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  • Quote from Layer33: “After playing the game a bit and comparing it to samsh5sp, getting the same story sequence looped after each match is clearly "abnormal". ” That's what I have. Im playing on hardware, and the 1st cut scene seems to loop after every battle. Update: I played some more. If play on a English bios, but select Japanese text in the options, all text are in Japanese except for the added story text which still displays in English. Selecting Japanese bios does have it in the original …

  • you can actually perform that fatals in practice mode (set it in aes, then overkill on practice settings). Unibios doesnt recognize the recent English patch, so no cheats for it. I did have the earlier proto English patch (had to set it to japanese) so I guess I could try that when I get home. But I'm sure it going to be the same as when I use the special 2nd release, where the original fatals aren't restored even with cheats on.

  • Quote from fandangos: “ My memory could be wrong but I believe in the interview present on the collection or some other interview the director said the fatalities were restored but I'm not 100% sure. ” It's actually the other way. They said that they removed the dismemberment sprites/animations to make room for the Story assets. From what it appears to me, seems like they used Special's 2nd "less censored" AES release as it's base, as all the Overkills seems to match up with FE/Perfect, at least…

  • Wow. This is Awesome! Much respect to everyone involved with abilities that I wish I possessed. I selfishly hope sometime in the future, someone can create an Perfect "Perfect" version that restores the original Gore that was removed from Special.

  • Quote from Stillwatertrout: “On youtube there's a video of perfect running on mvs ” Yep. I got it running on my AES, and I know few other here and other forums got it going on their hardware setups.

  • Quote from Raph_friend: “Quote from gusmoney: “I'd like to get this running on MiSTer, can someone tell me how to do that in layman's terms? ” Or give us a link with the rom? ” Be patient, likely soon someone will post a script on github or someplace to get that rom from you own epic store files.

  • Quote from fandangos: “and it's playable on MISTER :))) ” NIce work! Is it fully playable without issues? Quote from fandangos: “Yes but the removal of the Yuki Enterprise and writting perfect on the title screen is done by a patch. ” Wished SNK didn't remove Yuki's involvement. I find that disrepectful to the people who did the original work.

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “Happy it's working now, and that it was an easy fix. It's my favourite multi, enjoy! ” Yea, thanks again. Glad it was something simple.

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “Triple check the contact between the A and B boards. ” Thanks, that was the solution. I was pressing it down with pressure, but I guess it need more than I expected.

  • I have all the pins, interconnecter, and the 2 board are firmly tight. I made them as snug as I can push them down. I want to mention as well, I did not yet soldered the 4 wires (clock, data, setup1+ 2) from DS kit to B board. I was under the impression that this is if I wanted to use Clean mame roms, will this matter if I am using decrypted one?

  • Updated: PROBLEM SOLVED: CHECK A + B Board Connection, Make sure Connection is extra snug. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Just installed the multi kit, getting white screen. I read Definitive Guide under "white screen", my board isn't damage from what I can tell, pins are not bent and inside sockets. LCD is showing the games, I am able to select game, flash it, and I get a "Now playing" on…

  • Good to hear, I thought as much.

  • I currently preparing to get an CPS2 setup. Sorry for the noob question, but will the multi kit work on an Phoenixed board?