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  • Have mine in second batch...willing to wait for stainless, and other upgrades, if its stronger and/or easier to install. Would prefer quality upgrades over the rush, as my monitor is fully working. Thank you for everything you've done/are doing on this Hadoken.....It's a service to the community and beyond, and we are grateful.

  • Hi from Brisbane

    bagheera369 - - Introduce Yourself!


    Welcome sir!

  • ordered for 2nd batch. Super excited about this.

  • Knockin it out of the park as always brother. Way to go.

  • Bellisimo!!!

  • "We do what is right, not for fame, or reward, but so that right may continue to exist in this world. So that our light, no matter how small, may continue to shine out against the darkness." That is the community we strive for here. That is the example that's asked to be followed. We take care of the innovators, we take care of the facilitators, we take care of each other. We respect the companies that created what we love in the first place. Every one puts in, everyone gives back, every one gro…

  • Guys....I know everyone is excited, and all this communication is going long distance, and I hope this is gonna be fantastic.....but maybe we should not put the timecrunch on, and the money down, until everything is at least even 90%? Accounting for things like tube clearance, frame mounting locations, and most importantly, neckboard and chassis clearance is vitally important, and it seems like there's significant work left to do here? Now switching from an easy to find 19" down to a much more d…

  • OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    bagheera369 - - Forum News


    Even at 450, I'm in....this will do so much for my setups moving forward.

  • Hey @Cereth....not alone on that one.....someone beat me to it....

  • Setup Time Crisis 3

    bagheera369 - - Namco System 246/256


    @Hydreigon Hey boss....I always thought I knew a ton about TC2/3's....until I met you...its like you were a tech for Namco/Speedys....your knowledge on these is awesome. I have a question....I remember the Vampire Night's that I worked on, being a light optic, with lens similar to the common Tc2/3 versions, but using a different I/O, with a different gun pinout. It's the one used in the mirrored stock cabs. Did I get that wrong, and there were multiple versions, some that were IR, and some that …

  • Quote from Darksoft: “This is the interest list! And remember....if you are on the list, I'll be pinging you when the time comes (and expect you to buy one Quote from opt2not: “Will this be released after the CPS1 Multi? Just trying to plan some finances. ” Don't do that, planing finances with arcade multi purchases, will inevitable lead you to buy even more I'm talking from the experience here ” Says the Dealer, talking directly to the Addicts....."I'm not only the CEO....I'm also a member!" RO…

  • Ok...this is one I can't miss. Count me in for 1

  • That's insane work sir....really.

  • Message received, payment sent.

  • Quote from Cereth: “Quote from bagheera369: “You would have been really cool to do like a soft blue color as you could put 4 of these in a square, with 4 different colors......something like #92bbff (146,187,255) @hursit any chance of this...if there was interest from the thread? ” I like the idea, I was considering having some custom colored with a 1L panel for my company as well. ” I'll leave that between you and @hursit then, to discuss....I hope it's feasible, as blue rou…

  • You would have been really cool to do like a soft blue color as you could put 4 of these in a square, with 4 different colors......something like #92bbff (146,187,255) @hursit any chance of this...if there was interest from the thread?

  • Quote from Cereth: “Quote from rewrite: “@Cereth I think part of the question was if people could opt out of buying parts entirely. ” Yeah there'll be an opt-out. I'm probably going to end up with extra parts either way, but I would prefer if people could get me that info in advance so I don't order too much. ” Yeah boss.....not trying to haggle, negotiate, skip out, or hose you in any way. Just was ignorant of the options, and wanted to make sure I had it right, as I decide on if I can pull the…

  • I get it...I just know that for some folks...this may be there only chance at a Cute, and they may need the extra help with parts...even though there are a lot of us that are savvy. There are still treasure troves out I'm always surprised every year, by some new haul that gets posted. I might even be able to help the central folks score a few solid monitors, if it cant be done out west, for the folks that want them. I know things are still being discussed, I just wanted to be aware of…

  • There's no way to source 19" monitors that would be NOS at that quantity, without some real serious luck between now and then, and not at all in California, most likely. I have my own out here, no issue, and backups for myself. I have the tech ability, to do all my own harness and speaker wiring, and to decide my own parts if need be. My question will be, at 1500, is it bare, and then we have to have the parts that Cereth gathers, be added to the cost, or is the 1500 with the expectation that so…

  • Quote from Cereth: “Quote from bagheera369: “ you have a cutoff date for the first orders? ” I’ll be doing the actual orders. I will open them towards the end of the month, and close them probably 2-3 months after that when full payment would be expected. ” Cool sir...that gives me all the time I was hoping for. Thank you!