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  • Quote from Derick2k: “Yup, international shipment via postal service is fucked almost all over. Check this package i sent out, May 23rd, hey but at least is says it left the country. I had another package that sat through the quarantine for like 3 months but finally made it. And this is priority international shipping, that used to be guarantee 6-10 days to be delivered in most cases. So this on week 6 already, probably gonna take a few more weeks before the next update.…

  • Quote from Jassin2: “Instructions unclear. Stuck as Jassin2. Halp. ” Hahahahahahhaa

  • Quote from ShootTheCore: “I produced a quick video on how to install @Frank_fjs 's OLED switcher: ” Thank God, here I was pondering about how to install this thing J/k bud, keep up the good work!

  • Quote from KalessinDB: “Quote from Bay78: “So I see we need 14 27C322's. What other IC's do we need to get? I'm just trying to have everything ready when the day calls and they let me know I'm next? ” All ICs are included (blank) for an extra $30 (IIRC). It's honestly IMO the best way to get them. ” I'd advise to still get a couple spare, just in case.

  • Quote from tom5151: “Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “Same thing for me, 4 roms were bad, erased them several times, same result. I'd suggest start looking for replacements. ” I've managed to write 2 eprom out of 4 after erasing them, but 2 are still failing Any idea where to buy M27C322 in europe ? Same question for the Z80B CPU ? ” The roms are a bit difficult to find locally, but if you only need 2 then check eBay. There's a French seller who has them for €3 each I think.

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “Another tip that will sound silly, but it's worked for me before... Clean the UV window of the EPROM. I use isopropyl but any cleaning product will probably do. Then UV erase it for longer than normal, say 20 minutes. ” I did erase them multiple times so definitely longer than 20 minutes. But cleaning the window I haven't tried before! I still have them on my desk, so out of curiousity I will try that. And otherwise it seems like @Apocalypse is saying that the TOP3000 is a…

  • Quote from tom5151: “Hi, I've received my multi 2 days ago It's time for burning eproms (top 3100). I'm not lucky, 4 eproms gave me errors I gonna try to erase them and try again. Is my donor board good to go ?…d85c0d5339ebde71c0974b478…d85c0d5339ebde71c0974b478 ” Same thing for me, 4 roms were bad, erased them several times, same result. I'd suggest start looking for replacements.

  • Quote from rewrite: “Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “Tech Help: Konami Violent Storm Board "dead" ” lol, that's why I posted this to begin with. ” That was kinda obvious, I posted the link in reply to @hoagtech

  • Tech Help: Konami Violent Storm Board "dead"

  • Yes, just use sharp cutters, really easy that way. I used these:

  • Quote from benime: “Yeah I don't get all the hand-wringing over this. I suppose if you only have a basic understanding of English, this could be an issue, but in addition to the warning text you have: 1. Connector designations (CN1, CN2, CN3, CN4) match the mainboard. 2. All of the notches on the EPROMs are oriented in the same direction as all of the chips on the mainboard. ” Nothing to do with understanding English, it's just that sometimes excitement gets the better of us, or sometimes you're…

  • That's just silly, I've been handling everything online for several years now, the only thing I do at the postal office is drop the packages. Confirmations are being sent automatically to my email. Thought that was the standard everywhere (for consumers as well), but it seems we're a bit ahead then

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “Quote from AlxUnderBase: “Quote from Frank_fjs: “@AlxUnderBase - I will contact you soon with a postage quote and then obtain payment from you. ” Ready here ” I got as far as buying the box. Didn't get a chance to sort it out today as it took a few hours to send the 8 selectors out today. International shipping is very tedious and time consuming. I signed up for a business account with Australia Post today so from now on I'll be able to process and pay for postage online, …

  • Damn Alex, feel sorry for you But better the motherboard than the multi I guess. Hope somebody can help you fix it, any idea what's blown?

  • MWP-606 Power Supply Cover

    Sp33dFr34k - - Project Showcase


    Awesome, that is REALLY clean, I like it, well done!

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “I'm a little excited, I just did an order for SMD assembly. Never done it before, and while it cuts into profit (which honestly is very slim) it does give me back time. Time I don't need to spend soldering, yay! Just the main PCB and only the surface mount components, but all that's left for me to do by hand is the USB C connector, 3 headers and the OLED. Will save a heap of time and be nice to have machine soldered boards. ” Nice job

  • OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    Sp33dFr34k - - Forum News


    Woohoo, my wish got granted, thanks!

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “I wasn't planning on it. unfortunately I already ordered a selector WITHOUT the remote board. ” That's too bad, I love your work.. Quote from KalessinDB: “I have a buddy with a printer, when my board is in my hands I'll see if I can convince him to at least model a case and toss it on Thingiverse, I'm not sure he would be interested in selling them ” That'd be cool

  • Not sure if anybody asked yet, but @twistedsymphony would you like to 3d print a case for the remote PCB?

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “Extra $30 US. Totally worth it if you don't have a stash of EPROMS as they're not the easiest and quickest things to buy right now. ” While that is true I'd still urge everyone to at least get some spares if you decide to go this route, as mentioned before I had 4 out of 15 scrap roms. And let's face it, if you get such a cool package delivered, you wanna use it straight away and you don't wanna be sourcing roms