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  • Great work @caius. I got rid of that type of hardware because of the high failure rate I experienced with those custom chips. Happy to see that preservation effort.

  • I'm lost now with all those new names and avatars!

  • Quote from K0NAM1: “I found this: If that doesn't help and nobody chimes up here then EEVBlog would be a great place to ask... PCB.Wiz, TK & up8051 from what they're saying know this stuff and they were all active in the forums in the last 24 hours... ” I guess I need to register there. Thanks for the tip.

  • Quote from K0NAM1: “If it's true to say that you can do anything on a GAL that you can do on a PAL then it must be possible, no? ” Yes it should be, that's really making me mad.

  • Quote from K0NAM1: “[obviously I'm not trying to tell @Apocalypse this stuff lol, just thinking out loud...] ” No worries. I'm way past that, I've been using PALs, GALs and CPLD for a long time. The SDIP64 custom chip on S18 romboards I reproduced in a CPLD. I've read as much as I could online, the documentation too, software help content, etc. Nothing worked. Tried with WinCUPL, ABEL 5, OpalJr, ISPLever... Also tried different brands (Atmel, Lattice, etc.) and type of PLD (16V8, 18V10, 20V8, 22…

  • Quote from Jassin2: “We have folks on here that do nothing but buy broken PCBs to repair for a profit and while I can see that as a value, I don't think you should be reselling a board you bought for $50 for $800 to a community that you're a part of. ” Names? What I've seen recently is "members" buying broken boards and relying on others to fix them. I'm perfectly fine with them being newbies with repairs, we have all been one day, but when they show zero willingness to learn and are just lookin…

  • So rsignal is now available?

  • Welcome! Quote from xsidnam: “(yeah im old) ” Shush. How dare you?

  • Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “I did erase them multiple times so definitely longer than 20 minutes. But cleaning the window I haven't tried before! I still have them on my desk, so out of curiousity I will try that. And otherwise it seems like @Apocalypse is saying that the TOP3000 is a POS as well ” You get what you pay for. And for the price I've paid for it (~$200 at the time) I'm very happy overall. I'm using it almost every day but for sure it has its limits compared to a $2000 programmer. So def…

  • What should I buy?

    Apocalypse - - Neo-Geo MVS and AES


    Quote from DecepticonZero: “So if you're against emulation, you do know that the darksoft multi is, by your standards, emulating. Right? ” It's not. Just a different storage method.

  • Regarding the 27C322s or any other EPROM that would fail burning properly: I found that a good programmer is the key. My TOP3000 would fail 1/10 of the 27C322s I throw at it. I simply erase them again and try with my Dataman. Surprisingly >95% of the failed chips burn properly with that one. I remember a batch of 30 repainted 27C080s. 23 out of 30 failed on the TOP3000. All were burnt properly with the Dataman.

  • Quote from nonosto: “THX stickers is upside down the chip is in right way. It's ebay seller burn the eeprom I ordered. ” Ok. So no game is booting at all? Have EPROMs been verified after burning?

  • Quote from nonosto: “I installed a new motorola 68k 10 mhz, so I assume that no security chip, so the eeprom burn by the seller: ” Who's the seller? Is it normal the label on ROM 3 is upside down?

  • Quote from Derick2k: “I like it though, have my kid in Spanish classes, then it will probably be Chinese/JP after that, maybe German. I want to learn at least 3-4 other languages. ” Where are you going to find time for that? I'm learning my 4th language and it eats up half of my evenings...

  • Quote from Derick2k: “. I lived in a Spanish speaking Caribbean country for like 7 years, also lived in Spain 3 years. Hell, I speak Spanish/Castilian pretty darn good. ” I bet you speak very good Spanish after a decade! I love Spain but I've lost most of my Spanish now... Can still read it and watch TV/movies though. Let's create a new section of the forum: Los multi chicos.

  • Sega PAL dumps

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    Quote from stj: “btw, how is the best way to dump locked devices, eprom programmer with a pin adapter to look like a big rom? arduino?? something else?? ” For pure combinatorial devices you can use the good old method consisting of trying every input combination and read resulting outputs. Then with some optimisation software you can reduce equations. And you're right, there are several adapters available making the chip appear as a ROM. It has the big advantage of not requiring a specific readi…

  • Sega PAL dumps

    Apocalypse - - General Arcade Tech Help


    @stj I know at least two PALs aren't dumped on the video board for Space Harrier. OutRun and Super Hang-On share the same top board.

  • Konami Rock ‘n Rage

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    It's never a good idea to replace chips randomly. You must troubleshoot first then replace identified faulty chips. Since your board isn't booting I would check: - vital signals on the main CPU (clock, reset, etc.) - program ROMs (content, connections) - work RAMs - etc. From my experience non-booting boards are often a reset or work RAMs issue.

  • Quote from Weasel: “That's a great response. I've never had any issues on the Mega SD tho, and the games behave with the proper timings. What do those errors mean? ” They might not be so obvious if you're not used to play with real carts. Could be minor glitches or specific setups leading to a bug.