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  • USB option sounds excellent. Product already looks great but I probably won't be able to resist once that version is available. Really looking forward to eliminating the JAMMA component altogether from my JVS setups. A quick question re: TTX2 support...are 6 buttons mapped to the controller interface? That's a problem I'm looking to fix or avoid altogether with the I/O boards I've tried for this system.

  • I did look at them, that's why I asked the question.

  • @Rotanibor I didn't get the chance to install the hacks yet but I did read through some of the txt file descriptions. I saw a bunch of them include infinite and regeneration of power meters. Do these also include infinite life & time? Just want to understand what to expect when I'm able to update my multi in a few days. Thanks again for the great work on this!

  • CPS2 I/O Interface

    BroadwayJose - - RGB's lab


    Can do the same with Namco System 12

  • I don't believe the Splitfire changes the resolution so expect to capture exactly whatever the native resolution is from the source. I'm not sure what that is for this game.

  • SSF2X New Legacy is definitely a work in progress game at the moment. According to the hack author at least one more beta version will be coming (not sure when but he already identified bugs to address) and there's no word yet as to when the game will be finalized. Just want to set expectations when it comes to future updates for the multi rom set pack.

  • UD-USB Decoders

    BroadwayJose - - Temple of the Undamned


    @undamned I might be the only one here in this situation so bear with me. I've been regularly using the UD-CPS2 A board, from way back when you first offered them. Problem I'm running into is my players tend to not use legacy 360/PS3 devices anymore at our local events and I've had to supply my own as a backup option. I'm assuming the firmware on those decoders are upgradable as well? If so, what's the correct process?

  • Home Arcade System

    BroadwayJose - - RGB's lab


    Going with a proper arcade PSU is the right way to do it. If you're concerned with the open terminals, just do like I and others have done: get a cover made up to hide the dangerous parts. This is what I bought and am currently using with the HAS:

  • Quote from glocknyne: “Just pre-ordered one with all the upgrades. Can't wait! What is everyone playing on the 360 besides Cave shmups? I won't have my cabs tated so debating if I should even try to find PS360+ for 360 support. ” Plenty of good retro and more current fighting games on 360. If you're not into that, there are/were several really good XBLA beat-em-ups released that would be great to play on a cab and way cheaper to obtain than the original boards.

  • I've been looking for rom hacks like this for all the CPS2 fighting games. I saw that there's a SF Zero 3 training mode hack and whoever did it made it work on physical hardware. It was posted to Twitter a few months ago by a Japanese player and so I have no idea what the details of this project looks like. I'd love a training mode hack similar to the one that exists for SSF2X but for the Alpha series, Vampire series and especially for the Marvel series, given that most of the home console relea…

  • I'm still looking for a kick harness for this. Ran into dead ends with a couple of resources I reached out to. Does anyone have one to sell or can make one for this board?

  • I'm also looking for this. Assuming the Paypal issues get settled, @hursit what would be the interest level necessary for another run of these covers? I would be in for 2.

  • Quote from the Goat: “Quote from BroadwayJose: “You menitioned TvC on there an RGB SCART option available for the Wii? ” ” Yikes that's more work than I care to do for one fighting game. Think I'll throw that into a LCD cab and call it a day. That way can also preserve widescreen, which I'm pretty sure is how TvC was designed for in the first place. Can confirm that Gamecube ports and controllers will work for this game. It's how I played…

  • @MissionFailed some nice ideas for sure. I'm scheming on a good way to implement 4p Dreamcast games, as I'm not trying to wire up a Naomi on the same machine(s) nor am I looking to buy boards for stuff like Blitz and Showtime. This should be a nice alternative for those types of games. You menitioned TvC on there an RGB SCART option available for the Wii? Never considered anything like that for this generation of console. A cool bonus I discovered recently: was able to play PS2 Time Cri…

  • Looks like another PC controller option is coming soon from Brook, this time with the 20 pin connection and USB B port:

  • Well I stumbled onto some (potentially) good news: Brook Retro Boards apparently supports PS3 & PC via USB cable on the RJ45 port. I ordered a couple during the Black Friday sale so hopefully will be able to test soon. I'll try a setup with PI2SCART via JAMMAizer since I don't really have a MAME PC ready to go at the moment.

  • UD-USB Decoders

    BroadwayJose - - Temple of the Undamned


    @Arlieth take a look at the attached pic. Was pretty straight forward to wire up the terminal block version to a DB15 connector.

  • Definitely would like a couple of these. Happy to see it's coming back. Any kind of timeframe when it will be available?

  • @acblunden2 Haven't had a lot of time yet to really put the JAMMAizer through its paces. Can't test audio extensively with a toddler trying to sleep at night so that will need to wait. Video looks good if a bit bright out of the box. That might be my monitor but I'll play with adjusting settings there and on the JAMMAizer to dial it in. JAMMAcon video output has been excellent for me, no complaints there. Haven't bothered with the audio, I just bypass all of that and go straight to a set of PC s…

  • Didn't flip the board over so I didn't see it. Good to know. Anyway, been loving this thing so far. Thanks again for such a great product!