seems some of them have issues with C-sync altogether. ” I have 4 different tri syncs in my machines. these pictures aren't mine (just stuff I found on google) but here is how they're setup... My Makvision Tri-sync has 1 video port and it has a switch on the remote board for high or low impedance, The video port is just a pin header and i…

  • I think Andy Geezer offers security board conversion for model 3. There are secret codes to change pcb region on model 3 too.

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “One last thing, the only key factor for me is time. Anyone can achieve anything with time. You don't know assembler? With time you can learn and make your own hacks. ” I would love to learn how to do this stuff and contribute more in this area. I do know the gist of assembly; I've programmed a few pic chips in assembly before so I get the concepts. but when it comes to decompiling code, knowing what tools to use and what to look for I'm completely green. Little nuggets li…

  • Quote from Debu_Ranger: “Is there a twitter feed or something I can follow to know when AES will go up. I'm not worried about the initial rush in as much as knowing when it will go on sale. ” go to the announcement forum here: Forum News click the RSS feed button at the top right: subscribe using your favorite RSS tool. there are quite a few things you can do with RSS: you'll notice that most of the big forum announcements have …

  • Multi Sega System C2

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    I'd be interested in one also.

  • Quote from djsheep: “is it possible to modify an original cart to fit the kit in? ” You can do that. I also sell 3D printed cart housings specifically designed for the Multi. stv_cart_1.jpg info here: 3D Printed Sega ST-V Multi-Cart Housing

  • Quote from Samy83: “...really,...February...1 month later because he asked !?...I hope it's a joke ? ” customer service is no joke

  • Quote from acblunden2: “CPS1 needs some stereo lovin' too! ” right but i thought the CPS1 stereo header was already line level

  • The last few that sold on KLOV went for ~$200 it seems that once people discovered you could convert them to more valuable boards the price has gone up.

  • Once I get this in I'd like to do some comparisons with your Billboard PCB to see what some of the functional differences are and then I can send it back to you. I feel bad with how long I've had that thing.

  • if anyone is interested in getting some original Versus City Billboard hardware. I asked Yaton to look for some and he finally found it! He posted 3 up for sale and I bought 2 of them:…87efff5b9c3%257Ciid%253A1…564c9ccb1fd2eae74955cce49 This is the older board rev from an original Versus City cabinet. the one board can control 2 Billboard displays. this is pretty much everything except for the displays themselves. He has those for sal…

  • I can't help but I'm super interested in the results of this

  • Quote from Darksoft: “think that there is another approach that would be using big Flashes that contains all games and are either pre-programmed or can be programmed at home via JTAG. In that way, you can easily change games with jumpers or even make a menu. The road stopper I think here is knowing how many type of Rom boards there are and how the "multi" would have to look like. ” What if you built a generic board with ribbon cables to plug into the rom slots, that way the PCB wouldn't need to …

  • I think with such a small game list low cost is a big factor. Also consider that there isn't a much genre variety here. I would even suggest using a similar game selection mechanism to the STV multi (jumpers) instead of an LCD or on-screen menu for the sake of cost savings. If you do go that route I would also suggest adding a header next to the jumpers for 5V, GND, Reset, and Write complete so that if someone does build a Selector it's connectors are all consolidated in one spot.

  • I like the 1st one better "MultiMVS" is the name of the cart and just labeling it a "multi cart" sounds too much like the crappy 161in1 carts.

  • Hi all

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    good to see you here your PLD work has been super useful to me over the years.

  • People Keep PMing me about the Housings and Holster. I was set back a few weeks because I blew out the main board in my Printer. I'm back up and running now. and the holster is finalized:…564c9ccb1fd2eae74955cce49 For those that are interested in buying one you can do so here: There an an official thread for these here: 3D Printed LCD Housing for Taito F3 and CPS2 Multi Any questions you have about these please post in that thread.…

  • Quote from brizzo: “The 'conversation limit' for users was set to 100 conversations. Have increased this to 250 which is more in line with other forums, and that temp fixes SmokeMonster so he can msg ” Thank you for this... I was constantly hitting that 100 conversation limit.

  • I missed that. that could be a problem. Most of the Tri-Sync monitors I've worked with are ok to deal with JAMMA level RGB signals, though I don't know if that's typical. would be cool if there was a headers with video in/video out/ and power to allow the development of a plug-in sub-board to handle the video processing before it hits the VGA port, then you could just jumper the input to output for a pass-through with no processing.