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  • Don't forget, xtrasmiley => XtraSmiley Gotta keep an eye on that guy.

  • No problem, just hit me up and good luck!

  • Do you have a magnifying glass? Check all those connections to see if the custom chip needs a reflow.

  • Would borrowing a TMNT PCB help you fix yours? I can mail you one.

  • Great news! As always with re-mapping options, I strongly urge you to include the "start" button as well. Some games use it as an action button, so being able to remap it as well is needed.

  • Quote from ekorz: “I asked $100 shipped or a trade, and would have accepted a poor trade. Just want to get another of these multis fired up! ” Thanks for the info. Ugh, I slightly overpaid...

  • Quote from ekorz: “Surprised at the quantity and speed of interest on that... My spare motherboard is sold, thanks all. If I find another (this extra was from a lot sale) I’ll post here again. ” Do you mind posting what you charged? I've got a spare I'm thinking of moving on (for exactly what I paid), but It think I may have overpaid. Just want to gauge what these are going for. Thanks.

  • Quote from Hammy: “The main list is updated, I got enough parts here to clear up to "page 1" and beyond. Have any more arrived yet? I'm curious to know how everyone is getting along with them ” My box arrived, but I've been to busy to even open it. Give me a few days to mess around with it!

  • Quote from Stillwatertrout: “Well I got a English one from igs. I have the other languages too. My guess is it's just a socketed chip. Dont know. I know the software version can be programmed, I had a guy I'm china program all the revisions for me. Btw better be version 3.02. for saving as earlier version only save character level Not all the extra stuff works weapons pets etc. What I do know is if you get an English one you have to get the north America save cards. Impossible to find. I was sma…

  • Quote from rewrite: “Quote from djsheep: “You can change it yourself in the “Account Management” section. ” Whaaaaaaaaaaattttt?!?!?! ” That's what I said! This forum is GREAT! You can also change capitalization apparently without a waiting period. I changed mine up today!

  • Quote from Jorel81: “Quote from xtrasmiley: “Quote from Jorel81: “I had tried an extron. No luck. Also i have 2 PGMs with same result. Totally waiting on the OSSC Pro man. I also picked up an LG C9 recently. You can go from an HAS, to the OSSC, Pro to a PVM? For some reason I thought it only had HDMI out. Im assuming the OSSC Pro like the current one will introduce some latency, even if minor. By the way if anyone here would like to sell me a Viper Phase 1 USA Version or New Version I have money…

  • Welcome! I'm glad you're a cool man, because we need more of that here! Jump in and tell us about some of your prior repairs!

  • Quote from geosnow: “I keep the mobo with my King of Crystal. Thank you ” Wise man! @Apocalypse might be interested, but he probably won't commit for a month or so. This multi is a tough one to sell. It's probably best for people with a motherboard, but no King of Crystal game! GLWTS!

  • Wait, is that why it’s so fucking hard to get a Dark Adventure game?

  • Quote from Thchardcore: “Quote from xtrasmiley: “Krikzz has always responded to criticism with class, even if he's wrong or disagrees. That's why I keep buying from him. TO has some great products that I really want, but I haven't given them a penny. Every freaking time I'm about to pull the trigger... well, I can't. Hopefully someone comes up with an updated PCE ODE or Flashcart so I don't have to waffle. ” My memories are quite a bit different than yours. ” Well, I’d say our experiences as my …

  • Quote from JasenHicks: “1. There is a good chance I miscounted the screws. But you can always forgo 1, really 10 is a lot of overkill. 2. Metric is more difficult to get in the US, plus everything else I sell uses SAE except the panzer top plexi. 3. Agree. 4. Be careful. Drilling could result in flaking if you aren't careful, the bit wanders, and you dont use masking first. 5. Noted. Thanks for the support over the years everyone. I am actually closing my shop this weekend and all things are eit…

  • Looks cool, but can you explain with it does? Like, as if I'm a 3 year old, b/c I am, when it comes to this stuff!

  • Quote from iTRDC2: “Quote from caius: “Check and eventually reflow the two custom ASICs with finer pitch, lifted/loose pin are a common issue on these board. P.S. And yes, my replacement parts are very expensive, some bilion of $$$ are not enough fpr a couple... ” Thanks a lot for the extra tips @caius Your replacement parts price is more than fair. What is expensive to me is the shipping . Not shipping to the States, but shipping from the States to Portugal again. Lets see if I can resolve it, …

  • Quote from rewrite: “After physical inspection : check your voltages. ” I should have included this as well. Double check your voltages from your PSU AND from the PCB at test points. @Mitsurugi-w will replace your sound PCB with a new one for only $55 and shipping both ways. It's a bargain, and he'll include sockets for it, so in the future you can easily remove it to test it on another board as well. Also, I'm giving you some very basic tips, maybe someone on here who has experience with this P…

  • Home Arcade System

    XtraSmiley - - RGB's lab


    Quote from And One: “Does anyone know if Streetfighter the movie pcb works fine with the HAS supergun? I'm sure it is but just thought I'd ask. ” No, it doesn't work with anything, you should sell me yours very cheaply... I don't know, been looking for a reasonably priced one for 2 years. The other games that run off that PCB seem to work fine, so I would think so.