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  • Quote from MrTanuki: “just received an atomiswave. Began taking it apart to clean up and noticed a small board jumpered to the motherboard in various locations. Any ideas what this board is? My other atomiswave did not have it from what I recall. ” Forgot what its for but its a factory fix, so its ok @brizzo know the system pretty well, so maybe he knows what its for.

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “Taito F3 would be great. Be aware that F3 outputs amplified audio via the stereo connector so you may want to add in a basic audio attenuation circuit. ” What's the acceptable audio attenuation circuit or should I say desired?? Would a simple resistor voltage divider circuit be good enough?

  • Quote from bagheera369: “Have mine in second batch...willing to wait for stainless, and other upgrades, if its stronger and/or easier to install. Would prefer quality upgrades over the rush, as my monitor is fully working. Thank you for everything you've done/are doing on this Hadoken.....It's a service to the community and beyond, and we are grateful. ” +1 Likewise, I have one order on the first batch, and one on the the 2nd batch, I will take the 1st batch as is, and will wait to get the 2nd b…

  • Looks to be the latest japan bios for the N1!?

  • Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “Could be way worse, trust me ” For sure, the other one took 3 months, they even told me to file a lost claim on it, And yeah, I paid for global express, usps top/fastest service and yeah. But atleast it got there.

  • Its a weird one for sure, hope you get it figured out.

  • Does that Pico psu supply enough amps??

  • Yup, international shipment via postal service is fucked almost all over. Check this package i sent out, May 23rd, hey but at least is says it left the country. I had another package that sat through the quarantine for like 3 months but finally made it. And this is priority international shipping, that used to be guarantee 6-10 days to be delivered in most cases. So this on week 6 already, probably gonna take a few more weeks before the next update.…df872bd4f356240…

  • Nice, glad it worked out

  • post up how you make out, but I think you will be fine.

  • Wait, have you gotten the netdimm to work/load games, etc... or have you just gotten to the point that you can access the service menu, etc.. to config IP, test memory etc.. can double checck all the pins on the 3 cart connectors on the netdimm to make sure nothing is messed up, bent etc.. You might just need a newer IO unless the one you have can be updated. But sounds like its a netdimm issue.

  • Naomi gets all fucked up again by the netdimm. Its like the Naomi is Whitney Huston and the netdimm is Bobby Brown. Its like sometimes they work together but most of time its a crap shoot. Why I keep insisting that we need a netdimm replacement (get Bobby Brown out of the picture ) Anywho, do you have any other IO to try by any chance?

  • Quote from Gaming.One: “Quote from SNK-NEO-GEO: “Quote from Gaming.One: “Quote from SNK-NEO-GEO: “Quote from Gaming.One: “Hi 'll, I can arrange a group buying CIF USA for MOQ 50 pieces. I need someone on the east coast area who can manage all the orders, the payments and can dispatch in all states with a local brokerage agency/forwarder. On my side, i can receive the payment in bank wire transfer like IBAN /Swift, mean the guy need to been in an US bank like JP, BOA, Citi, Wells Fargo who work w…

  • Oh man, super excited, lets work that out cause this might be good for @Cereth to distribute with the cabs?? @rewrite Maybe you want to handle it?? At around that price I would get 2 of them. I would offer to received them, but Im in Nassau county, if in NY we would probably need someone in Brooklyn to get these, or might have to be picked up in NJ, since there are also ports there. But somewhere mid east coast would be best, or I guess Florida will do.

  • The only issue is the led, if it has a builtin resistor or not, most of these switches dont. What color led is in the switch? To calculate your resistor value needed to power the led: Example, leds have a Forward Voltage (Vf) red, orange, yellow and yellow-green LEDs have a Vf of about 1.8 Vf while pure-green, blue, white, and UV LEDs have a Vf of about 3.3 Vf. So, if you have a yellow led on the switch, the voltage drop (Vf) will be about 1.8 V If your power source is 12V, and your Leds current…

  • Quote from Simon: “So I checked the connectivity, and oddly they both connect to ground, and I don't think they connect to the Pin 16. ” Its probably jumpered, why you see ground on both??…df872bd4f3562406c94a4f0a8 And yeah, very little info on those switches regarding the led, no voltage drop, etc...too lazy to to do math right now. But here, is this what your switch contacts look like?……

  • Lets talk Taito Type X3

    Derick2k - - Taito Type X


    Quote from Vjg1588: “Thanks!! for the answer. Question it has to be an specific gtx660 or as long as it is a gtx660 should work ? I was looking and I can't find any tx3 with gtx660 in a good price. ” I dont think they have custom bios on them, the X3 uses consumer level MSI branded GTX660 This one

  • Lets talk Taito Type X3

    Derick2k - - Taito Type X


    The X3's can be upgraded easy enough, highest CPU I tested was an i7 2600, upped the ram to 16gb. The issue with the video card is that the games have specific drivers, so to be safe I would stick to the gtx660 for comparability sake. I havent delved into them to update the video card to something more recent/better, but I do have and want to test if a 960 or 1060 will work without a driver update (doubt it, lol), just need to figure out to update the gpu drivers. There are dumps of some NxL2 ga…

  • Post the exact switch brand/model number so we can look up datasheet. or post a link to the datasheet. Normaly these switches do not have a built in resistor for the leb so you can burn it out if powered directly. Also, details about your supergun/link/pics would be nice to see exactly what you got But it should not be difficult to hep wire it up, the more info you give the easier it will be to help you out.

  • Im all for it being optimal Are we still planning to do one that mounts over the taito scaler? Another thing Ive been tinkering with is mounting supports for jammafier, ossc, jassifier etc. and I guess will need some type of switcher.