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  • Konami System 573

    aoiddr - - General Jamma and pre-Jamma


    To play Konami 80's Arcade Gallery and any of the other non-Bemani games, you should pick up a vanilla Konami System 573 board. The most common and cheapest of those type of pcbs to find are Fisherman's Bait boards (they're in a black case with blue trim). This kind: As for installing any of the 573 games, you would need a cracked version of the disc that patches out the security cart checks.

  • Quote from Dakken: “yup sure have dumped each chip as well just to make sure all checks out very time consuming. I've got more chips coming but I just don't think that a total of 25 proms all of them are shot. And when i ment other chips blank I was thinking about the GALs or maybe miss configured I don't know since I don't totally understand what they do. ” I used a ChipMax2 for the first time ever last night to burn all my chips I got with my kit and everything is working on my end, as far as …

  • Sega Astro City Restoration

    aoiddr - - Project Showcase


    Wow, this is amazingly impressive! Q: The speakers you installed, I take it that they won't fit at all unless the cab's original florescent figure is removed/replaced, right? (Been pondering replacing my cabs speakers, but wanted to keep the bulb/starter set-up.)

  • Quote from rewrite: “@aoiddr 5.09 not 5.9. Please don't put your PSU over 5.10 as a general rule. 5.9 is going to kill just about anything plugged into it. ” Whoops, meant to type that and ended up with a bad typo. Thanks for catching that. Fixed! x_x

  • I'll toss out these easy things to try: - make sure your power supply is giving 5.00~5.09 worth of power with everything hooked up and running. - check your monitor's fingerboard (the little pcb with the nobs on it that's below the Astro City monitor when you lift the control panel) has the connector fully plugged in. Jiggle the cable as it can sometimes just fix that issue. - try adjusting the horizontal and vertical position nobs just slightly to see if that fixes it at all. (Before you do tha…

  • I'm interested in getting 1 NA Multi. Fully assembled. Can I please be added to the list?

  • Quote from sammargh: “I'm not going to have time to look at this more for a bit so here's a xdelta with the english dictionaries thrown in without truncation as well as US KB layout…FGo-B3bH/view?usp=sharing Apply against untranslated netboot .bin file ” I tried using Delta Patcher, but the file is a .delta file and not an .xdelta. What should I be doing to get this file to patch a TheTypingOfTheDead.bin file? Thanks.

  • Quote from Apocalypse: “Quote from aoiddr: “Which pin on the connector would you need to run a wire from to get a 4th button hooked up to play a game like Bullet? ” I believe it's been mentioned here before. IIRC it's pins 10/M (P1/P2). ” Cool. Thanks!

  • Which pin on the connector would you need to run a wire from to get a 4th button hooked up to play a game like Bullet?

  • [deleted]

  • Quote from AlxUnderBase: “Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “I ended up not replacing them as I got 16v caps and they didn't fit. Still works fine though... ” yes , when we compiled this list, @sk8er000 measured the capacitors with caliper and now is more easy to choose the right caps for this purpose List here ” Thanks for the list. I'll see about giving this a try with my unit.

  • I got a TOP3000 off Alibaba back in January 2019, tested it at that point and it worked, kept it in the box since then, and it won't even power on now. I cracked it open and the screws were all oxidized and the QC stick shows 03-14-08. As far as I can tell, the caps aren't leaking, but it won't power on via USB or the AC Adapter at all.

  • Interested in a 16B and C2 selector. Did a group buy ever happen for the USA?

  • Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “Quote from KalessinDB: “WOOOOOOO waking up to PM that I'm up is the best way to wake up that I've experienced in a very long time. ” Hahaha, exactly my response to that PM; Woohoooo! ” Got my PM also. Awesome!

  • Quote: “Added the last several people to the list! First 10 invoices should go out before new year!” [/quote]Been looking forward to this.

  • I know the Chinese EPROM erasers are pretty common (like this one…?smid=ASYH6LJL1LF7Q&psc=1), but their quality is really suspect and aren't that fast to order/ship. I don't see myself using it very often, so I was curious if something like a UV sterilizer for pacifiers would work? Something like these:…ords=UV%2BSterilizer&th=1…13&keywords=UV+Sterilizer [This article suggest you'd run an Eprom through t…

  • Quote from dash3296: “how do I wire buttons to the 26 pin analog port on my sega i/o board?…6def7a554b461f88d3e0b3905 ” My post in this thread has the JVS pinout that I was able to figure out: Help buying the right 256 stuff

  • Quote from dash3296: “Thanks, my Taiko 10 works. Next step is on how do I wire buttons to the 26 pin analog port on my sega i/o board? I have this type of button and micro switch pictured below.…6def7a554b461f88d3e0b3905 ” If I recall my conversations with defor when I was trying (and failing) to wire up buttons for Taiko, you need the 3-prong microswitch type as the wiring required is GND/AD/VCC.

  • A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame

    aoiddr - - Taito Type X


    Quote from invzim: “Finally got around to installing this properly, great work @rtw and friends! This is how I did it: * "KingDian S200 60GB" for 17.64USD, shipped(!) from AliExpress * USB3 to sata adapter (no external power needed for SSD) * The windows utility in first post to write raw images * Attached to SATA port on motherboard + a HDD to sata power adapter I had laying around. Very simple, pretty much for free - and since the SDD is fully caged I simply wedged it between the case and the …

  • I attempted to wire up a PlayStation 2 Taiko drum to a Sega I/O a while back (and buttons before that), but hit a brick wall with the build. Here are some forum links for what I came up with, if anyone finds this helpful. I'm definitely hoping someone can figure out a solution to get these games to work one day. The i/o pinout that I was able to figure out: Help buying the right 256 stuff Some wiring diagram links can be found here: S-JIHP: Sega JVS I/O Helper PCB