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  • DIY UD-CPS2 Kit

    war3zlod3r - - Temple of the Undamned


    are these still being produced I definitely want one, had my eye on it for a while

  • so should I just hook up H sync or use both like the original connector?

  • Turns out only 6 of the 10 pins are wired and its wire as Red Green Blue Ground Unused Unused Unused Unused H Sync V Sync I believe what I need to do and the way it was originally wired was to split the sync cable to both H and V sync, the original harness I took it from had a 4 pin and 3 pin connector with the 3 pin having one unused port and a looped jumper wire between H and V sync.

  • So I acquired this monitor from a mame cabinet user whose PC died. The monitor has a VGA cable for input but came with a 10 pin adapter, the original jamma harness it was in had two connectors going to the wired pins of the adapter with the sync cables jumpered. Every JAMMA harness I've looked up online comes with a 5 pin monitor connector. My question is how to I connect the 5 pin from the JAMMA to the 10 pin on the adapter? I haven't had much luck in finding 5 pin to 10 pin cables online or JA…

  • It is a pretty nice little device I've been thinking about, you usually wire a sync stripper up to a switch in your builds don't you? I recently took KOarcade's advice and got my hands on a MAKVISION 3M25 Trisync that I bought new and sold to someone as part of MAME cabinet so it has very very very few hours on it. After reacquiring it I realized it has a VGA cable coming off of the monitor chassis with a 6 pin adapter board on it, my problem is most jamma harness I've seen come with a 5 pin con…

  • Is that DVI-D or DVI-I? I want to say in some videos I've seen people using sync strippers with the JROK but was curious if this was necessary

  • Also have you ever had to use a sync stripper with a jrok for s-video or component out?

  • it looks beautiful! So if I understand correctly if you use a framemeister or OSSC you can connect it directly without using an encoder as long as you have some kind of pots on the RGBS lines?

  • Jassin, What would you recommend for a VGA or HDMI solution? One of my goals here is easy portability and maximum compatibility within the realm of cost and reason of course. I've heard alot about the OSSC but not alot of where to purchase one. Good to know the industry has addressed this concern!

  • good to know any good suggestions for a VGA solution? If not JROK seems to be a very popular solution. What are everyone's thoughts on HDMI outputs? I know playing on most LCD/Plasma TVs is discouraged because of the input lag but I'm not sure I wanna invest the money and space in a CRT.

  • No doubt the RGB's HAS is a great device and I love that its available but I'm on a quest to build something and feed my project addiction! Thanks for all the helpful info guys I appreciate all the input! Has anyone had any experience with the GBS-8220? I was thinking about using that for easy of output since it also includes VGA and component for the outputs for more flexibility and would eliminate the need for me to build my own pots. I do have some experience with soldering (and lost of burns…

  • Hi I'm building my first supergun and it has been a very educating experience, that said I realize there is still alot more to learn. I hear alot about the XRGB mini framemiester and how it can negate the need for video encoders, but I'm still some what confused. I've heard many people say you should put pots lines on the R/B/G wires to allow for picture adjustment. (good idea or unecessary?) I'm guessing I just need to modify my JAMMA harness video connector from a 5 pin to a male 8pin din and …