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  • Here's to hoping I'm still far enough up the list to be in this shipment!

  • Do you know what part the button is? I'm likely going to need to replace mine as they barely function.

  • Universal JAMMA versus kit

    xlom - - Project Showcase


    Is there a list for this one and can I be added to it?

  • Quote from yuro: “Quote from nem: “The version I had of Random stages crashed in 1P mode after the third match IIRC. It black screens and has to be reset by going to the test menu and returning back to game. I can try this one as well. EDIT: Nevermind, it's for a decrypted game. Mine is still running on battery. ” I'm traveling now but when I get back, I'll try and play a single player game all the way through to the end. ” Did you have a chance to do this? I can also test it out if someone can …

  • Quote from Raph_friend: “I mean the cube one haha ” Oh that, yeah I have no idea, and I believe I saw Mitsurugi-w in an old post say he'd only seen it once before and forgot to take a picture of it. Next time I open it up, I'll see what writing is on it though.

  • Quote from Raph_friend: “What model is this supercap? ” Did some digging and it looks like this is the replacement.…FjO8FFBbr-PUUmJCMXEfokw3U

  • Quote from BlinG: “Needs a supercap replacement. I’ve had to replace this on many a-boards ” Is that what this black box is?

  • I have a similar issue with mine. All sound is on right channel. vol up and down seem to function normally, but it's not resetting the balance holding them down. It's possible I didn't hold down long enough? I let go around when the boot up checks appeared

  • Quote from yuro: “Just tried this and no crashes. Yay! ” If there's an easy way for me to test these changes on a darksoft kit, let me know, I'll put it through the ringer with my crew next time we get together. It definitely would happen to us after 2p couldn't join the game anymore. Quote from yuro: “I always hit the test button to do this. I'm making a consolized CPS2 A board and @undamneds decoder (terminal version) has a connection for the test button. This way you can push all 6 face butto…

  • 1p mode would randomly crash when you lost and didn't continue. (it would go to a black screen after the continue countdown and get stuck there). It would also just not let p2 continue sometimes if they didn't press start before the timer ran out. This was on jed's old random version though. was trying to think of hacks that would make running tournaments easier. Like, just forcing a game over after each match so it goes back to the title screen without needing a kill off.

  • Woah, that's cool. I assume it still has an issue in 1p mode though? I wonder if there's a way to enable a sort of event mode as well, so both players get to repick characters each match.

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “I've been meaning to make a revision of the Minigun with a Mega Drive 2 connector. It won't take long, I'll get it out asap. ” I would totally buy another one with that connector. I'm sure someone would be interested in buying my 2.1 off me in that case

  • curious if anyone had other suggestions. I attempted to short that cap in my photo by touching the two solder joints on the underside of it, but it didn't seem to help with the audio balance at all. Not sure what else to try.

  • Does anyone have a photo showing how to hook up @arcadeqc's meanwell slip cover to the meanwell rt-65? Found it! index.php

  • Quote from the Goat: “You don't need to worry about the output from the supergun damaging your gcompsw. You need to worry about the output from the hd retrovision cables damaging your gcompsw. I have no experience with hd retrovision component cables. ” They work fine with it. All my other consoles are plugged in that way and it doesn't have an issue. Quote from xodaraP: “You have the option of RGB via BNC and you're using component instead? You can get a SCART to BNC cable from Retro Gaming Cab…

  • I saw some people fixed this by holding VOL down on boot or shorting the cap on CC18, however, I tried both of these (I held vol down until the region warning came up and I tried to short the pads on the underside of cc18 as the top part did not look like the pictures I found online. It looked like this I'm not sure what else to try. I know it's not my cab as switching the rca channels changes which speaker the audio comes out of. Not sure what else to try. I saw someone me…

  • Quote from the Goat: “Quote from xlom: “Is anyone using this with their gcompsw? There's a big red warning up on his site now about it being dangerous to use superguns on it (mainly because of audio but sometimes video Curious if anyone's been using it on one without issue before I attempt it. ” The Minigun (and the vast majority of Superguns) output RGBS not component video (YPbPr). So I'm not sure why you are looking at the gcompsw. I use the Minigun and the HA…

  • Is anyone using this with their gcompsw? There's a big red warning up on his site now about it being dangerous to use superguns on it (mainly because of audio but sometimes video Curious if anyone's been using it on one without issue before I attempt it.

  • Has anyone ever tried to extend the inside lcd connector to the exterior of the case for a breakaway cable? I run my lcd cable through a keyhole in my cab to I can mount it to the bezel of my machine like in the image I've attached.…9f2d6f5295197d40f7f5e8008 Quote from Frank_fjs: “…9f2d6f5295197d40f7f5e8008 ” Looking at this image above, has anyone tried to run an extension from inside the case to the coin counter slot his ribbon cable…

  • Does anyone have the pinout listing to convert the 8pin mini din on this to a 9pin mini din that is compatible with the hd retro vision cables? I have the two connectors, but I wanted to verify what when from each one. I believe evilsim mentioned awhile back to connect the composite pin on the 8pin on the sync pin on the 9pin and then the rest was just following this graphic?