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  • Please put me down for one fully built Jassifier whenever they are available.

  • You can send mine by Pony Express for all I care as long as I get it... Only 7 slots away!

  • What version boards are those 3 or 8?

  • What should I buy?

    brentradio - - Neo-Geo MVS and AES


    Quote from DecepticonZero: “Quote from brentradio: “Ironically, it's a stamp. A really really rare stamp at that, Captain Obvious... ” Yeah I put two and two together and figured out it was a stamp, jackass. ” I was just joking as per your avatar. And that's Captain Jackass if you will...

  • What should I buy?

    brentradio - - Neo-Geo MVS and AES


    You SHOULD buy a nice Neo Geo 1 slot and the Darksoft Multi. I wouldn't mess around with any original carts or cheap Chinese carts. You will end up buying a Darksoft multi anyway in the end. Just do it now and sleep better at night.

  • What should I buy?

    brentradio - - Neo-Geo MVS and AES


    Quote from DecepticonZero: “Quote from rthorntn: “Quote from DecepticonZero: “Switch hobbys while you still can. What about stamps? ” Why are you selling a penny black, one careful owner? ” I have no clue what that is, ... ” Ironically, it's a stamp. A really really rare stamp at that, Captain Obvious...

  • Quote from Derick2k: “+1 For sure, arent we registered to offer free programming services for fellow members ” You Sure Are! EPROM Burning Service List .

  • Quote from bagheera369: “Says the Dealer, talking directly to the Addicts....."I'm not only the CEO....I'm also a member!" ROFL ” You talkin' bout dis? Darksoft Multi's - Like A Drug .

  • Quote from Darksoft: “What the hell man! Why so many posts in a row? ” Sorry, Man! I just got too excited when I found this thread!

  • Quote from Darksoft: “This is the interest list! And remember....if you are on the list, I'll be pinging you when the time comes (and expect you to buy one ” In that case, PUT ME ON THE FREAKIN' LIST PLEASE! I'll take one Namco System 1 Multi And I'll take one Namco System 1 working PCB if anyone has one for sale. This place is like AM/PM...Too Much Good Stuff! .

  • Quote from nonosto: “thx ” Sorry I wasn't more helpful, as I don't know how to fix it, I just know how to fuck it up. DSCN2890.JPG DSCN2898.JPG DSCN2899.JPG .

  • Quote from nonosto: “I would like to change the shell, how to unmount safety please? ” It's not easy, be very careful. You can easily damage the SD card slot.

  • No worries Nic, these guys will get it fixed for you. This place rocks!

  • I know it's not Christmas time, but I'm feeling it for some reason, so sing it with me! "I'm checking the list..." "Checking it twice..." "Now, what am I doing I'm checking it thrice." "Cause Apocalypse and Mitsu are coming to town." "Apocalypse and Mitsu are coming to town!" "I said, Apocalypse and Mitsu... Are Coming To TOWN!!!"

  • Quote from Glossectomy: “Apologies if this is the wrong place, but is this the thread to get on the wait list as well? Found an Eswat board helping a friend clean his garage today that surprisingly booted right up when testing. He let me have it for helping. I'd love to get a multi on this thing. Thanks! ” Very cool and welcome to the forum! Get ready for a wild ride!

  • Quote from undamned: “One cheap/easy means of mitigating reverse installation would just be to print up a bunch of ugly warning stickers to slap on the boards. User can either leave it on after safe install or remove it, but at least there is something yelling in their face before installation.-ud ” Hey, that's my idea! Or how about print up a simple instruction sheet with Frank's awesome pics and tape it to the kit... With Frank's warning of course.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from rewrite: “Well, that or notching connectors is about the only thing you guys can do about the user end of things unfortunately ” I debated designing a 3D printed sleeve that can go over one of the connectors to add the notches and prevent accidental backwards insertion. ” In the mean time, what about adding a sticker to the top of the multi-kit saying which way it goes. Just a thought.

  • Quote from Galford: “Hi, just for informaion to close my subject . stv case found on Hava a good day. ” That's member Twisted Symphony here on arcade-projects.

  • DECO Multigame

    brentradio - - DECO Multigame


    So I have a confirmed working Deco Multi Kit tested by @hamster (thanks again!) I also have the Phat stack version -3 pcb's and cage. Can someone post pics of there -3 stack? There are 4 slots and only 3 pcbs, so I'm not sure if I have the pcb's plugged into the correct slots. And does it matter what settings the dip switches are set to?

  • Quote from nonosto: “one very stupid question: game from very closed hardware like super hang on can run in 16b? ” There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers... Bookmark this site for future reference: SYSTEM16.COM .