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  • Quote from benime: “…Logic-Probe/dp/B000Z9HAP4 It's got a speaker on it; a shitty speaker, but it's enough to tell if you have analog audio. ” Interesting, did not know you could use those for this purpose!

  • Very nice work, @caius! It's great to see options for repairing these games.

  • What should I buy?

    kuze - - Neo-Geo MVS and AES


    Quote from rthorntn: “If I just wanted the one game but I didn't care about the cart being genuine, is there a cheap way to do that? ” 161 in 1 multi cart, they are all over the place on the cheap. Or if you just want the one game, 138 in 1 with dipswitch mod set to Metal Slug 3.

  • Elrayzeur from France.

    kuze - - Introduce Yourself!


    Welcome! Impressive work on SSVP.

  • Adding -5V to Blast City?

    kuze - - Other Sega Hardware


    Quote from cr4zymanz0r: “Would the Negatron be sufficient though?…27s_that_require_-5_volts "ATTENTION - The Negatron device provides -5v@500mA, which may be insufficient for some pcbs." Maybe it'd be fine for Double Dragon? Who knows what PCBs I might would potentially get in the future though. ” Good question, I'd be interested to see a list of what it doesn't work with. So far the only board I have to test is a Midway Wolf Unit and it works fine with that.

  • Adding -5V to Blast City?

    kuze - - Other Sega Hardware


    You can use a pass-through JAMMA fingerboard with a Negatron to accomplish this. I recently did the same thing myself and used a JNX Atlas for this purpose.…ox-blue-elf-game-elf-etc/ The Negatron you can get here: One nice thing about the JNX Atlas is the CN2 location on the PCB easily fits a Negatron. I installed mine underneath the Atlas PCB.

  • Quote from GC8TECH: “I did a Marshal Masters patch today. After inspecting the patch... I thought these were stock roms and some one has edited the roms to convert to english. BUT it would seam there just the Stock ENGLISH PROG ROMs from stock english / USA region carts.... (Correct me if these are done by hand) i translated a couple of SNES games from scratch.... IF this is correct, I should be easily able to go through all the English carts i have and dump the PROGRAM ROM from each cart. Since…

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from twistedsymphony: “they probably just have a silk-screen mask for the -10 and then paint that over every chip they get regardless of it's actual speed. ” I thought about it.Look new? Who cares, 68000 CPUs are immortal! (I think over 1200 or 1300 boards I fixed I only got one faulty 68000, I even had a friend who plugged one backwards, he put it back the correct way and it's still working to this day ). ” I'm not totally sure on this, but I've heard they have som…

  • On that French NeoGeo forum mentioned earlier in this thread, they have mostly got the new title screen patched into the Neo Geo ROM. There's lots of interesting talk about the specifics of how this is being done. Worth a read!

  • KoV bootlegs

    kuze - - IGS PGM/PGM2/etc. support


    Quote from ekorz: “VA1jUUh_d.jpg time to see what all these are... ” Those definitely look interesting! I'm especially curious regarding the "2009" labeled cart. Definitely haven't seen that one before.

  • Quote from ThisGuy: “Quote from AlxUnderBase: “Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “I have a MiniPro as well, but sadly that one doesn't support the C322. ” Yes, indeed , but if you can source an adapter ” I used the adapter board for mine with the minipro. I got it on ebay recently and it was my first time using the adapter. It works but just a warning for anyone planning on using it. It takes forever to program all EPROMs. You need to write each EPROM by bank. Each EPROM has 8 banks so 14 EPROMs = 112 writ…

  • Quote from Hammy: “Quote from kuze: “Reminds me of a certain other project with lots of patch wires. ” Yeah we will get back to that one sometime, projects get insane quickly, that one especially, needed a break!That video is your pleasure when finished (as i still not got a actual donor, only the keeper / reference boards) but we need to fix the last issues first. That other board i was looking at has serious issues, i keep getting it off the stack to try and fix but it's not co-operating. Unti…

  • Needs more stacked chips and/or wires! Secret-Sauce-More-Cowbell.gif Brilliant work as usual @Hammy. Reminds me of a certain other project with lots of patch wires.

  • Very nice! It's a shame another 054539 is required though. I'm guessing Martial Champion pcbs will now rise in price

  • It works, but vertical height is a tad small. Also requires new horizontal yoke and degauss connectors.

  • I received my unit last week and am highly impressed! Build quality is fantastic, you can definitely see all of the professional gear that @Mitsurugi-w has obtained is being well utilized. All supplied EPROMs worked great and were already erased (one 27c322 required 'blanking' check disabled for whatever reason, but still burned and verified fine.) When I went to install the kit I was shocked how much smaller this PCB is compared to stock Sega rom board. Pretty amazing being able to fit 32 games…

  • I'd love to get put on the list for an OLED selector with remote, thanks!

  • Sega Megaplay Repro's

    kuze - - Project Showcase


    Very cool! MD has a special place in my heart and I'm sure that goes for most of us here.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “consider me highly interested in the results of that test. ” Same here!

  • Great thread and findings @ekorz! I'm inclined to think the Strikers circuit might work if copied/moved over to Gunbird 2 as well. While I would like to fully resolve the issue and be able to get fixed amped audio from the PCB itself, it seems to me that doing a line level audio mod may be a decent way to further isolate / pinpoint the problem further. Looking at the YAC513 datasheet, it should simply be a matter of tapping pin 16 (AOUT) and pin 2 (GND) and writing to an rca/phono jack to do a l…