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  • Vewlix F Restoration

    rewrite - - Project Showcase


    Yeah, baking soda would be like using Ajax or something I'd imagine. Very abrasive. Not good for glossy finishes. Unfortunate. But I'm glad it's getting a repaint and should end up better than ever!

  • Quote from DJLC: “The Strikers 2 is already busted so I may as well help out the world with another copy of the worlds best fighter, just above Third Strike. EDIT: Plus, I'm not entirely sure its gonna come to EXA within the next century. It was announced a while ago and the only thing they have on it is a logo on the website, tis prob vaporware... ” There's a lot more than the logo on their site at this point. Game's got a whole page with screenshots. And if it's already busted you'll just have…

  • Quote from DJLC: “the worlds best fighting game, Fallen Angels” Did you play the same game as everyone else? Really though, it's coming to Exa, so no reason to harm a perfectly good Strikers 2.

  • Quote from Segasonicfan: “But isn't it time for a permanent full-proof solution? ” What is it that makes this better than just soldering the original cable in place? Is that not a permanent solution? As someone who has to do this sometime in the near-ish future, I'd definitely like to know!

  • Quote from mathewbeall: “@rewrite you get the coolest hardware! ” If you like catching fish, anyway

  • Guess I'll hold off a minute until we see if it's already been dumped?

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “About to start changing names back. This feature will not be available in the new software when we change over. ” For the record I'm not remotely being bullied. Rg111 just thinks he's funny.

  • Quote from rewrong: “Quote from rewrite: “I'm being bullied. ” I made sure to make my avatar another blonde from another shooting game. ” That's how I knew I was being bullied.

  • I'm being bullied.

  • Quote from MetalliC: “could you try to preserve it? there will be required: ability to burn 27C160 (BIOS) EPROM, spare Compact Flash card, PC with CF card reader. ” I would love to! I do not know what the game is called though, ha. Feel free to PM me instructions and I will order a spare CF card.

  • Quote from tengugurl: “So @rewrite, what do you think? ” I'm honestly unsure. Everyone has always told me to avoid D series WG's like the plague since they're unreliable and have a soft 15k picture. So I have done just that. I don't think that's the right connector. While it may fit, it doesn't have the little chunk on it to secure it in place. The piece you have there should kind of lock onto (for lack of a better term) the connector you'd be plugging in, and the molex connectors don't have tha…

  • Quote from tengugurl: “My ms2931 is freesync so no matter what I throw at it, it works without having to swap a small molex connection. ” It's tri-sync/multiscan/whatever you want to call it, not FreeSync. FreeSync is an AMD created technology for LCD displays that didn't come out until 2015. Not trying to be pedantic, but in some cases terminology matters and it's important to understand the difference.

  • Jamma help

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    Quote from RealDecepticonZero: “If you want to skate by real PCB’s invest in a JPAC and PC MAME setup. ” JPAC is great as long as you route your video any other way. How badly it dims the picture makes it really hard to suggest as an all-in-one solution.

  • Quote from MetalliC: “in general it looks unusual - have no metal shield on flash ROMs, and use 253-5509-5151J security PIC which is unknown to me... 5509 indicate it is 3rd-party made game, but so far we haven't seen such games for SP. ” I took the metal shield off as I expected to see a cart or something connected to the rear connector. I was really surprised when the metal shield only held the security PIC. Here's the game (I stole the video from KC):

  • Quote from CoolFox: “You can swap, it's kinda like a naomi. ” Cool! This one doesn't seem to have any removable bits I can find aside from the security chip. I do see two Naomi cart connector looking bits, and a CF card spot. I'll put it on the shelf though and hopefully I'll find some other games at some point!

  • Well, I'm not sure about the width. And I don't see any difference in the photos really? But you can see the top two aren't put together right. They're mounted wrong, or you have the PCB separator piece in backwards on those.

  • Thanks @CoolFox. Are these all individual boards, or can you swap out games?

  • What is it?

  • It looks like two of them aren't screwed together right. There's a gap between the carts. The sides should sit flush like the bottom one.

  • Jamma help

    rewrite - - Forum Support & Help


    @everten supposedly the 6 are nicer than the older ones by a good bit.