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  • Romset to verify your CPS2 Kit

    syntax_X - - Capcom's CPS2


    The issue is the Multi, it's not my SD card or anything as you should know both test roms verified fine, and its not even required after a successful flash. You relinked my thread that I already linked in my last comment as a recommendation lol. A rework may be in order as the board has been flexed a bit with all this removing and what not to verify B board functionality.

  • Romset to verify your CPS2 Kit

    syntax_X - - Capcom's CPS2


    @Darksoft Multi sound cutting out or hanging Tested with another A board and did a rom swap and key write with Vampire Saviour rom chips on my B boards. The multi just gets worse every time I get a chance to turn it on. No sound at all this time except the ocassional high pitch beeping for a second or 2 on boot. Then after 10 power cycles no game will boot, was doing wierd shit like booting straight to the dont do drugs screen and hanging. Tired of checking every connection with a multimeter onl…

  • Romset to verify your CPS2 Kit

    syntax_X - - Capcom's CPS2


    @Darksoft The model number of the level shifter is SN74LVC4245A but what type? APWT or ADWR? My multi is getting worse with age, now it wont post sound at all and just today stopped running games at all, just a solid color screen. The test roms verify fine, no errors show on the LCD after verifying.

  • Thanks for the thorough reply. Cant wait to lift this curse

  • I only ordered 6 SN74LVC4245A. Flashes 3 and 4 are different chips are they? Preflashed on your end or something I can buy and fit?

  • "checking the flashes with the specific romset that we have for that" ? Is there a diagnostics romset I was not aware about? Please point me towards them ill put them on the SD and test straight away.

  • Darksoft have even recommended me for repair work before, where I had to diagnose a users faulty install which turned out to be a cut trace next to a jumper hiding under some white markings. Found and fixed the issue straight away on that users Multi.

  • Had it for a year, used it for stuff all time. It obvious its a Qsound issue from my posts, and Ben Fong said he had to replace them for the exact same reason too, sound cutting out after an undetermined period of time. Hes sound was also scratchy which mine is not, thats the only difference. My workmanship is above that of the repair work I have seen done by Darksoft, I am a professional installer of such things so I have no worries with fixing it myself rather than sending it halfway across th…

  • You missed the part where I said I put the original Z80 back in mate. It doesn't happen on your Multi l_oliveira because yours is not faulty obviously. I did say how I used this on 2 different A+B boards and had the same results, maybe you missed that.. I explained my issues in great detail and you guys never gave me a decent suggestion how to fix it. Then I look on Facebook yesterday and see you helped out BEN FONG with his sound issues.... Why did you never suggest this fix to me? Yeah, some g…

  • BUMP @l_oliveira ?

  • Take the little top bit of plastic off the ribbon cable, mine was fouling by that couple of mm. I super glued it together.

  • I should note that I socketed the v4 and have replaced the z80 with one from a neo-geo, and then put the original back in. Bad solder on both A+B boards is a long shot considering exactly the same issue is occuring no matter what combination I use. I havent tried decrypted roms because the keywriting is working fine, but I have tried different SD cards and game compilations ect, always the same result with any game. Its timing seems random, as it used to do it before SF vs Xmen could do a single…

  • Thanks for the fast reply. Do you know why with a Multi kit installed that chip would run hotter? Because it does it on both my B boards. Maybe mine is faulty, maybe it has gone unnoticed? I have tried running the kit without case, and painstakingly beeped out every pin on both setups. All pins are clean and snug. Adapter board is fit correctly. I have tried with 4.9 to 5.2 and it will stop completely or hang on a note. Solid 12v from both PSU too. Gameplay continues fine when the audio drops ou…

  • So the v7 with multi cut audio after around 2hrs of gameplay. Its not loose pins or contacts as everything checks out fine across 2 different b boards when connecting the multi and the games run fine for an hour or so till the audio cuts. Pressing on the multi, shaking the CPS2 and yelling at it seem to have no effect. Its not an A board as both my A boards are working fine with a normal B board. Its not a G-pal issue as ive tried a fresh and old g-pal with correct wiring for the v4. Its not an …

  • Did some more testing, removed the wire from my v4 B board gpal pin 9 to multi, wired direct to cn3 C13. Sound died while I was sleeping. Did a battery and full romswap from an unopened v7. Nice that we can write keys to save boards like this. The process went smoothly. The v4 now has stock Vampire Saviour (vsav) chips in it and the DL-2027 is not heating up anymore. It has been running over 12 hours fine. The v7 has been running for an hour with the multi in it and has not had a single issue ye…

  • When comparing the 2 CPS2 units running, Ive notice the multi B board has some hot custom silicon, Ive circled the one. (picture stolen from google) 1G5vYD9.jpg

  • Swapped the supplied G-Pal out for the one in the untouched CPS2, and the sound hasn't cut out since my last post. Guess there's a reason they are socketed hey? Any chance of getting a replacement? I had a spare but I fit it for another member here who had issues. EDIT Spoke too soon, music just froze.

  • Seems 1 pin wasnt making contact,made a new ribbon cable and the screen is running fine now, can select and no random characters ect. But back to the first issue again, sound freezes pretty fast in game, doesnt even get to finish the X-Men vs SF intro before the sound stops or hangs. Tried on my Astro City PSU which has been running an untouched CPS2 all day no issues. Im testing with the same A board. Has PSU runs the untouched CPS2 fine also.

  • Ive been testing the unit today with another PSU but the LCD screen is all jumbled letters now... sometimes it loads the screen nice but when browsing games it stuffs up, bottom button isnt working much at all, and I noticed green corrosion on the power pins to the LCD. This unit has been powered for a total of probably 10 hours, and does not stay plugged in so im not sure whats causing the board to corrode away. Ill inspect the LCD more thoroughly to find out if the bottom button is making cont…

  • My HAS reports it as a solid 5v but the sound is powered by the 12v rail isnt it? Thanks ill get onto testing with another PSU.